Zagat Wine Club

Zagat Wine Club – Your Next Best Wine Club In 2018


Actually this I have tried a lot of wine club with different offers and benefits to their club.And let me tell you this what’s really in Zagat Wine Club?What are the benefits of this wine to me as a wine drinker?Yes I really do love wines.I love everything about the wines.The goodness and the happiness it brings to me can’t be compared to any drinks out there.So,I just want the best wines out there and I believed wines clubs will surely help to find those finest wines available in the local place or even in the international wineries.


You need to make sure that in choosing your wine club,you should know the things or the deals behind the wine clubs.You should feel satisfy and happy while being a member of the club.


So here’s the thing about Zagat Wine Club.That was one time when someone knock at my door and bingo!when I open it, I met a guy with a box of wines with him.I was feel excited and happy looking on the box.You know people always love surprises.So I did receive the box and got inside my house and I open the package directly.It’s quite a big box but it has all the amazing wines in it. I got twelve bottle of different variety of wines together is a note telling thank you and welcome to the Zagat Wine Club.I was like oh this thing is very cool!

When I got the wine and open it,oh that feeling is exceptional.It’s really worth every sip of the wine from your glass.And that makes me want it more.I got more of their red wines because I do love red wines.The Cabernet which has a full flavor of berry,oak and pepper will surely make your palate feels wonderful and refreshing during the summer.


As you receive your ordered wine,it has accompanied with the wine information about the wines you have in your hand.That includes about the place it originated, the kind of flavor and aroma that you actually taste, and lastly the kind of food that is best pair to the kind of wines they send to you.They also include four glasses of mini wine glass and that is so cute and amazing froma  wine club too.


After sharing the things above .Let’s do discuss the pros and cons about the Zagat Wine Club.Actually,all wine clubs ahas all the benefits to the customers and as well you can’t get disappointed sometimes for some points in their features.



  • It has an introductory price for as low as $69.99 which is very reasonable to a different kinds of wines plus you need to know that they will also add some shipping rate and that depends on how many wines in the box and the actual weight of it.
  • They have bits of freebies always including in your pacakaged.So watch out every month you ordered to them,.They always have something for you in the box aside from wines.Mostly they send wine glasses with small size and you will not regret about it because it’s very durable and quality kind of glass.
  • They have posters including on the monthly box delivery like all the information about the wine you want and the wine that will fit to your personality
  • They have a lot of options for the wines.They have reds,whites,mixed or both either.


  • The shipping arte is a bit higher especially if you’re ordering a lot of bottles of wine this is because of the whipping weight rate.
  • This wine club is not for wine drinker who wants a 20 years old aged wine.This wine club is best for those beginners and average wine drinkers.
  • The wine glass freebie is really small but still durable
  • You should note that if you’re ordering twelve bottles of wine,they sometimes add at least 2 bottles of each kind of wine.But it’s not actually a big deal.


In general,Zagat Wine club can be your next excellent wine club that will fit to your personality especially if you’re just a beginner and an averaged dinker of wines.They have very reasonable price to each bottle of wines but bare in mind they will always include shipping rate and please don’t be shock about it.

They have included freebie like wine glass and it’s very satisfying though it’s ;literally cute but it’s not a big deal anyway.This can be very good and amazing to be send as a gift to someone.And your recipient will surely love the bottles of wine inside.


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