WSJ Wine Discovery Club

WSJ Wine Discovery Club and Its Special Offers


Being one of the member of this club you have the opportunity and chances of getting 12 bottle of wines quarterly plus the price is very reasonable and you only get the value of it.No regret!They have the best selection of wines from international wineries for just only $14 compare to those on the market which consistently high in prices.They have this introductory price for just $69.99 and remember that taxes and shipments are not included during the delivery.So don’t be surprised!


You will also amazed about the wines listed in their clubs that you can have at anytime.Wsj is manage by a large wine provider located in Uk.They have wines coming from around the world and they give it to the consumers and to their members only.One thing about WSJ wine club is that you will not going to find have wines from small boutiques and wineries.most of their wines are unique and delicious that can’t be compared to other wine clubs.Though maybe there are wines out there but  the price is higher compare to WSJ Wine Club.


WSJWine Club is one of the best wine club because of their different introductory offer that will give you chances of getting discounted and save a little of your money.The first shipping will always give you a 50% discount plus an additional gift or bonus from them.It’s very obvious that this is one of their marketing strategy to get attention from consumers and other wine drinkers but of course you will surely get guaranteed satisfaction rate after the purchased.

PLEASE BE REMINDED:An introductory price has a total of $169.98 and that includes the shipping fee.It includes the 12 bottles of wine quarterly.During this process you can always have your freebies and gift or you can choose what you want too.You can always cancel this option anytime you want.


The following are list of their best special offers to the consumers.Please check below and read thoroughly.You will get all the offers for only $69.99.


  • Get twelve bottles of wine with gifts like corkscrew that has a total worth of  $49.99
  • Get fifteen bottles of wine and get 3 bottle of wines as a bonus
  • Get the best and top 12 bottles of wine and get 3 bottle of wines as a bonus
  • Get 12 bottles of red wine and get 3 bottle of wines as a bonus




The quality of wines you will have in this club will surely bring a big impact to your palate.They only have the best wine from around the world .They have experts and wine connoisseurs to give you the best wine that will suit to your personality.



This is only based in my experienced and that if you’re a member to this club you will surely tell the overall assessment being part of the club.Every wine you spend with them will surely worth the value of your money so if you don’t like the wines delivered to your doorsteps oh well you have the options to bring it back to them.



The price here is right to each wine.You get the value of the money you spend.



Because of the many special offers they have in their club you have a lot of choices to do so.You just need to make sure to read the policy and rules before taking the chance.



Upon signing up and becoming a member of the club will make your life better instead of going to the wine store to buy wines.It’s just a matter of waiting at the comfort of your house.



Anything you need and the answers of your questions will always be accommodated by their customer service representative.Make sure you really understand the terms and conditions.


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