WSJ Wine Club Login

The WSJ Wine club online login

The WSJ online selling website on a single page with have bunches of information about on how to purchase the product that is written in a small container. There’s also conflicting or it seems that opposing information. This online store has some expertise in selling wines from all over the world. In their website, you can easily look through their variety of suggested wine such as wine type, country, and district and so forth, you can even choose the one you are interested in. Customers can easily make an account to the website of WSJ wine club to have a better management of their purchase. In this section, I will give you the step on how to register and access your account in WSJ website for purchasing online.


This is one of the favorite choices of wine club of a few buyers, yet their collections and variety could use some work. They do have incredible offers; however, members simply get refunds on their shipments – not on various purchases. You can pull back at whatever point, and you can even avoid from a delivery in case you are not set up to get 12 more bottles. In WSJ, you will get a free tasting guide – uncovering to you what notes you should choose in the glass, how to serve and store, etc. Furthermore, you can log in to your account before your membership enclosure and swap out the wines to your taste.

Here’s the step on how to register an account to WSJ wine club

Registering an account to is a simple process that takes only just a couple of minutes. Follow this simple steps on how to create and access your an account on their website.

Creating an account on WSJ wine website

  • Visit the
  • Select the state to which the wine you need to be delivered then select the “Check” button (You will be recognizing that you are no less than 21 years of age.
  • On the website, just hit the “Register” link in the upper right corner
  • Then click the “Create New Account” in the right section. (Tip: Click the “Set up Online Account” if you already made a purchased)
  • Once you clicked on the “Set up Online Account” button, you will be taken to the registration page. Just simply need to enter your name, zip code and customer number as the previous invoice. Once you already are done entering your information click the “Verify Account” button.
  • When you clicked on the “Create New Account” button, then you will go to the registration page where you can enter your name, email address and your password.
  • If you want to receive special wine offer. Just simply click the checkbox
    And lastly, enter your address, phone number and click the “Create Account” button

Now you have your account in I will show you the simple steps on how you can access your account.

How to access your account in

  • Again, visit the
  • On the upper right corner, click the login link
  • At that point, when it’s done loading the page, enter your email address and password on the textbox and click the “Login Now” button.

Getting a special offer from WSJwine

  • Visit the homepage of
  • Click “Refer a Friend” under the customer service in the section at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your details as well as the details of your friend, then click “Submit”

Your friend will receive a special offer from WSJwine discovery club, profiting the offer will imply that you’ll get wine credit worth of $50


  1. How many wines do they deliver every month? It will include 12 bottles of wine.
  2. How much is the Discovery Club worth every 3 months? $149.99 every 3 months. However, price does not include shipping fee.
  3. Is there any membership fee? No, in joining the club there’s no membership fee
  4. How much is the Premier Club? $239.99 every 3 months


Since everyone has different tastes, WSJwine makes it extremely simple for their customers to contribute their preferences. By sparing their Wine favorite and recording their desired choice of wine in their online Wine Cellar, customers enjoy customized suggestions and get cases custom-made to their individual tastes.


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