WSJ Discovery Club

The WSJ Discovery Club

WSJwine is popularly known in United Kingdom (UK) they have been successful wine provider on the huge member for many years. They outsource wine in different part  of country and share the goodness of wines on their club member as well as in their client’s club members.

WSJwine is the most influential club in the whole UK for having the authority to buy all the entire production of winery. Meaning the entire production is privately own by WSJwine. There is no such another club like them.


What WSJwine stand out from other competitor is for their introductory offer program where in they offer as much as 50% discount on your first shipment and then on top of that they giving additional free bonus gift. For marketing strategy, this is their one way of build up their company but rest assure that all money spend are worth-it.

Important Reminders: For the Introductory offer and any gifts available ei.(wine accessories or wine) 12 bottles of wine or 1 case will be given away after the introductory shipment every quarter for $149.99 + $19.99 shipping until you cancel.

Below are the sample offer that every can choose from:

Explore France from Bordeaux to Provence







Case Description:  15-Bottles Collection exclusively offers when you avail Explore France from Bordeaux to Provence compose of the best wines in every region and save 25% when you avail this promo.

And there’s an additional bottle released from 2015 and 2016. And the upcoming bottles has been released this coming 2018.

Case includes:

  • Château du Clos Sainte Anne Blanc 2017
  • Blanc Neuf La Bastide 2016
  • Belle Roche Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
  • Étienne de Bailly Beaujolais-Villages 2016
  • Domaine les Grès Côtes de Provence 2017
  • Cuvée du Vatican Réserve de l’Abbé Côtes du Rhône 2016
  • Château de la Thébaudière 2016
  • Vignobles Canet Picpoul de Pinet 2017
  • Château Mayne Mazerolles Cotes de Blaye 2015

NEW Provence Rosé Showcase


Case Description:  Largest Pink drink has coming on your way taken on the urgency every year. If you are fast enough your share from France’s smallest vintage since 1945 is secured. And also drinking rose on a very exceptional quality.

WSJwine are very proud to announce that Château Terrebonne and their gold-medal Coeur de Cuvée are excited to bring back on the market, it is the estate’s top wine- made in a small quantities and normally $27.99/bottle. And there’s a new release of Wine Spectator’s favorite Domaine de Paris, and a new discovery Domaine du Mas Ensoleille.

Case Includes:

  • Saint Tropez Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017
  • Domaine Proux Var IGP Rosé 2017
  • Château Terrebonne Coeur de Cuvée 2017
  • Château Terrebonne Provence Rose 2017
  • Domaine de Pontfract Provence Rosé 2017
  • Domaine de Valgencelle 2017
  • Domaine de Paris Cotes de Provence Rose 2017
  • Domaine du Mas Ensoleillé 2017

Blockbuster BBQ Reds Collection

Case Description:  Bourbon barrel-aged cabernet that makes the bbq red perfectly matched on any kind of meat. a silky dozen wine and fruit-filled reds for just $12.49/ bottle.


A gold-medal california Cabenet from stellar 2016 vintage has been released impact of uniqueness and compose of smooth, toasty, vanilla-caramel complexity and definitely every one love this which is originate from southwest france.

case includes:

  • The Rackhouse Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
  • Domaine Metairie Haute Malbec 2016
  • El Bombero 2016
  • Stones & Bones 2015
  • Borgo di Marte Appassimento 2016
  • Drawbridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Overall Quality of Wine:

Rating of four stars has been given of many people for their excellent quality product produced around the globe. Competing in other winery is never been hard for them for they are building their own names ever since a trademark on each consumer. Globally known around the world from cheapest wine up to the most expensive were definitely known and available to their company.

Question and Answer (Q&A)

1. Buying bulk orders can give you much savings rather than buying individually? Yes, you can save much money since them giving the best discount that they give to every consumer.

2. Is there a lot of competition when it comes to wine industry? Yes it has, since wine is quietly needed especially on some occasions and celebrations.

Final Thoughts:

Now a day there’s a lots of wines are circulating in the industry, some are cheaper and some are quietly expensive. We need to be more vigilant and observant in order to choose the best wine with the best price, no need for us to spend thousands of dollars in order achieve the quality. There’s a cheaper one where in the best quality is within. Go and check thoroughly the label and the manufacturer take a minimal search if you’re the prospect wines are coming from the good manufacturer and meet the quality standard of a winery.


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