the wine thief napa

The Wine Thief Napa

They are a vintner that claimed and worked tasting lounge, concentrated on putting the little family possessed brands that make Napa Valley so one of a kind back in the hands of our enthusiastic guests.

Here and there the least complex things are the hardest to discover. So we made a place exclusively centered around the little person. The questions. The wines you find here will be hardly accessible anyplace else on the planet. We’ve painstakingly curated a gathering of little generation, handmade wines. Each with its own account of not only a place but rather a family.

Wine nation attendant services. Little creation, handcrafted wines, and a yearly part’s solitary golf competition at the world-renowned Silverado Country Club.

Keep your basement loaded with recollections of wine nation and have these boutique vintners possessed wines delivered advantageously to your doorstep two times per year. Not at all like most wine clubs, you’ll be accepting untethered access to high-quality wines from numerous honor winning makers that are to a great extent inaccessible outside of wine nation.

Among different advantages recorded beneath, you’ll likewise get a solicitation to our yearly part’s solitary golf competition, and access to wine nation attendant services to help make your next outing to Napa Valley genuinely remarkable.



  • 10% discount on wine purchases
  • Complimentary tastings
  • 10% discount on all wines by the glass
  • Annual private tasting for four people
  • First offering to all events, including private events
  • Spring & fall pickup party
  • Shipment in March and November



  • 15% discount on wine purchases
  • Complimentary tastings
  • 15% discount on all wines by the glass
  • Annual private tasting for eight people
  • First offering to all events, including private events
  • Complimentary Concierge Service
  • Annual Harvest Party
  • Invitation to our Annual Golf Tournament
  • Discounted rates with resorts, tour companies, and other industry partners
  • Shipment in February and October

2014 AJ Pearce Massoumi, Cabernet Sauvignon
Buckle up folks, you won’t know what just hit all your senses. This is our first release from the beautiful Massoumi Vineyard in Coombsville, and we picked an amazing vintage to introduce this vineyard into our lineup.

2014 AJ Pearce Mount George, Cabernet Sauvignon
After a decade of making wines from the Mt. George Vineyard, we’ve really begun to find its nuances. The wines from this vineyard have always been introverted in comparison to the Massoumi Vineyard, although within one mile of each other. Mount George Vineyard is the closest we can get to the old world style while living in the new world.

2015 AJ Pearce TORO Vineyard, Syrah
This is our first vintage from this Vineyard located in the eastern hillside of Coombsville, Napa Valley. The Toro Block of Syrah (named after a large metal bull which sits below the block) is densely planted on a steep, rocky, south-facing hillside, just east of Napa. This setting creates the stress needed for the vigorous Syrah vines to really show their true colors. Moderate stress helps the grapes remain small and concentrated, leading to better structure and color. 2015 was the 4th year of drought in California and the water stress also helped lead to this beautifully crafted Syrah.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Are these affordable? Yes, they are.
  2. Do these wines taste good? -Yes, indeed.


California wines, yet to a wide range of worldwide contributions. Innumerable hours were spent tasting with a specific end goal to pick up a more refined sense of taste and genuine comprehension of what the universe of wine brings to the table. This energy for a long-lasting profession in the wine business was gotten underway, and the time had come to move. Andy and his lady of the hour to be Kelly sold the greater part of their possessions and stuffed an auto to make the journey from Boston to Napa, no employment, only a goal, the unbelievable Napa Valley! They influenced a brief home in a rental cabin as Andy sought after his to dream, putting his energy and information for wine to the test.


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