• Wine Tasting Mendocino county

    Wine Tasting Mendocino county

    Mendocino wine visits are a famous fascination along the Western California drift. While Napa and Sonoma are our mainstream neighboring districts, Mendocino is additionally ahead goal for wineries and vineyard sees. Drive out of the way a little and find what our excellent and more separated wine nation brings to the table! We have some unimaginable vineyards and wineries for a perfect Mendocino wine sampling. The district additionally offers lovely view alongside heavenly wine. Investigate and experience a definitive Mendocino wine sampling and visit amid your excursion. Here is a couple of goals to add to your schedule!

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    3 Destinations for Mendocino Wine Tasting

    Pacific Star Winery

    Fort Bragg, CA

    One lovely destination for a Mendocino wine tasting is the Pacific Star Winery! This picturesque winery offers the chance to enjoy a picnic and a glass of wine on the cliffs of Fort Bragg. The rustic redwood and stone barn structure is nestled into the cliffside. Meanwhile, the cellar is filled with handcrafted wine and the equipment to produce it. Discover French, Hungarian, and American oak barrels as well as premium fermenters and some salt air magic. Wines include the Orange Muscat with a floral finish and a Petite Sirah with a rich and dark flavoring.

    Balo Vineyards

    Philo, CA

    In the rich wine region of Anderson Valley, you will find a beaucoup of wineries full of delicious concoctions. Balo Vineyards is one of the best wineries in Anderson Valley, snuggled between sunny Eastern slopes and shadowed ravines. The valley’s main water source, the Navarro River, is a prime source for wineries like Balo Vineyards, and this rustic winery offers the perfect space for a Mendocino wine tasting. Enjoy a variety of vintages and other unique flavors while soaking in some surrounding vineyard views at this choice of best Mendocino wineries.

    BARRA of Mendocino

    Redwood Valley, CA

    With a tasting room open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., BARRA of Mendocino is a favorite stop for a Mendocino wine tasting. Set on 50 acres of gorgeous vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, BARRAS is a true oasis. The most enthralling feature of the property, however, is the architectural phenomenon of a tasting room. The building resembles an upside-down champagne glass! Enjoy this spacious 5,000-square-foot room with 40-foot ceilings, a circular tasting bar, and even an indoor fountain.

    Question and Answer

    1. Are those wineries can be found on Paso Robles? Yes, all of them can be found and can be experienced in the amazing place of Paso Robles.
    2. Are those wineries offer wine tasting to everyone? Yes, All of them are offering wine tasting to everyone, just make sure to have a reservation ahead of time before heading on the wine store or wineries.



    Mendocino County is home to in excess of 33% of all guaranteed natural vineyard land in California.

    You may think “Sonoma” or “Napa” when you consider visiting wineries. Be that as it may, Mendocino County has almost 40 wineries on three diverse visit courses.

    In case you’re going to the drift from the north, you can visit the Redwood Valley and Ukiah zone wineries. From the South, you’ll be driving through the Anderson Valley where you will discover many wineries. See list underneath of Valley wineries in Navarro, Boonville, Philo, and Yorkville.

    The region has two fine shining winemakers: Scharffenberger Cellars (once in the past Pacific Echo) and Roederer Estates, both in Philo.

    North of Fort Bragg: Pacific Star highlights a spectacular area on the drift around 15 miles north of Fort Bragg — an incredible spot for an outing on the off chance that you need to look for whales or smashing surf.


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