Wine Passport Napa

Wine Passport Napa

Disregard coupons, erase that telephone application, the most straightforward approach to get free, marked down, or 2 for 1 tastings is with the Priority Wine Pass. Nearby Wally perusers get my extraordinary rebate w/promotion code locally at

Streak the card and get their offer, as a rule, a two for one tasting. That implies on the off chance that you typically would pay $25 each for a tasting flight, that same $25 gets both of you flights, one for you and one for your sidekick. One pass for every couple, it’s Napa’s best-kept mystery.



Need Wine Pass gets you the best wine sampling offers accessible! Appreciate wine sampling like a nearby and find concealed pearls from the groups! Barrel tastings, private visits, sentimental ends of the week, prepare to open the ways to an alternate side of wine nation. A Priority Wine Pass picks up you access to the greater part of our wine locales and arrangements.

Napa Valley Wine Train Deals

On the off chance that you buy a Priority Wine Pass not exclusively will you gain admittance to the astonishing arrangements underneath yet additionally access to our developing rundown of 350+ wine sampling bargains on the west drift. This incorporates extra 2 for 1 tastings at other best name wineries in Napa. After one visit the enrollment will more than pay for itself in reserve funds. Over this, we offer an attendant service that will enable you to design your excursion.


Boeschen Vineyards

2 Complimentary Tastings with a voyage through the underground winery and Cave, Victorian greenery enclosures, and great auto gathering with 2 Red container Purchase

Boeschen Vineyards is a little family-possessed vineyard and winery focused on making the most ideal domain wines. We established Boeschen Vineyards in 1999, yet the finish of the underground winery in 2006 was an imperative turning point. This year we are cheerful to commend 10 long periods of domain winemaking. We maintain the business, influence the wine, to perform 100% of the basement work and homestead our 11-section of the land home vineyard. We are guided by a responsibility to our family, the wines we make, the network we live in and the condition that manages us.


Canihan Winery

One Complimentary Tasting with a Purchase of One Tasting

Natural vineyard administration rehearses, dry-cultivating, stick pruning, hand-collecting just at finish readiness, maturation with normally happening local yeast, and no fining or sifting result in tasty wines expressive of our terroir. Our promise of exquisite and delightful wine is likewise obvious by our low yields, which never surpass two tons for each section of land. We enable every vintage to show its own one of kind qualities and calmly let the wines created in the barrel without intercession.


Saginaw Vineyard

Complimentary Tasting for 10 people and 10% off wine purchases

Saginaw is a little vineyard initially planted by the Byler family. Scott Byler claims and runs the vineyard, goes about as Chief Wine Maker, and has some expertise in conventional, hand-created grape and berry wines.

The tasting room was opened in 2001. It is presently situated in the first, notable red horse shelter of a 1900 farmstead. We’ll meet with you for a complimentary tasting of our honor winning wines and our claim to fame, cultivate crisp, organic product wines.


Scheid Vineyards

Complimentary Tasting Flight & 10% Off Wine Purchase (exclusions may apply)

Al Scheid first acquired property in Monterey County in mid-1972. Monterey wine grape developing was in its earliest stages and Al was attracted to the district for its undiscovered potential. In those days, Scheid Vineyards was called Monterey Farming Corporation and it was initially organized as a restricted organization. In the event that you are more than 50, you may recall that the expense laws around then enabled financial specialists to balance misfortunes against consistent wage. Al, an alum of Harvard Business School and a venture financier and business person, was running his own particular speculation organization and moved toward becoming captivated with the possibility of vineyards as a duty shield vehicle – substantial speculation toward the front and no wage until no less than five years into the undertaking. In the wake of discovering that it was a sound arrangement and Monterey County was a perfect locale, Al explored for vineyard ground, framed the Vineyard Investors 1972 restricted association, and found a client for 100% of the grape generation before even one section of land was planted. This was before long taken after by the Vineyard 405 constrained association and Al Scheid’s profession in wine developing had started.


Sterling Transportation

10% all Transporation and Trolley Tours

Gladly situated in Sacramento and built up in 2010 with the objective of giving the awesome administration, with fun, proficient drivers, at sensible costs. As a component of the network, we regularly offer back to nearby philanthropies and causes.

We offer an extensive variety of vehicles and with our subsidiary system, even one of a kind solicitations might be conceivable. For each gathering occasion, we are glad to furnish you with complimentary packaged waters, ice, glasses, and napkins. You are invited to bring your own tidbits and grown-up refreshments.


Concannon Vineyard

50% off of two wine tasting in our public tasting room priority Wine Pass

At Concannon Vineyard, we are focused on protecting the past while drawing, later on, an inheritance which incorporates our unswerving devotion to ecological stewardship and regard for the land. While here, you will find out about our feasible practices which can be seen all through our vineyard and tasted in the crisp power and tasty multifaceted nature of our wines.


Question and Answer

  1.   What is the advantage if you are enrolled in Wine passport? You will receive exciting freebies and you can visit wineries as much as you want even without a reservation.
  2. Is there any amount needed once you enrolled in wine Passport? Yes, it has it is range from $39.00 – $50.00  USD.


Final Thoughts:

Passport holders will be dealt with to complimentary wine sampling flights at 17 Calistoga wineries. Experience each aspect of the one of a kind Calistoga wine locale, from a transcending slope stronghold to curious, downtown tasting rooms. Pre-deals starting in October 2018.


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