wine barrels for sale napa

The Wines Barrels For Sale Napa

A barrel, barrel, or tun is an empty tube-shaped compartment, customarily made of wooden fights bound by wooden or metal circles. Generally, the barrel was a standard size of measure alluding to a set limit or weight of a given product. For instance, in the UK a barrel of lager alludes to an amount of 36 magnificent gallons (160 L; 43 US lady). The wine was sent in barrels of 119 liters (31 US lady; 26 pixie lady).

Present day barrels and containers can likewise be made of aluminum, treated steel, and diverse kinds of plastic, for example, HDPE. Somebody who makes barrels is known as a “barrel creator” or cooper. Barrels are just a single sort of cooperage. Different composers incorporate, yet are not restricted to: cans, tubs, spread beats, hogsheads, firkins, barrels, kilderkins, tierces, rundlets, puncheons, funnels, tuns, butts, pins, and breakers.S lady; 26 pixie lady).



Barrels have a variety of uses of employment, including the capacity of fluids, for example, water and oil, aging wine, arrack, and purpose, and developing refreshments, for example, wine, cognac, Armagnac, sherry, port, whiskey, and lager. The term can likewise allude to generally round and hollow holders made of current materials like plastic.

French Oak
Liquid Quality Ready
Reds & Whites

This is a shocking piece for the kitchen, a credible recovered wine barrel wood serving plate with rural iron handles. It is an uncommon find carefully assembled from recovered Cabernet Wine Barrel heads from Sonoma California. Once their life is done retaining and changing the red grapes into a delightful full body cabernet wine, the barrels are recovered from the winery and dismantled with the Wine Barrel heads expelled.

The highest point of the Wine Barrel Serving plate plainly demonstrates the red stain from long stretches of the grapes working their way into the wood fiber while maturing the cabernet into a completed item. The best and back has been clear fixed wood a nourishment review sealant so the wood fiber won’t chip or disintegrate. Each Wine Barrel top is sliced to measure, sanded, recolored, and fixed for lifespan. The handles on this serving plate are provincial iron from the period and appended with countersunk screws to the head. The measure of the handles guarantees sure treatment of the serving plate. The Wine Barrel tops change somewhat on every plate. This piece is genuinely an uncommon, vintage piece that is both a discussion piece and in addition a utilitarian thing, ideal for any filling plate need.


Pricing varies based on the type of use and or bulk orders
Prices start @ $45.00 and up Liquid Quality Whites $125.00 **IN STOCK NOW

Our oak wine barrel platters are produced using a full repurposed French Oak barrel top and completed with an up-cycled vintage penetrate handles, making it the ideal platter for serving tasty cheeses on.

Pick either the highest point of the top demonstrating the sugary French Oak complete or the underside of the top with the unmistakable red wine recoloring.

Fights are stuck together for quality and after that hand sanded and finished with nourishment review wax.


One Barrel Or Truckloads, all inspected By Bill

Our huge barrel head sign is a full-barrel top, surrounded with a metal loop to expand solidness. Custom etching accessible, or select from our effectively carved things. All wine barrel heads are from French oak, hand created locally in the Napa Valley, from authentic Fortunati wine barrels. For custom solicitations, pre-orders are required.


Barrel One

These barrel top plates originate from Sonoma County ca wine barrels. I utilize the best barrel top pieces to make every one. Some still have a few logos on it and some don’t. I stick this plate together. I make legs from the barrel and screw and paste them to the base. I utilize the barrel lash for its handle. In the wake of cutting the tie I clean it the curve it fit as a fiddle. I apply two layers of getting shellac to bring out its hues. FREE SHIPPING 8 inches wide 13 inches in length 3 inches tall.


Serving Tray/ Barrel head serving tray/wood serving tray/Serving Platter

This level platter is extraordinary for conveying things. An awesome determination for your home and kitchen living. The specialty work is an incredible compliment to sustenance appearances and different courses of action. Compliments any home stylistic theme with its unique woodwork from our barrels. Finish for administration or individual suppers this serving plate puts the completing touch in your family.

Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan W/ Engraving Rustic Furniture Kitchen

This wonderful Lazy Susan was created out of old wine barrels got from wineries along the Central Coast, isn’t that astonishing. It is certain to entrance your guests with its exquisite wine tint and solid wine fragrance got through the aging procedure of wine. Appreciate!


Wine barrel stave tray

Not by any means beyond any doubt what to call this thing, a serving board, a highlight, hors-d’oeuvre plate or even a place to develop succulents like my significant other. It is produced using 3 quarter sawn oak wine barrel fights from Napa Valley. This particular barrel was then utilized by Avery preparing organization in Denver to blend some of there tasty acrid lagers. The fights have a red/purple shading because of wine recoloring the oak. Because of the state of the fights, it makes a twofold inward which makes a kind of “bowl” in the center.


Personalized Wine Barrel Tray

Customized wine barrel propelled serving plate. Excellent as home-style alone while likewise practical to serve visitor at your next gathering. Can be redone with your own particular name and logo. Likewise awesome as a wedding blessing! Have the visitor sign your customized plate for a one of a kind blessing that will be prized until the end of time! The plate is 24″ crosswise over and 1″ thick with dark tough handles. Unique Design appears. In the case of requesting handcraft, it would be ideal if you send a message with the name as well as the logo.


Question and Answer

  1. What is the use of barrels on each mixture of wines? It serves as a container wherein aging has been made and it makes the wines preserves on their freshness.
  2. Is it advisable to use wine barrel or every wine? Yes, because it is an SOP in order to preserve the wines for their freshness.


Using barrels makes our wines remained freshness the moment that the wine created it will be poured on the barrel to preserve the freshness in order to attain the real taste in a couple of days.



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