Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review

Best Of Wall Street Journal Wine Club Reviews 2018


Wall Street Journal is a popular newspaper in US and they want the best for their customers especially to those wined rinkers.So to those who have been enjoying drinking wines and while having the best ews in town well,Wall Street Journal Wine Club is the best for you.They have two options for their customers namely DISCOVERY CLUB and PREMIER CLUB.These two options are great for people who wants a regular wine or even a luxurious kind of wines.Basically speaking DISCOVERY CLUB is known  and best for people who are just looking small wineries while the other one called PREMIERE CLUB because this club of to those who are looking for a world class wines.


This wine club is for those wine drinkers who just started to love the goodness of wines.They actually offers wine for new bie and for those wine experts or connoisseurs.They provide a lot to their customers quarterly when it comes to wine plus they also includes a lot of tasting notes for them to decide what kind of wines they want the next time around they order.


On this context I am going to give you information,ideas and reasons to love this club.They serve only quality and world class wines from around the world.You don’t need to worry about what kind of wines you’re looking forward to drink because they samplers and other tasting notes that you can consider before you decide for your kind of wines.




Price:$149.99 every three months

Number of Wines: You get twelve (12) bottles of wine with the combination of reds,whites or either mixed

Note:Please be reminded that the cost of this club does not include the shipping fee os $19.99 and other taxes during the shipment.



Price:$239.99 every three months

Number of Wines: You get twelve (12) bottles of wine with the combination of reds and whites.

Note:Please be reminded that the cost of this club does not include the shipping fee os $19.99 and other taxes during the shipment.



Every three months each member has the chance and opportunity to receive their wines at the comfort of their house.That includes wine in reds, whites or either mixed(reds/whites).You just need to include in your budget the shipping rate and the taxes you will going to pay during delivery.You will also get a tasting note that is inside the box,so you have the ideas for the next wine you want to ship.


Becoming a member of the club will give you access of promos and other discounts from their wines.You have a discount of 12% serve as introductory price to all first timers in the club.They also give some noticed to the clients prior to events,promos,and other organized activity in the club.You also don’t have obligations when you’re a member and you can cancel your membership without any fee to pay.




The shipment of 12 wine bottles in every 3 months is just enough to finish them or you may want to keep it at your house.It’s an advantage that being a member will give you access in their club but at the same time you don’t have any obligation when it comes to the point of cancelling your membership status.They also give notifications to the customers if they want to change or swap any bottle of wines before delivering it to you.It is also a good idea of having fixed shipping rate of $19.99 because you will know your budget already.You have the access of different wines when you’re a member of the club from regular wines to even luxurious wine too.




Can I give it as a gift?Yes of course.You can always give this as a gift to anyone.Make sure to remind the recipient that it’s coming to their house.


Can I cancel my subscription anytime?You can always cancel your subscription without any obligation fees.


Any discounts?You will going to avail an introductory discounts as a new member of the club.


WSJ is not just a newspaper company but they have actually wine club that will accommodate your cravings in wine.It has a very reasonable price that you will not regrets.Being part of the club is totally amazing because of the benefits that you can get in the club.Plus you can cancel your subscription at anytime without any cost from your pocket.


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