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There are a lot of wine clubs introduced nowadays.This is very advantageous to some wine drinkers because they will have a lot of options and choices that will suit according to their palata and taste.Make sure when selecting the wine club for yourself,you should consider the price,quality,customer service and of course the kind of wines they can offer for you.


Virgin Wine Club has been known and popular to many people because of its extraordinary service and benefits.This club has been involved in many aspects of the wine drinkers lives.It’s been long time that they operate and only serve the best.They are known to its finest wines from around the world.They have a lot of unique choices that will make you enjoy the entire membership of the club.


Some of the special offers in Virgin wine Club will give you the chance of getting those amazing and wonderful 15 kinds of wines..So you’re actually getting it for as low as $4.67 per bottle.But the usual price is $235 for 15 bottles but during this offer you just get it as $69.99 only.Virgin Wine club will only want the best for their customers so they have all these kind of special wines and they also have this money back option if don’t like their actual wines.


  • They offer a lot of options to the customers
  • You have the access of the top rated reds and whites kind of wines.
  • They have different kinds of wines verey season of the year
  • They have different kind of wines every month
  • You have the option to navigate in their site about different kinds of wine in different country from USA,FRANCE,ITALY,SPAIN,ARGENTINA and AUSTRALIA.
  • You have the option of different kind of wines according to their prices startings for as low as $10 and above.
  • They have excellent customer service because of their process in ordering,payment,shipment,delivery and other accounting issues based in your account.

Upon signing up in Virgin Wine Club you have this option of taking the advantages and a lot of choices of wines according to your likeness.



  • A lot of choices in wine in their club that is very cheap and reasonable in price
  • Virgin wine club only delivers the best,so there will be no repetition of kind of wines for you.
  • This club can deliver to almost around the estates of USA
  • There will be no hidden charges upon sign up
  • You can always cancel your membership under Virgin Wine Club


  • It has an offer that will lead you to pay more
  • Some website errors



In general,becoming a member of this club will make you so much sophisticated and satisfied.They offer a lot to the customer and only leaves the best for them.Features of this wine club ie very beneficial to many wine drinkers and even just a beginner.They have reds,whites and mixed wine that can be enjoyed by anyone in the club.Aside form that you have the option of cancelling your membership at anytime if you don’t like to proceed  in the club.Their wines are selected properly base on the season of the year just to make sure it fits to your mood and style too.


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