• Top 5 Coffee Shops you should visit when in Orange County

    This place is located in the U.S state of California. And sixth crowded place in the United Estates. Good thing about in Orange County is to grab a cup of coffee to many available coffee shops.

    You can have a hot or cold coffee anytime while having a good talk to anyone, even if you’re reading a fancy or literature book.

    Believe it! You deserve best coffee shops when you’re visiting Orange County.Consider the list below.

    1.Hopper and Burr (Santa Ana) – 00 N Main St, Santa Ana, (714) 265-7640

    This coffee shop offers a lot in their place. From ambiance, to their sits, to their food, drinks and other beverages, pastries and of course the coffee itself.

    They do sample and free tasting from time to time to check the quality of the coffee they have in the shop. The menu here are organized from black to white.

    The coffee they used are bought around the globe and expect that it’s clean, fresh and rich in taste. You will surely love the atmosphere in this shop. They also have friendly staffs that will take care about your order and do the best for you.

    2.Bear Coast Coffee (San Clemente) – 56 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, (949) 492-3663

    If you’re thinking of spending some time for yourself at the beach. You want to consider Bear Coast Coffee Shop. They bring the best coffee and friendly staff here. They find coffees and beach are good to be in one.

    Over a period of time they produce and brews coffee perfectly to serve the best and unique taste of all. They also offer almond milk everyday. It tastes good compared to what you’re thinking.

    They also serve the best espresso in town. The pacific ocean view will really amazes you and the sunset will make you relax.

    3.The Green House (Long Beach) 149 Linden Ave, Long Beach, (562) 491-1111

    This coffee shop offers a good ambiance.This is best for people who are looking for a relaxing place to stay. They offer good service and good coffee to enjoy every minute.

    The staff are great in helping their customers. Their food and drinks are recommended in 5 stars. You will love their music too. They serve breakfast burrito and the cappucino is superb.  They also offers tea aside from coffee drinks. Many clients love their chicken noodle soup too. You can visit here anytime to check it for yourself.

    4.ChocXO (Lake Forest and Costa Mesa) 1534 Adams Ave #A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (657) 231-6190

    This coffee shop is roasting its own coffee and chocolate. They order the cacao from Central and South America. And if you want the best coffee with sweetness on it they have it for you from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Surely they served the best for any visitor in the shop.

    The atmosphere is good with a comfortable spacious area with many sits to offer. The food is awesome! That you will certainly visit this place often. From pizza to fried mozzarella are both fantastic. Desserts and pastries can be order too.

    You will  fell in love entirely with the music and guitar. This place i s worth visiting for.

    5.Portfolio Coffeehouse (Long Beach) 420 E 4th St, Long Beach, (562) 435-0600

    This place is best for studying not so crowded. Best for family, friends and colleagues. The food are great. Coffee is fresh and rich. Customer service is excellent   because of friendly and approachable staffs.

    The decors are well planned one by one. The uniqueness around are very harmonized that you feel relaxed and comfortable. They offer consumable food from pastries, gelato,beverages, coffee and other delicious items.Their cappuccino is recommended too. You can also try their lattes. The best thing is they offer food for vegetarian people.

    This is really a great cafe that you would love to come back soon.

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