Top 5 Coffee Shops you should visit when in Boulder

Boulder is the eleventh crowded municipality in the estate of Colorado. It has rocky mountains and the view are truly breathtaking. The place become famous because of friendly hotels,best chefs and healthy food.

So when visiting Boulder,Colorado never ever miss their best coffee shops in town. Where you can enjoy the ambiance, the treatment of crews, the people surrounds you and of course their best menu in store. Check the top 5 best coffee shops in Boulder,Colorado.


1.The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse – 1709 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302


The place is close to perfection. The large interior design makes it wonderful. You can sit in any dimension of the place. The ambiance is full pleasant, genuine, and musical choices. They call the 4 o’clock in the afternoon as a happy hour.

And during nighttime there will be live music that you will surely love and enjoy. And during Mondays at night there’s always live poetry. The baristas in the shop are the most friendly. The Laughing Goat Coffee House should be on your list when you visit Boulder.

2.Ozo Café1015 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302

This place are most likely visited by coffee geeks. You have different choices for beverages and other drinks. Available in shop are the delicious and yummy muffins, croissants and scones. Also the sumptuous breakfast that you cannot resist.

If you’re planning to go to this shop and planning to just sit and have some writings,I bet this place is not best for you because of the level of noise where you cannot focused to write.

3.Espresso Roma1101 13th Street Boulder, CO 80302

If you are not that adventurous of the place, you will likely just pass this coffee shop without knowing that it really offers a lot. One must be recommended to this place. You will not desire to enter the place because of the ambiance but the crews are friendly and ready to take care your needs. Some people say they visit the place often because of their Mediterranean salad and of course the pizza that will make you “wow”.

You may try their iced vanilla latte because the espresso is rich and smooth. They have wireless internet connection too where you sit and relax and do your thing on the net. But keep in mind that you have your battery charged properly to avoid interruption in the middle because they don’t have any available power outlet.

3.Trident Booksellers and Café – 940 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302

This is absolutely a recommended place because of the nearby bookstore. You will surely go back because of the amazing tea they served. The cinnamon roll that will melts you will savor every bite. The music is good and just nice to hear in your ears.

Some consider this as one of the finest coffee shop that you found in Colorado. This is very ideal when you think of a coffee shop in so many ways because of its comfortable and beautiful environment. In this cafe you will meet many intellectuals and innovators to plan many projects.

5.Saxy’s Café – 2018 10th St. Boulder, CO 80302

They served the best hot coffee in town. The cool place makes you want to stay longer. The place is very accessible that anybody can visit. They served good food, from breakfast, paninis, salads and even wine too.

There are more rooms for visitors. They served cheaper food compare to many nearby coffee shops. You can also use your laptop if you’re working. The decors will amazed you and couches are very cozy. The place is worth visiting by yourself or with family and friends.

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