Top 5 Coffee Shops you should visit when in Atlanta

Amazing and stunning bars and breweries? Definitely, coffee shops in Atlanta offers you a lot. Atlanta has these delicious coffee in the town that you will surely love to visit.Coffee in Atlanta is on its best. You can enjoy it anytime and perfect to pair any pastries too.

Happy to share that their are lots of coffee shops you may consider in Atlanta,Georgia. People stay in coffee shops to serve them as meeting place and office and also a great place to unwind from a busy life and away from work.

Surely Atlanta’s coffee shops will be your favorite place to be.


1.TAPROOM COFFEE AND BEER – R106, 1963 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30317, United States

The design is modern and stunning. The use special wares in the shops. You cvan have you own 16 oz. cup of coffee or you can order as much as you can. You can have their coffee serve as hot or cold.

The coffee shop has many selection to enjoy.They are honest to give the top coffee in the globe. They have pastries and other good food made as fresh by known bread company in Atlanta. They have lots of sits and tables. They offer wireless connection too where many visitors love to stay because of the convenient area where they can work on or just simple chat with friends, family and colleagues.

They only serve the fresh, smooth and rich coffee. You can also order some crafted beer in the shop to make your stay worth.

2.CINNAHOLIC – 1230 Caroline St NE Ste B110, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

The cinnamon roll in this coffee shop is worth to try for. The sweetness that will slowly melt in your mouth is like a heaven. The freshly baked pastries and cinnamon roll will make your day. The softness of its buns are warm. They also serve the best Vegan in town.

The ambiance is really awesome! You will appreciate the menu because of its creativity. You better try it for yourself. From classic cinnamon to pastries, cookies, coffee , donuts and a lot more, it is really terrific. You can choose different sauce and toppings for the rolls.

The staffs and crews are so nice and very accomodating. They let the customers choose what they want and have time for themselves.

3.HODGEPODGE COFFEE – 720 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA

The place was a garage turning it into a wonderful coffee shop. They offer great coffee, drinks and awesome food to eat. Inside their coffee shop are arts,jewelries and good books for sale.

The decor will capture your attention. It’s very pleasant to the eyes. Some arts in the place are cool to notice. The staffs and crews are accommodating and they serve on time. The coffee is good too. They have a very comfortable couches to sit. They have wireless connection if you want to use some devices. The atmosphere and some materials for reading are really satisfying. You can also enjoy their music, from calssic  to 80’s pop. It is really pleasant to the ears.   

4.LAND OF A THOUSAND HILLS – 352 S Atlanta St, Roswell, GA 30075, USA

The coffee in this shop is known as the hardest one. This place is definitely will be your favorite place to hang on.

The staffs and crews here are very helpful, accommodating and very humble. The space is very comfortable. The decors are well organized and planned. They also made very delicious food and pastries. They have lots of seats and tables. They also have live music and a fire that will amaze you a lot.

The place is clean and cool. The view nearby is beautiful too. You can have pastries and other food that you want, you can always check their menus.

This very welcoming place is worth the visit and believe it! You will be back soon.

5.JOE’S – 510 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA

If you happened to visit Joe’s Coffee Shop, you have nothing to say but only amazing ones. The experience that you feel and the good coffee is at its best. You can order their desserts and pastries that it’s truly mouth watering.

The customer service is good because if you’re in a hurry they can always prioritize some orders. The staffs are friendly too. The baristas has excellent skills that you can trust of having a flavorful drinks.

You will surely keep coming here because of the vibes, energy, cozy seats, and the relaxing atmosphere are really cool. Coffee Americano is one of the best drinks here. You can actually say that the people here cared a lot for customers need.

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