Top 5 Best Coffee Shops you should visit when in Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital city of California. The beverage tradition is very traditional to the place.The place is very exciting where you can find lots of new development and transition of the place as the years go by.

The place has the best foodies in town. If you’re planning to get some fresh air, some local food, and other wineries, farms and breweries you can always consider this place.

You may also want to visit the best coffee shops they have in this place.

1.Temple Coffee & Tea2200 K St (at 22nd St) Sacramento, CA 95816 United States

The place has different drinks and methods of brewing. You will surely love the place. Very hipster and relaxing. The design is very unique just like their floor full of pennies that wrap up the coffee shop.

They also have reliable wireless connection that you can enjoy the rest of your stay. They also have lots of outlets if you’re having trouble with the power of your laptop while working. They have lots of sits inside and outside the cafe. The ambiance is great for friends, family and colleagues.

They have excellent customer service. The staffs and crews are very friendly. The place is clean, you will love it because it’s very cute. You can have your car parking anywhere because their parking lot is huge.

You can visit this place and have your coffee at any time.

2.The Mill1827 I St (at 19th St), Sacramento, CA

This cafe is really your ideal place to hang on. The place is very cozy and classy. They tend to be one of the most beautiful place in Sacramento. The place is clean, the ambiance is relaxing. They serve good food from  coffee to waffles and a lot more.

You will also enjoy the minimalistic design of the store. This place is awesome to start your day while working because they have also wireless connection. They also have the best espresso in town that you will surely love to buy over and over again.Plus their Macadamia Latte which is the best seller of all. They also have amazing tea to try.

3.Insight Coffee Roasters1901 8th St (at S St.), Sacramento, CA

This coffee shop has the best cappuccino in town. The menu is simply extraordinary. Their using different methods for brewing from french press to pour over methods.They serve the very smooth and rich espresso.

The place is very convenient for meetings, working and even just a simple chat with friends,family and colleagues.They have plenty of sits and tables. They have spacious place that you will feel comfortable and convenient.

The staffs and crews are friendly. They have good customer service too. You will know that their baristas has incredible skills. Most reviewers mark the place as 5 stars because they are all satisfied in the place.

4.Old Soul at 40 Acres3434 Broadway (at 35th St), Sacramento, CA

This coffee is definitely a family friendly place where you can enjoy lots of selection from their menus. This is the best place to hang and perfect to stay after taking your breakfast. Some say that it’s best for dating.

Though some food are a bit pricey but believe it, it’s worth the value. The sandwiches and coffee are absolutely on the top of the list when you visit this cafe. The incredible potatoes plus the wine are best to pair if you want to unwind.

5.Philz Coffee1725 R St (at 17th St), Sacramento, CA

The place is so exceptional that you can’t resist to stay longer. You can choose any blend you want. The coffee here has low acidity, it is smooth,rich and of course very flavourful.

They have good customer service and camaraderie with clients visiting their shop. The baristas are skillful in their fields. They offer the best that the coffee shop can do. From coffee, drinks, food, pastries, sandwiches and a lot more.

They offer customized coffee too out from seven best coffee bean in the world. Every brew has the sentiment of freshness,richness, smoothness and most especially the pureness of its taste.

You will surely enjoy the place because they have also wireless connection where you can work on.Lots of sits and tables to fill in and the ambiance is really wonderful for a good cup of coffee.

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