• The Peju Wine Club

    The Peju Wine Club

    At the point when Tony Peju bought the 30-section of land “Stephanie Vineyard” in 1983, it had been delivering wine grapes since the mid-1900s and a portion of the vines any longer. Initially planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Colombard, the organic product was sold to various wineries by the vineyard’s previous proprietors.

    Peju kept on offering grapes at first and kept on enhancing the vineyard through more prominent consideration regarding overhang administration, trellising and water system. He likewise changed the name to the “H.B. Vineyard”, the initials of his better half.

    In a perfect world arranged between Highway 29 and the west bank of the Napa River, the vineyard is a piece of the Rutherford Appellation, a six square mile area popular even by Napa Valley norms. Adjacent is the notable vineyards of Inglenook, Robert Mondavi, Beaulieu, and Caymus.

    Rutherford is at the valley’s broadest point thus has longer sun introduction and along these lines a higher brilliant incentive than different parts of Napa Valley. UC Davis sorts the region as Region II. Notwithstanding the warm developing temperatures, the vines are cooled at night by the northern compasses of San Francisco (San Pablo) Bay. A run of the mill summer day sees evening temperatures drop by 40-50 degrees. Cool night temperatures enable the organic product to age gradually, developing tannins and adjusting acids in the long-developing season. Rain in Rutherford comes for the most part in the winter months, 26-36 inches yearly, filling the aquifers and repositories which are fundamental in the valley’s flooded vineyards.

    It is an ideal terroir for wine grapes. Be that as it may, even in such a grape heaven there can be issues. Like the greater part of the old plantings in Napa Valley, Peju’s vines were initially planted on rootstock not impervious to the staggering phylloxera mite. Furthermore, the old vines were arriving at the finish of their beneficial years and the squares of Colombard were not the perfect varietal for Rutherford. In 1990 the choice was made to replant.

    Harvesting the Sun

    The whole family is profoundly dedicated to maintainable cultivating practices to guarantee that the land, that produces grant winning wines, will be saved for who and what is to come. Thinking about the air, and the land she experienced childhood with, is her need. To date, 720 boards have been introduced more than 10,000 square feet of the winery’s rooftop. They will create control all through the winery. A sum of 36% percent of the yearly vitality utilized will be sun oriented created. Amid the 30-year lifetime of the framework, ozone-depleting substances and air contaminations will be extraordinarily diminished with this socially capable and ecologically solid advance into what’s to come.


    What is the measure of Peju’s sun oriented power framework?

    Peju’s sun based power framework produces 126 kW AC for its winery offices. The framework is situated on our pulverize cushion, barrel room, tank territory, and regulatory workplaces. This figure will change with the establishment of the extra modules.


    How does sun based power function?

    Sun oriented power frameworks transform daylight into power. At the point when the sun sparkles, you can produce more power than you devour (your meter will truly turn in reverse). Around evening time you’ll draw on service organization control, basically utilizing the electrical matrix as a mammoth stockpiling battery.


    To what extent will a sunlight based power module keep on delivering power?

    Sun based power modules are for the most part ensured to deliver power for something like 25 – 30 years at their appraised power. For correlation, a portion of the first sun oriented electric cells created by Bell Labs (in 1954) are as yet working and delivering power


    Green Efforts at Peju

    The Rutherford Vineyard’s natural affirmation is instrumental in Peju’s duty to build its ecological activities moving into the future to help secure the land in the Napa Valley and past. The natural cultivating rehearses dodge the utilization of manufactured manures, pesticides, and plant development controllers while depending on yield revolution, compost and environmental based development to keep up soil efficiency. Consequently, Peju is managing and upgrade the strength of biological communities in the land and the encompassing regions.

    “As a major aspect of the wine business, we’re not just in the matter of gathering the land, but on the other hand, we’re focused on ensuring and protecting it for ages to come,” Ariana Peju said. “Rehearsing natural cultivating in Rutherford is a fundamental piece in our natural arrangement that won’t just enhance our wellbeing and biological framework, yet will likewise yield brilliant organic product in the vineyard.”


    Membership Benefits

    Notwithstanding quarterly shipments of wine, individuals are welcome to complimentary tastings at our winery, welcomed to private occasions and given select access to restricted generation wines. Through Club Peju, we welcome you to partake in our energy for wine; we are advantaged to be a piece of your family social events, uncommon events, and regular festivals.

    • Rebates on wine buy: spare 10% on 1-5 bottles, 15% on 6-11 bottles and 20% on 12+ containers (barring store and restricted generation wines)
    • Quarterly wine shipments straightforwardly to your entryway
    • Complimentary tasting for individuals and three extra visitors at the winery
    • First buy choices of new discharges, prospects and constrained amount wines
    • Select access to Club Peju just wines
    • Solicitations to winery occasions including two complimentary club-select gatherings
    • Extraordinary occasion valuing
    • Quarterly Club bulletins with vintage news, formulas and planting tips
    • 10% rebate on stock
    • One dollar delivering on a case buy of any wine in club shipment acquired inside 30 days of shipment
    • (We claim all authority to include extra advantages whenever!)



    Find everything that the red-just club brings to the table and test through red wine choices sourced from our Rutherford and Persephone Vineyards.

    Pick Your Shipment Option

    3 Bottles Quarterly | $140 – $170

    6 Bottles Quarterly | $265 – $320



    Entertain yourself with quarterly determinations of our most looked for after Reserve and constrained creation wines. Determinations incorporate Rutherford Reserve, Estate and Persephone wines.

    Pick Your Shipment Option

    3 Bottles Quarterly | $ 160 – $240

    6 Bottles Quarterly | $ 300 – $455


    Question and Answer

    1. Are they offering wine club membership? Yes, they are.
    2. Are they offering different varieties of wine? Yes, they are.


    Final Thoughts:

    The present H.B. Vineyard is a remarkable case of Napa Valley viticulture. Vines are prepared on vertical shoot position trellises and painstakingly manicured of overabundance parallel sticks and clears out. Water system starts in pre-summer, decreasing at veraison (turning of shading) so the plant centers vitality around aging, not development. To escalate flavors, unnecessary grape bunches are “dropped” enabling those staying to get full advantage of the vine’s photosynthesis. Gather can occur in a few goes as teams select bunches at ideal readiness.

    “Whatever we would like to accomplish in the jug starts in the vineyard,” says Tony Peju. “We are lucky to have discovered this vineyard and its optimal conditions for our hold wines.”




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