The Best Tea

The Best Tea 2018

Teas are always the best drink in the world.Aside from its delicious taste it can also give and alleviate your health condition if you drink it often.Teas are 100% natural and organic which you will not be worry about any side effects.

The tea beverage can be served as hot or cold at any time depending on your mood.It can be the best healthy refreshment you can have and that every sip brings goodness to anyone’s health.

A lot of studies has proven that teas can be a good remedy to some illness like cancer,heart and even dental problem can be improve by drinking tea regularly.I can say that among those variety of teas,green tea are the best because of its nutritional element called Polyphenols.

I will list all the benefits of drinking Green Tea regularly and will surely get your life better and make your body stronger.

1.Capable as Antioxidants

Antioxidants function is to remove or to eliminate those toxins that are harmful in your body.We really need these antioxidants because we take so many foods,drinks and other pollutants in the body resulting to diseases and can deteriorate to one’s health.

It gives proper function of the brain and can boost the memory too.It can reduce the risk of cancer and reduce the count of fats.

2.Caffeine Free

Green teas does not contain caffeine and is safe to drink. It can be drink without any worries about the annoying effect like having trouble in sleeping. Caffeine free can be so delicious and great for daily drinks.

This is best to drink to those who have heart and blood pressure problem.

3.A Great Help in Heart Attack and Stroke

A lot of studies has been proven and tested about the effectiveness of drinking teas regularly.Also there were claims that by drinking green tea it actually alleviates their health condition.

A report has released that by drinking green tea,it reduces at least 20% of risk in heart attack to those people who take up to 3 cups of green tea everyday.And those people who consume up to 4 cups or more had no chances of at least 32% getting the risk of heart problem.

If you’re looking for weight loss tea you may want to drink green tea too.It will leave you to the bathroom if you consume up to 4 cups a day.

4.Make Your Bones Stronger

Green teas are equivalent to calcium which is very important in building our muscles and bones in the body.And by just drinking green tea regularly you will absolutely get the best calcium nutrients that will help you become stronger.

It will prevent you from losing your bones and is considered as super food to many parts of the body.

5.Helps You Boost your immune System

Drinking green teas may also give you a lot of energy that will get you throughout the day.This will also improves the function of your entire body and some sensitive parts.This will be your overall total help in boosting your immunity.Your body will surely fight back those viruses and bacteria that surrounds you and will let you feel happy.

In general,green teas are not just plain herbs that you can drink anytime. But aside from its great taste,it brings a lot to your health which you can see listed above.It maybe not  an instant result but it can truly be your best tea to have daily and can be your best drink ever.

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