• Terra Valentine Winery

    Terra Valentine Winery

    In the mountains above St. Helena, in the tough Spring Mountain AVA, Terra Valentine was conceived from its proprietors’ assurance to catch the nuances of its terroir in an outstanding arrangement of wines.

    Angus’ essential employment before his wine adventure was as Chairman of what is today one of the biggest painting and coatings organizations on the planet – Valspar Corporation. The winery is named after his dad whose first name was Valentine. When you join retirement with beginning another winery, “retirement” loses its significance rather rapidly. When they acquired the physical winery on Spring Mountain, it required much work; they completely renovated and included a best in class winemaking office.

    In spite of the fact that our Spring Summit Ranch area isn’t available to the general population, our long custom of creating probably the best wines that Spring Mountain brings to the table proceeds. On the off chance that you are keen on perceiving how the new property advances, we welcome you to join our wine club, where individuals are constantly free to go for a walk or climb at Spring Summit Ranch.

    Sam and Angela appeared an energizing mark in mid-2015, Foretell which centers around little generation (around 100 cases) Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The name of this wine is based around the possibility of a winemaker attempting to “anticipate” or foresee the attributes of a wine and how it will age – beginning from the vineyard, through the winemaking process through it’s maturing.

    The 2012 Pinot Noir is matured sure lie, un-fined and softly sifted. At first, the bunch demonstrates a fiery and hearty note however that isn’t what this wine is about. After the wine opens the bundle is about the organic product – raspberry and strawberry with only a trace of vanilla. The mouthfeel is delicate and adjusted with notes of cola cherry, raspberry and some preparing flavors on the sense of taste.

    The 2009 Syrah (100 cases) is 94% varietal with 6% Mourvedre; it is perceptibly dim in the glass. The bunch demonstrates the dim organic product, some toasted oak and indications of cedar alongside a blackberry note – nearly briar like. It is a ground-breaking and an enticing nose. The sense of taste is succulent, mouth-watering with a lot of flavors. The complete is long with layers of the natural product however without gigantic tannins. Or maybe the tannins are perfect, exceptionally very much incorporated and demonstrate gently in the front of the sense of taste as opposed to the back.

    The 2008 Yverdon Cabernet Sauvignon is mixed with 5% Merlot. The nose is sweet, a scent like with a lot of dark natural product (blackberry, ready plum) including smells of dark licorice. Layers of flavor with the huge organic product in advance and waiting for dusty tannins on the complete alongside notes of oak.

    The 2008 Wurtele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% varietal. The bunch is pasty or dusty on the off chance that you will be supplemented by dull berry leafy foods of cocoa powder, preparing flavors and a one of a kind trace of an Indian zest. This wine packs a lot of intensity on the sense of taste with both flavor and huge mouth-filling chewy tannins that wait for a long while.


    The Art of winemaking

    Winemaker Sam Baxter has dependably had a sharp spotlight on the grapes in the vineyard to accomplish perfect readiness and flavor improvement, prompting a winemaking style set apart by insignificant intercession. The yield of this methodology is obvious in our Terra Valentine wines that mirror a feeling of place while demonstrating the power of mountain developed leafy foods class.



    Amid our vineyard advancement on Spring Mountain, we distinguished some cooler microclimates that while not appropriate for red varietals, were only the correct fixings to develop white wine grapes. We selected to plant Riesling dependent on our adoration for sweet-smelling white wines and the reputation for Riesling in the Spring Mountain District. Not your run of the mill sweet Riesling, our own is very dry and progressively Alsatian in style. The rich aromatics of our Riesling are delivered by chilly maturation in the tank, trailed by maturing in unbiased French oak, 300L puncheons.



    Our Napa Valley Rose is created by the antiquated method of saignee or seeping of the juice which is then barrel matured dry. A mix of Sangiovese (half) and Pinot Noir (half), this Rose is stuffed with succulent red natural product offset with brilliant causticity.


    2008 Marriage Bordeaux

    The wine is a mix of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon with littler measures of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. The nose demonstrates somewhat dusty with blackberry and dark cherry fragrance – the sense of taste is all around layered yet keeps up a pleasant harmony among foods grown from the ground. The tannins are surely there (not as large as in the Wurtele Cabernet Sauvignon), are to some degree pale and are genuinely very much coordinated into the general profile of this wine.

    Question and Answer

    1. Are these wine can be sold in any part of the country? No, there are a few countries which this wine can be sold.
    2. Are they offering different varieties of wine? Yes, they have a lot of varieties of wine which everyone will surely enjoy.

    Final Thoughts:

    Private tastings are held specifically in a private tasting room over the generation office or at The Studio by Feast It Forward in downtown Napa opposite the Oxbow Public Market. Sam is regularly near and his better half Angela additionally assists with neighborliness and behaviors tastings every now and then.




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