Tasting Room Wine Club Reviews

The Best Tasting Room Wine Club Reviews


Tasting Room Wine Club is considered as the smartest wine clubs you can have.Upon signing this club you will get the chance of having their best introductory offer that includes small bottles of wine for about six counts.This mini wines will let you create feedback and comments for you to decide which kind of wine suits your personality.This actually a very brilliant idea and best to those who started drinking wine. This very unique wine club will only give you the best experience you can have about wine compare to other clubs out there.For as low as $9.95 you have all the chance of taking the quality wines around the world.


  • You will have all the information about the wine delivered to you and of course you will get information to those limited and exceptional wines that are coming to the club.
  • You get the chance of tasting 6 small bottles of wine every delivery
  • You have the option of red and white or you can mixed it both during the subscription
  • You have the choice of getting your wine one month,two months or 3 months time.
  • You will surely experience 100% satisfactory rate
  • You will not be obliged to buy or subscribe and still you can cancel your subscription anytime,


  • Please be reminded that first wines delivered to you are always the strongest one
  • It only ships to 43 estates around US


The club only utilized the best technology just to create the small bottles you get during delivery for tasting.So they have this exclusive kind of machine that does all this cute bottle of wines.Aside from this beautiful small wines they also make sure that you still get the best quality of wine during the manufacturing and shipment of the wines.This is there aultimate kits to feature the best wine according to every season.

However if you’re going to trace the history of this club it is said that it cannot be done alone and it was bought by Lot 18.A short description of lot 18,this is also a wine club who offers free membership to anyone who wants to join the club.By joining forces of tasting room and lot 18,they get the chance of getting all the lowest price from different wineries around the world


Upon entering and signing up the tasting room wine you will be prompted with a form where you need to fill out some questions about the kind of wines you like and prefered.But you don’t need to worry because this will not actually change the kind of 6 mini bottles that will be sent to you as introductory kit.

You answers to the form will help the tasting room wine club decide what kind of wines you love and your preferences to its quality.So that is exactly very helpful to them and of course without no hustle.


Tasting Room Wine Club is one of the best flexible wine subscritom.You can always change from time to time you way of ordering them.You just need to log in in your account at the website and you can always cancel your shipment,or you want to change the count of bottles you want to send to you,and lastly you can continue your subscription or cancel it then bring it back the time you want it again,And as you enter to their site you will likely have the option of “SHIP IT NOW” just like you want it immediately.

You can always call their customer service from the contact numbers provided in the site.You will reach them from MONDAY TO FRIDAY starting 10 am to 6pm EST.

Thought there are other reviews about the customer service that saying it automatically charged to their credit cards but it’s actually clear during the instruction process from the time they contact them.

In general,Tasting Room Wine Club will be your best wine club ever.They are very flexible with their features and benefits plus you get the chance of getting different kind of wines every shipping through the 6 mini bottles given to you.So you have the chance to decide what you want the next time you order to them.This will also consider as a great presents or gifts to anyone who loves wine or to those loved ones who just started to explore the goodness of wines.You will surely get the value of your money upon purchasing their wines.



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