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The Silverado Wine Napa

In Napa Valley, you can find several wineries that you can choose to visit and taste some extraordinary wines, and yet the Silverado’s Vineyard is not an exemption as well. Did you know that the Silverado winemaking established in the vineyards? They are more committed to communicating the flavorful quality and character of grapes developed on every one of their six vineyards in the Napa. Since they established, the winery has grown almost 400 sections of land which they cultivate naturally and economically of grapes.

From them, they produce Estate and Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Blanc, Merlot and Chardonnay. While they are glad for the honors their home wines have gathered, their notoriety with wine sweethearts and authorities lays on the shoulders of their Cabernet, made just in the best vintages, and of course, their SOLO Cabernet, one of the unique articulations of their Stags Leap locale home.


These vineyards offer probably the most stunning outlooks of the fantastic Napa Valley. Notwithstanding a stellar offering of an assortment of very acclaimed wines created from home developed grapes, they also offer uncommon occasion visitors warm and inviting neighborliness and restrictive utilization of the winery. Upon entry, visitors dealt with to a gathering in their tasting room enhanced with a sizeable wood-consuming chimney, high-radiated roofs and two arrangements of French entryways that open onto an Upper Terrace neglecting delightful vineyard sees.

They also offer a variety of exercises intended to upgrade visitor happiness regarding our wines, from winery visits to open-air vineyard visits, library tastings, cooking, painting, and photography classes, and informative introductions on winemaking. But wait there’s more! The Silverado Vineyards also offers a great taste in their wine selections that everyone should taste!

Wine Varieties Produced

The Silverado’s Vineyard produced the following wines:

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Malbec
  • Merlot
  • Sangiovese
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Zinfandel

The Silverado’s Wine in Napa

2016 Carneros Chardonnay (Vineburg Vineyard)


The 2016 Carneros Chardonnay matured in both oak and some new and treated steel. This wine did not experience malolactic aging. It is straw shading in the glass; smells like springtime with fragrances of citrus bloom, lemon get-up-and-go, honeysuckle and clues of popcorn. Genuinely light and reviving shows kinds of lychee, stone green foods. Adjusted and marginally fresh in the meantime, the wine is adjusted and invigorating.

2014 Merlot Mt. George Vineyard


It offers an intricate and layered bunch, at first extremely botanical with smells of a dried flower petal, dessert flavors, and subtleties of sage. There is the sweetness of red organic product waiting all through the bundle – nearly raspberry-like. Clues of chocolate as the wine opens. More red natural product demonstrates then dim organic product on the sense of taste with a waiting poignancy of red cherry and cranberry. Good causticity – vivacious on the mind of taste. Invigorating. Tannins are smooth as well.

2013 GEO Cabernet Sauvignon Coombsville


This wine is genuinely dim in the glass; it demonstrates an underlying herb subtlety (sage) on the bundle alongside pepper and cedar – as the wine opens more organic product approaches including fragrances of dusty blackberries and boysenberries. Scents are rich. However not over prepared shows a lot of thickness on the sense of taste highlighting for the most part red natural product flavors. Kinds of red cherries wait alongside splendid acridity and a lot of tannins to fulfill most steak aficionados.

2013 SOLO Cabernet Sauvignon


These Cabernet is continuously 100 percent varietal and sourced continuously from their vineyards in the Stags Leap District. At first, offers a smoky style yet as the wine inhales the bunch is entirely about the organic product with flawless smells of dark cherry and darker plum. Enormous on the sense of taste – both flavor and full tannin hold include conspicuously on a super long wrap up. Again in what is a sign of their wines, indicates brilliant causticity.

Keep in mind that this vineyard is not just a point of reference setting winery as yet stopping people in their tracks after, over the years on the Napa wine scene, it’s remaining in front of the pack with a large group of friendliness and maintainability activities that respect the two its storied past and promising future.


  1. Are all this affordable? Yes of course!
  2. Is this vineyard included in wine tours? It depends on your company wine tour
  3. Do they also offer free wine tasting? Yes of course.


This vineyards not just offers an extraordinary chance to visit a happy place, but instead provide an excellent all-around made wines that you can without a doubt appreciated! Their impressive history in the making wine such us the Grapes was at that point planted at the season of Lillian’s buy including Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer among different varietals. For quite a while the family sold these grapes to nearby vintners. In the wake of attempting a portion of the completed wines from her grapes, they ought to make their particular wine too. Thus, the Silverado has its specific wine for a purpose!


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