The Scout’s Honor Napa Valley Red Wine 2014

The Scout’s Honor Napa Valley Red Wine 2014

The 2014 Scout’s Honor originates from another stupendous vintage that distinctions the late and darling Labrador Retriever, Scout. This wine depends on a convention of delivering a tasty and agreeable red wine. They begin with old-vine Charbono, a base of old-vine Zinfandel, expand upon that with dry-cultivated Petite Sirah and complete with mountain winery Syrah. The outcome is a simple red wine that will fulfill over and over.

While the 2014 vintage was another immaculate developing season, they saw critical yield decreases in new maturing assortments. This is to a great extent because of the copious returns of 2013 and 2012, and an absence of quantifiable water. Be that as it may, the typical “separating” of the yield to prevalent quality no matter how you look at it.


This is grill wine getting it done consolidating 7% Petite Sirah, 71% Zinfandel, and 6% Syrah with 16% Charbono into a misty, thick ordeal spotted in essence of maple syrup, toast, bacon, and vanilla, relatively prodding into a breakfast friend. Round and smooth, the tannins are firm and sweet while never getting to be cloying.

2014 Scout’s Honor is undoubtedly a sizable liberal chunk of red wine that we suggest being opened and delighted in promptly upon discharge. Cellared effectively it will age for 5 to 8 years.



This restrictive mix has roused more beautiful and excited input than whatever other wine that they’ve offered in years. Consistently developing quantities of you have broadcasted Scout’s Honor as the best red wine mix that they’ve at any point tasted. With the ongoing trifecta of exceptional vintages in Northern California, 2014 may be their best yet. With creation down 39%, this will no doubt be your only opportunity to stock up on this uncontrollably prevalent mix. It just might be the world’s most prominent wine to combine with grill.

An immaculately made mix out of Zinfandel, Charbono, and numerous more from one of Napa Valley’s most regarded wine families. Named after the family’s unwavering yellow Labrador retriever, the new Scout’s Honor dispenses a high level of celebration, and, with the noteworthy decrease underway, they have a 3 case for each client discharge and requests will be gone up against first-start things out serve premise.

Winery Notes

This vintage has a stunning, concentrated array of fragrances of organic stone products, violets, anise, squashed blue herbs, and a pinch of honeysuckle. On the sense of taste is pure lavishness from the old-vine Zinfandel with heaps of super ready blackberry, pepper zest, and a wrapping manliness of burn and tannins from the Syrah, Petite Sirah and Charbono. A consistent adjust and mouth covering heavenliness are found all through the sense of taste, with an additional long complete with a bit of barrel tannin toward the end.


In the Cellar

The little, singular heaps of organic product were destemmed into a blend of tempered steel tanks and open best fermenters, where entire berry aging occurred for a normal of twenty days. The wine was barrel matured for fourteen months in half new American Oak and the adjust in once utilized tight grain French Oak. No traditional pumps have used this wine. Just stomach vacuum apparatus, constrained pneumatic force development or bulldogging, and exchanges by gravity were used to safeguard the unadulterated organic product uprightness in the wine.


  1. Can I visit the winery anytime? Of course yes, just visit their website for questions.
  2. How can I buy their wine? You can visit the winery or just buy it online.
  3. Do they also offer free wine tasting? Yes, of course, every visit to the winery they offer free wine tasting.


This 2014 Scout Honor Red Wine is one of the best red wine that you can find around Napa Valley. A lot of people says that is perfect with grilled foods. Because of its incredible taste and the aroma just fantastic. The spices included in this incredible wine are squashed blue herbs, anise and a bit of honey. It is aged in French oak barrels that is why it tastes very different with compared to other red wines. So, why don’t you grab your bottle of this wine now!


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