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    An uncommon vineyard site, carefully cultivating and awesome winemaking result in world-class Cabernet Sauvignon. Close

    Dr. Revana gives the controlling logic of value as our vital objective. He guarantees that Thomas Brown and the winery group, have all the essential assets to create unrivaled wines.

    Wine quality starts in the vineyard. The Revana Estate Vineyard is arranged in a prime piece of St. Helena where profound, very much depleted alluvial soils match with warm days and cool evenings to give a perfect terroir to Cabernet Sauvignon. Hands-on vineyard the executives guarantees that the regular capability of every vine is acknowledged and just flawless Cabernet grapes are brought into the winery. Once in the winery, Thomas Brown’s shrewdly controlled way to deal with winemaking takes into consideration the unadulterated articulation of the Revana Estate Vineyard. Utilizing common yeasts, delicate maceration and consideration regarding everything about make wines of virtue, profundity, character, and tastefulness.


    Revana Family Vineyards is claimed by Dr. Madaiah Revana who right now is a rehearsing Cardiologist in Houston, Texas. He grew up being that as it may, on a ranch in a little town in southern India close Bangalore. His family developed rice, vegetables, and coconuts. His initial prologue to agribusiness maybe gave the seeds of enthusiasm for in the long run owning a vineyard and a winery. He goes about as an overseeing vintner (stays hands off from the winemaking) whose essential center is to give the important assets and by and large vision – supporting his winemaking group so they have the assets and best vineyard sources to make remarkable wine

    While visiting the Napa Valley, Dr. Revana found a little bundle of prime vineyard arrive in St. Helena. Close

    Dr. Revana instantly detected the property’s potential. The zone was at that point known for delivering a portion of the world’s most looked for after Cabernet Sauvignon and the property’s gravelly soils, inclined pitch, and brilliant exposures appeared to be ideal for developing grapes. Investigations of the dirt arrangement affirmed that it was a perfect area for premium Bordeaux assortments. In 1998, Dr. Revana enlisted acclaimed vineyard administrator Jim Barbour to plant and keep up the 9-section of the land home vineyard.

    Revana has delighted in incredible basic achievement including the respect of being positioned number 4 on the planet in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2010

    Below is the sample of his famous wines.



    Ripe dark cherry with insights of dim chocolate coat the sense of taste, offering an approach to flavorful dark olive tapenade before demonstrating notes of crème brûlée on the long, waiting completion.

    In 2015, just the four most elevated quality vineyard squares were chosen from the eight in our Estate Vineyard to create a wine with a genuine feeling of the place as a portrayal of vineyard and vintage.



    The 2015 developing season began early and warm, yet because of some high breeze occasions which brought about break, the vintage yield was lessened drastically from the get-go. Fortunately, starting now and into the foreseeable future, the developing season was outstanding, and the vines concentrated their full vitality on the natural product that remained. This created a wine of uncommon focus and riper tannins that will age nimbly for quite a long time to come.



    In 2014, just the four most elevated quality vineyard squares were chosen from the eight in our Estate Vineyard to create a wine with a genuine feeling of the place as a portrayal of vineyard and vintage.



    After a dry winter, we had a solid start to the developing season as gentle spring downpours backed off advancement bringing about a substantial natural product set. Ideal climate all through the mid-year blended with a plentiful yield, which managed us the advantage of just enabling the groups of flawlessness to age to their fullest potential. Untainted conditions for the 2014 Harvest made a ground-breaking wine of profundity and style.



    With extravagances, for example, a world class winemaker, a helpful vineyard, and a cutting-edge office, we are blessed to be able to make wines of exactness that equal the best the world brings to the table. Checking Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown’s first full vintage for Revana, 2011 is a great prologue to Thomas’ typically limited way to deal with winemaking with amazing outcomes.

    Profound garnet in the glass, the 2011 Revana Cabernet has an energetic, brilliant nose with insights of blackberry, botanical cherry, and pipe tobacco. On the sense of taste, the wine has an amazing splendor, blasting forward with cherry, dried cranberries and very much incorporated oak. Hints of flower petal and tea leaves compliment the smooth tannins. Extravagant and succulent, 2011 is all around adjusted and asks to be appreciated at this point.



    Like the 2009 and 2010 seasons, the 2011 developing season was described by a mellow winter with normal precipitation, trailed by an all-encompassing cool spring. Substantial rain in the spring prompted lessened vine overhang development and lower organic product yields.

    The mid-year remained cool and stayed cool for the majority of the developing season. At Revana, we diminished the vine overhangs and diminished the grape yield to make up for the cool season.

    The cool climate deferred veraison and development bringing about a late reap. Fully expecting the late reap, our vineyard group expanded leaf and sidelong shoot evacuation. These late season passes enabled us to exploit what ended up being a long cool complete to the season. While the collect was almost half lower than normal, the wine quality is wonderful.


    Question and Answer

    1. Are this winery can be found in Napa Valley? Yes, this winery is located in Napa Valley.
    2. Are they offering wine tasting? Yes, they also offering wine tasting with a group of 8 and has a fee of $100 per person.

    Final Thoughts:

    Dr.Revana’s 17 section of the land boutique winery at the edge of Uco Valley jumps profound into the idea of little creation single vineyard and single package wines. His group of guaranteed sommeliers and winemakers offer private tastings in a beautiful setting to share how Rhone and Bordeaux assortments can be communicated along the high rise old waterway bed of the Arroyo Grande.


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