The Prisoner Wine Napa

The Prisoner Wine Napa

There are various types of wine in Napa Valley. There are such Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Sirah and more! But have you ever taste the new blended blacks wines which are made by the Italian migrants? If so, then probably you already knew what I’m honestly saying. The Prisoner Wine is outstanding amongst other wines that you can taste. It highlights a tempting smells of bing cherry, dark chocolate, clove, and broiled fig. Additionally, diligent kinds of pomegranate, boysenberry, raspberry and vanilla for the delicious and smooth wrap up.

Additionally, it is an exclusive mix of Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, and some more. For instance, the Orin Swift’s notable Prisoner is a primary, peppery fruit, with smoky licorice, blackberry shoemaker and split pepper driving towards a significant body and long wrap-up. Indeed, you can also match it with ground sirloin sandwiches, steaks, and hard cheeses. So, if you are now craving for the real taste of Prisoner Wine, check out the list below, and learn some more about this black blended wines!


Let us look back about the Prisoner Wine in Napa. The history of Prisoner wine made by the Italian migrants who live in Napa Valley. Dave Phinney, the maker of Prisoner, broadly given a print of the dreadful Francisco de Goya scratching that shows up on the bottle as a blessing from his folks at twelve years old. He propelled the trendsetting name in the year 2000, putting out a negligible three hundred eighty-five cases. Dave’s tense taste in artistry and unpredictable approach of mixing Zinfandel with different grapes earned him and his wine a ton of recognition in Wine Spectator’s Top 100.  However, Phinney is never again included with the name that made him acclaimed. The Prisoner is presently the property of drink goliath Constellation Brands. However, it isn’t only wine any longer. It’s an image, one of more than hundreds under the Constellation umbrella.

So, are you now curious with the taste of  Prisoner wines and yet, you are not sure which you are going to pick first in the wine rack? Don’t be stress, this list will give you some idea about which wine you will be going to choose, and for sure, you will going to ask some more – again!

2015 Prisoner Wine Co. “The Prisoner” Napa Valley Red Blend


This wine aged in a blend of American and French oak before packaging. This diverse group pleaser has discovered a following from admirers of fruit-forward and jammy wines. However, it has enough substance to satisfy the individuals who lean toward their California reds more organized. Not only mixed drink wine, but this heavy red also combines exceptionally well with braised meats and grill. It includes the alluring smells simmered fig, bing cherry, clove, and dull chocolate. It has a kind of pomegranate, boysenberry, raspberry and a trace of vanilla for a delicious and smooth wrap up.



Saldo doesn’t fit in. However, that doesn’t make a difference. When you’re from “all over” means in Latin, you don’t have to frame to one, single place. That is the amusing thing about desires—they’re made to be broken.

On the other hand, Saldo on the nose has a dim ruby shading with the striking fragrances of dark pepper, cherry, heating flavor, and dark licorice. The section is rich, full, and shining. The sense of taste is delectable and smooth with a trace of chocolate. The complete is well proportioned with delicate, smooth tannins.



They thought in the event that he couldn’t see the world, at that point he wouldn’t make his check. Be that as it may, a blindfold won’t keep him down. It just uplifts his different faculties. What’s more, regardless of his strength, it will leave an enduring impression.

Chardonnay mixed with the white Rhône and sweet-smelling assortments, similarly strong and interesting—a tasty passage of toasted hazelnut and mandarin is adjusted by brilliant causticity and minerality. The complete is rich and smooth with kinds of lemon pizzazz and caramelized sugar.



The Syndrome is a power unto itself. Versatile, flexible, keen. It develops like a vine and cases pupils—simply like this wine. For this Syndrome, they’ve joined red varietals from three remarkable developing locales: Napa Valley, Carneros, and Castilla. Opens with smells of white peach, blossoms, strawberry, and satisfying hardness. Reviving raspberry flavors take after with minerality prompting a brilliant waiting completion.

2016 Prisoner Wine Co. “The Prisoner”


The wine-production group at Prisoner Wine Co. work with a group of cultivators to source differing grape assortments from a portion of the best vineyards in California. Enlivened by “blended blacks”, which were first made by the Italian workers who settled in the Napa Valley zone, The Prisoner is currently a standout amongst the most perceived Napa Valley red mixes. The Prisoner is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, Charbono, and Petite Sirah. Highlights tempting smells dim chocolate Bing cherry simmered fig and clove. Tenacious kinds of pomegranate, boysenberry ready raspberry vanilla wait amicably, for a delicious and smooth wrap up.


    1. Which is better the red wine or the white wine? It depends on your taste buds.
    2. Are these wines aged for tasting? Yes, for the best taste.
    3. Can I buy it online? Yes, you should check their website for more information.


As you will investigate the Napa Valley, you would find new better places and you will taste the best wines in the nation. In each vineyard, they will offer you their most acclaimed wine that they matured in barrels and jugs. That is blend with various types of natural products, berries, and a great smell. What’s more, the Prisoner is one of the best wine that you will find. The Prisoner has dependably been the cheerful medium for admirers of enormous, wanton wines. This wine has so much succulent red cherry organic product, supported by dessert notes like mocha and oak, however, it accompanies more congenial levels of liquor and sweetness. It’s beginning and end it’s dependably been: satiny, smooth, and overflowing with debauchery.




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