The Prisoner 2014 Napa Valley Red Wine

The Prisoner 2014 Napa Valley Red Wine

Winemaker Jennifer Beloz what’s more, her collaboration with a group of cultivators to source an assorted assortment of grapes from chief vineyards all through California. The subsequent wines are fascinating mixes of unmistakable quality and character.

The Prisoner was made and roused by the drinkable “blended blacks” to begin with made by the Italian migrants who initially settled in the Napa Valley. In 2003 The Prisoner was propelled and before long turned into the most perceived imaginative and exceptional Napa Valley Red Wine mix, driving the resurgence of mixes by joining Zinfandel with the far-fetched “blend” of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Charbono.

Striking smells of dark cherry and plum are increased by clues of oak also, Madagascar vanilla. A delicate and smooth sense of taste of anise, dull cocoa powder and broiled sage lead into a thick complete with delicious tannins.



Alright to all you parents who can’t get enough of those strong wines, you need to know this: The Prisoner red wine truly goes back to the days when wines were appreciated in tumblers rather than wine glasses. They were likewise full bodied and not all that dry. These were a portion of the wines that I cut my teeth on nearly 40 years back in the North Beach region of San Francisco. Red, sappy, loaded with a punch and fulfilling. Affirm a portion of these wines came in 4.0-liter containers, yet you didn’t require a wine key and everybody appeared to appreciate the occasion. Presently cell phone yourself to the present and we have the aesthetic, tres chic and refined rendition of California’s red wine history (around 1970) when table wines were simply starting in the commercial center. Welcome to the new standard! The 2014 Prisoner has a profound ruby dark shading; an impact of berries in the smells, yet the organic product is spotless and crisp, splendid, enormous and enduring; full-bodied, thick rich and extremely slight port-like note appears; overwhelming, with loads of sweet tannins; huge thick in the persistent flavor. How would you serve this wine you inquire? Truly it will overwhelm numerous customary dishes. So simply welcome the group over and watch a little NFL or NBA, serve pizza, barbecue burgers and have a ton of fun. (Tasted: December 3, 2015, San Francisco, CA)



In the pre-summer of 2016, each of the 2015 TPWC parts was assessed for the character. The most focused and heavenly bunches of every assortment were chosen for the main vintage of Dérangé. After parcel determination, all barrels bound for Dérangé were hand-chosen by tasting every single one. This red mix is loaded with dark cherry, a clove flavor, blackberry shoemaker, and vanilla toast. The mouthfeel is full on the section and the delicate tannins and adjusted causticity are a scrumptious combo.



Saldo doesn’t fit in, yet that doesn’t make a difference. When you’re from “all over” (that is the thing that Saldo implies in Latin), you don’t have to shape to one, single place. That is the clever thing about desires—they’re made to be broken.

Dull ruby shading with strong smells of dark licorice, dark pepper, cherry, and preparing flavor. The passage is rich, full, and glimmering. The sense of taste is scrumptious and smooth with a trace of chocolate. The complete is shapely with delicate, smooth tannins.



They thought on the off chance that he couldn’t see the world, at that point he wouldn’t make his stamp. In any case, a blindfold won’t keep him down. It just increases his different faculties. What’s more, in any case, his flexibility will leave an enduring impression.

Chardonnay mixed with the white Rhône and sweet-smelling assortments, similarly striking and captivating—a delicious passage of toasted hazelnut and mandarin is adjusted by splendid causticity and minerality. The complete is rich and velvety with kinds of lemon pizzazz and caramelized sugar.



Motivated by the deeply-rooted technique for utilizing cuttings from ideal locales for the engendering of new vines, this Cabernet Sauvignon grandstands a portion of our most loved slope vineyards. Cuttings consolidate the profound, extraordinary kind of Cabernet Sauvignon with the structure and wealth of Petite Sirah and Syrah. A little measure of Zinfandel includes a decent layer of intricacy and hotness.

Delectably smooth with kinds of blueberry, dim cherry, and cocoa. Fragrances of new simmered espresso, dark currant, vanilla bean, darker zest, and wild berries.



The disorder is a power unto itself. Keen, versatile, versatile. It develops like a vine and cases followers—simply like our wine. For Syndrome, we joined red varietals from three remarkable developing locales: Calistoga, Napa Valley, and Carneros.

Opens with smells of watermelon, crisp strawberry, white peach, blossoms, and a satisfying hardness. Reviving raspberry flavors take after with minerality prompting a splendid, waiting completion.

Question and Answer

  1. Is there any other kind of wine available on Prisoners wine company? Yes, they also another kind of wine that everyone to choose from you may visit their wineries and shop available around the world.
  2. Are they offer discounts on a bulk order? Yes, they offer discounts on all bulk orders.


Final Comment:

With a striking vision, Winemaker Chrissy Wittmann is redoing the guidelines. Close by our group of cultivators, The Prisoner winemaking group pushes limits as they create our determination of surprising, yet shrewd wines.

The Makery is a festival of specialty and network. From the origin, The Prisoner Wine Company was based on an establishment of advancement, craftsmanship, network and joint effort. Accordingly, The Makery commends craftsmen, planners, and makers who share that same crude soul. Experience a curated travel with our Makers through wine and nourishment submerged in a situation which cultivates imagination and ventures past the congruity of wine nation.


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