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The Platypus Wine Tours Napa Ca USA

Clearly, wine tasting in Napa Valley is an unquestionable is a must and the true reason why everybody visits this wine country. However, the valley is actually dabbed with incredible wineries. Making sense of where to begin and which wineries should you go for a trip. On the other hand, Platypus Wine Tours is the top of the line wine visit organization on TripAdvisor and offers to assemble voyages through Napa, Sonoma, and North Sonoma. The Napa Valley visits 4 unique wineries, committing about an hour at every one. Notwithstanding a knowledgeable guide, the visit likewise includes an excursion lunch, and additionally, a cheddar platter served on the transport. Gatherings are constrained to 10 visitors, guaranteeing that the experience is constantly private.


Arranging a trek to Napa Valley can get exceptionally overpowering, rapidly. As you started to examine for this enterprise, you may found immediately the unlimited alternatives of vineyards and wineries that the valley offers, each with their own one of a kind encounters and vibes. The mystery is finding the correct winery for your particular style and feelings. In this case, you’re not going to imagine like your a wine epicurean, so as you can burrowing through in this choices, your search for wine samplings and visits that fused laid-back and benevolent wineries versus the greatest names or the fanciest marks.

So, this implies that, if you want to go along to the Napa Valley, and yet, you can’t decide which wine tours to choose from, well, this article is for you! Continue reading so you can discover why you need to consider the Platypus Wine Tours as your guide in discovering Napa Valley Wine Country.

The Platypus Wine Tours


Most of us know about the Platypus Tours. It is a private tour organization that has some expertise in customized and life-changing wine visits in and around the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and other eminent nearby wine districts. Keep running by a group of enthusiastic wine sweethearts and devotees, Platypus Tours offers a fun and happy way to deal with adapting more about and tasting wines, and additionally presents and investigates probably the most wonderful wine areas on the planet. Platypus Tours dares to an assortment of memorable wineries and lesser referred to domains, and also family-claimed tasks that are in both the Sonoma and Napa Valley, and other neighborhood wine districts.

What they offer

  • Platypus offers an assortment of visits to suit each need from customized and private visits to participating in visits and gathering visits. Transport voyages through specific territories are directed consistently, and visitors can participate in, when and where they wish, and private visits with a committed driver and guide in a non-shared vehicle are additionally accessible.
  • Platypus Tours present an expansive scope of Private Tours, and Join-In Tours with one-day looking at the non-sightseers side of the fantastic Napa, spend time in four littler vineyards with a tasty cookout dine and served at one of the vineyards. This Tour is also a selective little gathering, guided transport visit that investigates the specific best wineries dares to a few little wineries concealed in the moving green slopes of the district. This visit additionally incorporates an excursion dine at one of the vineyards.
  • Private wine visits can be customized to guest’s needs and are directed with an individual guide in a non-shared visit vehicle. Visits can likewise be masterminded expansive gatherings or extraordinary events and get-togethers, for example, weddings, special nights, birthday festivities, and family get-togethers, and corporate occasions. Different visits offered to incorporate a Balloon or Wine Tour, which includes an early morning inflatable flight and Champagne informal breakfast, trailed by a voyage through the wineries in the Napa Valley.

What to Experience


Go along with Platypus small gathering wine voyage through the Napa Valley, and other wine countries! You’ll visit four beguiling, byways wineries, be served a cookout lunch in a winery setting and learn many intriguing goodies: neighborhood history, culture, and winemaking. Our claim to fame is close, fun and significant wine visits. This is a social visit for people who are keen on tasting a portion of the world’s most commended wines, however, are not really wine specialists. Inn gets included. Tasting charges excluded.

Your $110 wine visits incorporate:

  • Entire day: Around 10:30 am to 5 pm
  • Get/drop off from your lodging (if midway situated in Napa Valley)
  • Visits and tastings at 4 wineries: generally littler, more “out of the way” wineries
  • Cookout lunch
  • Cheddar, saltines, and water on board the transport
  • Neighborhood history and information on the wine-production encounter

Visits stop at various wineries. 

  • Chase Cellars
  • Tamber Bey Vineyards
  • Cairdean Vineyards
  • Ballentine Vineyards

Every winery charges a tasting expense, yet is normally deferred if buying wine. Winery staff additionally let us visit the vineyards and generation facilities– which was a special reward.


  1. Is the Platypus Wine Tour affordable? Yes of course. I believe they also offer promos and discount too.
  2. Can I make a reservation? Yes. For more information, visit this: for all your inquiries.
  3. How many wineries do they visit? More than 5 wineries.

Final Thought

Platypus Wine Tours is a Napa Valley, California based tours and transportation organization spend significant time in private, remarkable wine visits to littler, enchanting byways vineyards, noteworthy wineries and family possessed activities. They give both Join-In gather visits and private wine visits. The organization likewise satisfies other general and custom visit and transportation needs –, for example, for corporate capacities, such as private gatherings and other events. They utilize very prepared and experienced visit manages in both the Sonoma Valleys, and Napa Valley, and in addition other North California wine areas, for example, Carneros, Russian River, and Dry Creek, and other. Their visit logic is equipped to those looking for a cheerful and fun way to deal with tasting and finding out about wine. A Platypus Wine Tour is the counter wine big talker wine visit. So, in case you are planning to make a trip to different wineries in Napa, well, I guess, Platypus is an ideal wine tour you can consider!






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