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    Kim and I were living in San Francisco when she landed a fantasy position structuring wine names in St. Helena. Since I was a jobless English significant failure I said beyond any doubt, I can be jobless in Napa Valley simply.

    We made the move and four months passed by despite everything I didn’t have an occupation so I began flipping through the pages of a Wineries of Napa Valley foot stool book my folks had given us. The wineries showed up in sequential order arrange thus it began with something like Beaulieu Vineyard, at that point Beringer. I erroneously imagined that Beaulieu was Buena Vista which was a short ways from our home in Calistoga so I turned to Beringer and believed that what appeared to be somewhat of a bigger corporate winery. Thus, to some degree haphazardly, I turned to Cakebread and called them. “Are you folks enlisting for collect time employment at the present time?” The secretary put me straight through to winemaker Bruce Cakebread and I’m considering, “Gracious, uh should I trouble the winemaker with this?” Bruce instructed me to come in for a meeting the following day and everything I could think to do was act skilled and look expansive bore enough to deal with it physically. (I didn’t understand that as a wiry 5’8″ 160 pounder, I was fundamentally worked to do this sort of work.) He enlisted me on the spot. I was so pleased with myself until the point when I discovered later that one of the laborers they had arranged had pulled out finally thus in Bruce’s words, “We were simply searching for somebody with a heartbeat.”

    Anyway, I adored it, yet I was at that point 29 when I understood what I needed to do with my life and felt somewhat behind the various children escaping colleges with their degrees in maturation science and enology and viticulture. I’m not the academic sort thus the principle structure of my preparation and instruction essentially included anything besides returning to school.

    Next stop, in January of 2000, was an all-around coordinated occupation helping Jerry Seps make his Storybook Mountain wines.

    And after that… in the mid-year of 2002… with two children younger than two… when it appeared as though we could add no greater craziness to our lives… we packaged our first vintage of OLABISI wine. It was a negotiant style 2000 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon. Kim concocted the name that despite everything we utilize today, which was extremely nonconventional, particularly at that point. In any case, it had the effect and stylish we adored. By 2004, I got my first full-time head winemaking work at Piña Napa Valley. Furthermore, by 2007, it was headed toward a focus on our family name without a doubt, and complete a touch of counseling winemaking to bring home the bacon.

    Nobody went to my secondary school on vacation day in 1982 to inquire as to whether I’d at any point considered seeking after a lifelong making mixed refreshments. I don’t know how one chooses to head off to college to consider winemaking at 18 years old or 19. Yet, I do realize that regardless of how you go to your labor of love, it’s never past the point of no return, and it more often than not turns out to be worth the pause.


    Vineyard: In the core of Napa Valley. From the dark topsoil soils of an old stream bed, that enables us for all intents and purposes dry ranch for most of the developing season. Vines that have been around for a little while and appear to mysteriously locate their very own offset with insignificant viticultural mediation.

    Napa Chardonnay vinified with a gesture to Traditional Burgundian strategies. Entire group squeezed to the barrel, at that point barrel matured on wild yeast, wild malolactic, no mixing, no racking.

    Elevage: year and a half in barrel, 30% new French Oak

    Smells of rich French cakes, crisp picked apples and figs, spiced with clues of colorful lychee, split dark pepper and banana cream pie. On the sense of taste, the mouthfeel is without a moment’s delay wide, sweeping, and dynamic, with inconspicuously layered kinds of mandarin orange, hazelnut, lemon, crème Fraiche, toffee, and an enthusiastic minerality that waits in the vigorous wrap-up. (Drink 2018 – 2026)

    2016 OLABISI PINOT NOIR Carneros Napa Valley

    A mix of three novel Napa sobriquet vineyards

    Vineyard: 2014 was an outstanding developing season, giving us the advantage of pushing the envelope in the quest for making marvelous wines. We let the grapes on the vine similarly as long however we wanted. Hang time, the splendid daylight generally fall, warm days and chilly evenings, all joined to put the completing addresses those succulent. Similarly, as with every one of our wines, this was aged with wild yeast, insignificant intercession, in customary old world style. Nowadays, we will, in general, vinify every one of our wines in the Burgundian design. Persuading the greatest flavor and shading from the red grapes of Burgundy requires a quite certain arrangement of winemaking parameters. What’s more, when those procedures are connected to Cabernet Sauvignon, the outcomes can be shocking.

    ELEVAGE: year and a half in barrel, 75% new French Oak

    Tasty and tempting, in a luxurious sort of way. Lavish fragrances of framboise, cinnamon stick, salted caramel and toffee. The sense of taste twirls with supple tannins, delicious dull organic products, new split pepper, ready plums, broiled marshmallow, and a magnificent mouth-covering complete that appears to continue endlessly and on. Drink now through 2035


    Question and Answer

    1. Is there wine tasting available on this winery? Yes, they have private wine tasting and if there’s an interested to visit, just inform them ahead of time.
    2. Are they accepting walk in? Yes, they accept walk-in clients, but to avoid un attend visit just give them a call ahead of time just to make sure.


    Final Thoughts:

    Ted will in general age his wines somewhat longer than numerous makers and therefore marginally more seasoned vintages are now and then accessible at the tasting room.


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