Napa Wine Train Tickets

Napa Wine Train Tickets

All on board the most extraordinary important approach to encounter Napa Valley’s impeccable landscape and best wines—the Napa Valley Wine Train. The completely operational antique prepare is controlled by two adjusted 1950s-time motors that keep running on an eco-accommodating blend of gaseous petrol and diesel fuel. The trains pull vintage autos that have been repaired to their unique grandness, including rich points of interest like cleaned metal accents, mahogany framing, and scratched glass allotments. For newcomers, the Napa Valley Wine Train prides itself on submerging supporters in its old-school climate.


The Napa Valley Wine Train surrenders an unwinding up three-hour, thirty-six-mile round-trip travel from the striking town of Napa, through one of the world’s most amazing wine valleys to the stunning town of St. Helena, and back.

The Napa Valley Wine Train starts its meander at the McKinstry Street Station in Napa. The Train by then sets out north to St. Helena, where they get ready secludes from the north-bound side of the Train and reconnects toward the south-bound side of the Train totally expecting the section travel. Beginning at now, the Napa Valley Wine Train stops at various spaces relying upon the region of the week. Visitors are on an incredibly principal level permitted to get together at these locales in the event that they have pre-expanded one of the Winery Tours.

Visitors on board the Wine Train welcome a routinely built lunch or supper inside a completely reestablished 1915-1917 Pullman Dining Car or 1952 Vista Dome auto as they pass the vineyards and wineries of Napa Valley. You almost have the choice of pre-getting a winery visit.


Grgich Hills Winery Tour

Grgich Winery Tour (ages 21+) $206.00

 Gourmet Lunch

Ticket info /hours
Monday – Thursday $146.00
Friday-Sunday $166.00

Gourmet Dinner

Monday – Thursday $159.00
Friday-Sunday $139.00

Vista Dome Dinner

Monday – Thursday $214.00
Friday-Sunday $234.00

San Francisco Connection ~ Lunch Add-on

Per Person $80.00

6-Hour Quattro Vino Dining Experience and Winery Tour $ 378.28

What You Can Expect 1013 Car at Robert Mondavi Winery Getting Started Sparkling wine sets the state of mind. A cinnamon-harsh cream biscuit, Greek yogurt smoothie, and exquisite frittata with chive hollandaise get your voyage under way. Close by you, a private gathering of voyaging friends, on the way to your wine revelation. Furthermore, unforeseen associations en route. The Winery A private voyage through a 100% domain developed, the reasonably cultivated winery is your first stop. The Napa Green Certified St. Supery Estate Vineyards and Winery makes soak moving progress high in the northeastern piles of Napa Valley. Get a bird’s-eye-perspective of the winemaking procedure. What’s more, example their praised full-bodied, strong Cabernet Sauvignon and unmistakable Sauvignon Blanc.

Question and Answer

1. Are those tours include food?. All wine tours include a multiple-course gourmet meal freshly prepared on board but vary in their winery tour options.

2. Are those tickets are too expensive?. Not that too expensive but its all worth it.


Only an hour from one of the biggest metropolitan zones in the United States, the Napa Valley Wine Train in California distills the substance of the wine nation into a solitary day of winning, eating, and riding through the farmland on an old-fashioned prepare. All wine visits incorporate a various course gourmet feast crisply arranged on board yet differ in their winery visit alternatives. Gourmands may like to ride ceaselessly for three hours for a continuous prepare eating venture, while wine devotees may pick a five-hour alternative that stops at tasting rooms of well-known wineries en route.


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