napa valley wine train san francisco

The Napa Valley Wine Train San Francisco

Have you wished you could remain in downtown San Francisco and appreciate such an excess of energizing city brings to the table, yet then be whisked away for a debauched day in a standout amongst the most significant and lovely winemaking areas in the world? Take this fair voyage where you don’t need to stress over how to arrive, where to eat, or what to do. This visit has the best of Napa and Sonoma Valleys achieved. So, in case your planning your next trip from San Francisco to Napa, well NapaValley wine train is an ideal choice!


Napa Valley Wine Train takes you a round-trip outing to St. Helena and back, halting at praised wineries en route. However, it’s more than a prepare. It’s a richly vintage setting. A vibrant, entrancing scene. A celestial four-course supper. Elite insider winery visits. A close shared ordeal. Therefore, the Napa Valley Wine Train will give you the most exciting and extraordinary experience while traveling and enjoying the wine scenes by train!

The Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine prepare has visited more than a million guests in the area since starting their service in the year 1989. Instead of drive and visit different wineries- – the Napa Valley Wine prepare offers a vintage railroad encounter joined with nourishment and wines.

The preparation is “relentless” except if you pick one of the visits accessible of two particular wineries at noon. The prepare goes along Highway 29 and the first winery street and serves an assortment of wines from the area including constrained creation and “elusive” neighborhood wines. You can see the region from the solace of a rail mentor and not stress over assigned drivers until the point that you get off the prepare. We experimented with the prepare’s evening voyage.

In the evening time rendition of the Napa Valley, Wine Train may not boost the fun that a wine prepare can offer. Around evening time – it’s hard to see anything – you could be anyplace. That said – the food was high quality – the administration was excellent – and the experience was unique. In any case, the cost for supper influences you to ponder whether the best end Napa eatery may be a superior utilization of your cash. On specific ends of the week, they also offer a kids’ auto where your kids can appreciate supper and motion pictures while you have a romantic night on the prepare.

There is typically no charge for kids; however, the will just guardians pay. They prescribe the daytime wine trains if you appreciate old railways. But the night form did not give many perspectives of the wine nation. Remember – the wine prepare offers limited chances to pick wineries or wine through the voyages through two particular wineries- – however is a pleasant method to spend the day.

Their Winery Excursion

Grgich Hills visit

You will eat on the prepare in transit up the valley; land at Grgich and appreciate an hour-long visit and tasting. You will rejoin the prepare which has proceeded up valley without you when it makes is a southward adventure, again halting at the Grgich to get the visit travelers. They at that point appreciate dessert for the most recent hour of the prepare ride back to Napa.

Domaine Chandon visit

It is comparable, except for that travelers appreciate just about a full circuit on the prepare voyaging from Napa to St.Helena and back, halting at Yountville to permit these visit to start. Those travelers take transport up the slope to the winery, appreciate an hour visit and tasting and afterward take transportation back to the Napa station touching base around an hour after the preparation.

Minister visit

The visitors start by riding the Wine Train up to the pivot point of Saint Helena and afterward withdraw the Valley until the end that the wine train stops at Grgich Hills. The trip visitors at that point board an engine mentor and transported to both Raymond Vineyards and ZD Wines, and complete the tour at the Wine Train station.


  1. How much does it cost in joining this wine tour? It depends on the trip
  2. Should I need to set an appointment before joining in this Napa Valley Wine Train? Yes, of course, you should.
  3. How long does it take the train tour? It depends on the wine tour


Leave your stresses—and your auto—behind when you visit Napa Valley using auto-free Bay Area service with these Napa Valley Wine Train San Francisco. Go along with for a lunch trip or remain for a small scale get-away. Appreciate Napa without designating a driver—they will take you securely to and from the different wine country. Napa Valley Wine Train and it’s effortlessly open from San Francisco is a right decision. View the San Francisco horizon from another point of view, unwind, and leave the exploring to us as you transported to the Napa Valley Wine Train Station in time for one of our many trips and visits.



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