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The Napa Wine Tours

Base on today’s generation NAPA challenged other reputable winery around the world with the title “Best among the best” when it comes to wine production. Napa Valley was known as the best production and outstanding reputation quality of wine around the region. When it comes to wine registration club, Napa is the best choice among the others, they actually deliver each bottle of wine directly to your door. They have been unstoppable in business for almost 30 years producing the quality of wine; you can actually see their club in every corner of California.






Our Team

Napa Valley Winery Exchange is located in downtown San Francisco finest wine store. We are walking distance of over 5,000 hotel rooms and we are proud to say that our store is the perfect destination when you visit San Francisco. We are also 90 min. away from the world’s famous Napa Valley. That’s way if there’s a new project or news we hear it first and we are able to pass this knowledge to our valuable customers.

Napa Valley Winery Exchange has been featured in different shows like:

  • –          The Wine Spectator
  • –          Gourmet
  • –          Bon Appetit
  • –          Food and Wine
  • –          Decanter
  • –          The San Francisco Chronicle
  • –          Qantas in-flight magazine
  • –          In-flight magazine of Japan Airlines







A person’s behind the Success of Napa Valley Winery Exchange:

Donald Gillette

Senior Wine Specialist

Donald Gillette one of the reasons why Napa Valley Winery Exchange Created, he is a wine specialist that time and he reviled that he start selling wines during flood around 1972 in Santa Barbara. Donald says that he spends most of his time on his fence try to make wine reach the highest quality wine. And proud to say that they sell wines around the world and learned to appreciate the best example from Europe’s appellation. And in 1988 he starts to sold small production California Wines exclusively.


Kristen Leonardini

Wine Sales

One of the Pioneer employees of Napa were Kristen Leonardini is. She used to enjoy the pairing of wine in each first courses. Kristen is one of the Wine specialists, she practically knows whether the wine is good or bad. She simply tastes and smells just to check the quality of the wine. Kristen believes that there’s always a place for each family was the wine is. That’s why wine is always there in every table of each family or even family gathering.


Chandler Pessah

Cellar Manager

Chandler is naturally born in San Francisco resided around Bay Area. After he finished his study he immediately looks for a job and decided to start his career in one of the wineries “Whitehall Lane Winery” in Saint Helena and later on immediately change into Napa Valley Winery Exchange from there he started to explore and learn about California wines to start my own label.



Their top selling wines are Chardonnay or Cabernet.  To those wine lover and wine, enthusiasm doesn’t hesitate to join their club a 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a reasonable price featuring Napa red blends and Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and the good thing they offering lots of freebies on their first shipment when you sign up.

Now, let’s explore the exciting benefits when you sign up on Napa Valley Vine Club.

The Following benefits when you sign up on their Club Membership:

  • Ø  15% off pricing on all club wine re-orders.
  • Ø  Customizable options available
  • Ø  No charge to join
  • Ø  You May Cancel anytime
  • Ø  Our own expert tasting notes included in all shipments


Bulk Order Promo

12 Picks Club

  • Every quarter 1  case containing (12 bottles)
  • Assorted of red and White wines
  • Cost of $250 – $300 per Shipment ( plus Shipping fee)

Join Now


Club Chardonnay

  • every quarter 1  case containing (12 bottles)
  • Chardonnay – Compose of rare and new
  • A cost of $300 – $400 per shipment plus Shipping fee

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High Rollers Cabernet

  • every quarter received Six bottle
  • Cabernet which is all high end- Compose of rare and new
  • A cost of $350 – $500 per shipment plus Shipping fee

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Monthly Marvels

  • 2 bottles per month
  • One white wine and red wine- Compose of rare and new
  • $74.95 for every shipment ( shipping fee included)
  • Reds only option
  • Deluxe option also available

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Pinot Noir

  • 6 Bottles per quarter
  • Pinot Noir- Single vineyard and small production gems
  • $275 – $35 every shipment and additional shipping fee.


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Question and Answer (Q&A)

  1.   Is it advisable to buy wines in Napa Winery Exchange? Yes, because Napa itself is located within the area of California and no shipping cost is needed to travel this.
  2.   Is it an advantage to each customer when you are a member? Yes, since there are a lot of freebies are given away every successful sign-up.
  3.  Are they complete in all kind of wine and sparkles? Yes guaranteed complete.



Napa Valley Winery Exchange is highly recommended especially when you are situated around the vicinity of San Francisco since they very need on their winery. You can visit their site so you can see how each wine made to perfection just to meet the satisfaction of each customer and make sure that their wine will be the star of each occasion. Each meal is incomplete without a glass of wine specially made by Napa Valley Winery Exchange. Donald Gillette is the persons behind of their success. Donald has been conducting different research just to make each wine meet the best quality that the customer should have. Because Donald believes that wine must be the start and should be included in every occasion or even simple family gathering.


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