The Napa Valley Wine Train Video

The Napa Valley Wine Train Video

It may appear platitude to state that the Napa Valley Wine Train is more than the whole of its parts; however, it is. Part particular Napa Valley fine feasting eatery. Part historical center, it’s include of impeccably and loyally reestablished old mid 20th century Pullman autos. Part travel, to a portion of California’s most praised wineries.

With its Honduran mahogany framing, metal accents, carved glass parcels, and extravagant rockers, the Wine Train additionally inspires the exquisite magnificence long periods of extravagance prepare travel of the mid-nineteen hundreds. You get the chance to sit back, unwind, and enjoy each tasty nibble, all of the remarkable landscape, each taste, and visit. There are heaps of approaches to investigate Napa Valley. This one is an ordeal you will always remember.


Each excursion on board The Wine Train is extraordinary, yet some days and occasions call for additional exceptional treatment. Get going to play a part in celebrating events more than ever or make a typical day exceptional with a little secret or sentiment.

A Tour is a 6-hours revelation through a large scene. Take within a track to probably the most commended winemaking families in Napa. Three of the most special visits investigate the enduring inheritance, the craft of winemaking, and perhaps the wealthiest wine domains in Napa Valley.


Onboard Cuisine

New neighborhood delivers, now and again even conveyed by ranchers to the indirect access. Unrivaled nearby meats. Biologically protected and practical fish. Occasional menus arranged in little kitchens that are continually moving. The Wine Train isn’t just a visit that offers sustenance. It’s a gourmet eatery that serves excellent California cooking. It merely happens to push its way through the marvelous Napa Valley while you enjoy it.

Full Day Winery Tours

The Napa  Wine Train takes you on a thirty-six-mile round-trip disclosure to St. Helena and back, halting at praised wineries en route. Be that as it may, it’s more than a prepare. It’s an extravagantly vintage setting. A vibrant, entrancing scene. An awesome four-course dinner. Restrictive insider winery visits. A personally shared ordeal. A portion of the spots we take you to can’t be found on a guide.

Private Reserve Dinners

Meet and great winemakers, appreciate gourmet California cooking combined with curated wines, and get an off-camera to take a gander at the craft of winemaking—all with you not leaving the solace of The  Train’s Private railcar. This is only a delightful taste of what you can envision amid our Meet the Maker Private Reserve Dinners.

The Route

Situated in Northern California around fifty miles upper east of San Francisco and about sixty miles west of Sacramento, the Napa is one of the best wine developing locales on the planet. What’s more, the Napa Wine Train’s course runs directly through it. Initially, a railway worker in the year 1864 to tour guests north to the resort town of Calistoga. The Wine Train is 3 hours, thirty six-mile trip travel from  St. Helena to Napa and back.

In the wake of boarding the prepare at the McKinstry Street Station, visitors travel through the old modern area of Napa, crossing the Urban-Rural Limit Line around ten minutes into the excursion. At that point it’s only the dynamite view of first wine nation, the celebrated around the world rural save of Napa, past the absolute most precious and renowned ranch land in the country, and through the beguiling towns of Yountville, Oak Knoll, Rutherford, and Oakville.


  1. Can I get married on board? Of course yes, just book your date on them and they will do the rest.
  2. Is this a whole day tour? Well, it depends just ask the operator for inquiries.
  3. Is this tour affordable? Yes, your money won’t go to waste if you invest in this tour. It is perfect!


All on board the most novel paramount approach to encounter Napa entire landscape and best wines—the  Wine Train. The wholly equipped antique prepare is controlled by two altered 1950 in time motors that kept running on an eco-accommodating blend of flammable gas and diesel fuel. The trains pull vintage autos that have been renovated to their unique greatness, including lavish subtle elements like mahogany framing, scratched glass allotments and cleaned metal accents.


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