napa valley wine bike tour

The Napa Valley Wine Bike Tour

If you a travel-goal person alike, perhaps, Napa Valley is an ideal place for you to begin with. Why? Napa Valley offers you food and wine getaway, an open-air experience, and a multi-day exploration in different wine locals. Remain fully informed regarding all events in California wine nation. Outstanding amongst other approaches to appreciate Napa Valley’s wineries, beautiful sceneries and a touch of outside air is were the bicycle wine tours has to offer! You have the alternative of going up against the byways trails or enjoying a lackadaisical ride to visit a few wineries, both of which make for an energizing way to encounter the best of Napa Valley. So, if you are looking for the best tours in Napa, consider this insider information on where to discover bicycle rentals, which are best courses and other data that will enable you to make the most of your Napa Valley Bike Tour.


We all know that people love to explore different wineries in Napa. They even sometimes setting an appointment in Napa’s best wine tours which are done by riding in a limo, bus, or even a wine train. However, have you ever try to explore wineries using a bicycle? Riding in a bicycle is a fun experience, you’ll have a more prominent thankfulness for your surroundings as you investigate Napa’s moving green slopes, its homestead fields with munching domesticated animals, and, obviously, the miles of vineyards. As opposed to speeding past in your vehicle, you’ll have the capacity to connect the greater part of your faculties; breath noticeable all around, touches the earth and savor the unfathomable number of views from every vantage point.

There’s no compelling reason to stress in case you’re not a devoted or standard cyclist. Why? Since you’ll discover a lot of Napa Valley bicycle visits that are comfortable and winding, with loads of stops for wine and something else. Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for a more serious ride you’ll see that too. There’s no better way to investigate the valley than on a bike, particularly if you can go to different wineries to unwind with a shower and a sit by the fire in one of the lovely rooms.

Getaway Adventures 

Sip and Cycle to Calistoga and Carneros


These are a most well known day trip and are just kept running in the calmest and most amicable parts of the Napa. This tours emphasis the calmer parts of the Napa Valley. You can ride along the calmness, grand and low movement country paths to littler family-owned wineries. Offering visits all through the valley, they can enable you to create the best visit for the best wine nation encounter. Push through Calistoga where you’ll appreciate compliment landscape, mountains embracing your side as you pedal to a portion of the exceptional, family claimed wineries in this interesting Northern Napa Valley town. In case you’re interested in investigating the southern end, look at the Napa Sip n Cycle. It’s a Burgundian write atmosphere where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the prevailing grapes. Its closeness to San Pablo Bay makes it cooler and once in a while breezy and even somewhat foggy. A couple of mellow ascensions however the totally open views make this ride worth the additional exertion. Bicycle wine tours additionally offer 4 and multi-day cycling trips, kayaking, and concealed winery van visits.

Trek Travel

California Wine Country: Calistoga to Healdsburg


This is the granddaddy of Napa Valley bicycle wine tours, extending from Napa distance into Sonoma. Perfect for the recreational rider, you’ll navigate a sum of 165 miles weaving your way from Calistoga to Healdsburg through the span of six days. In spite of the fact that your excursion is organized for greatest fun, this Trek Travel bicycle visits are intended to permit you loads of flexibility to investigate without anyone else or unwind amid an evening rest or outing to the spa at the at the Mount View Hotel in Calistoga. Tasting visits will happen at a portion of the litter, uncommon wineries in the area including Summit Lake Vineyards and Winery, a genuine family-claimed winery settled somewhere down in the slopes of Howell Mountain where the wines are named after the proprietor’s grandkids. Every day incorporates no less than one supper, and you’re allowed to investigate the district’s best eateries for the rest. Visit Trek’s site to see the whole agenda.

The Classic Napa Valley Bike Tour


This wine bike tours is an extraordinary wine tour you will discover. You’ll voyage along following an approachable and skilled tour leader on this mark valley wine visit. Going visits go through a portion of the locale’s most remarkable vineyards including the Andretti Winery and the main vineyards on the Luna Vineyards. In spite of the fact that last agendas are set 5-6 days ahead of time, you can reach the workplace prior to your visit to ensure that none of the vineyards you have just visited will be copied amid your ride. Appreciate a crisp provided food excursion dine at a winery, or sitting above the vineyards.

Napa Valley Bike Tours

Biking In the Vineyards


These Bike Tours are the most famous and outstanding amongst other approaches to appreciate Napa Valley. You will be joining in a private gathering that consists of 2 visitors or less which are facilitated by their learned tour leaders. Delicately moving by wonderful vistas, investigating boutique wineries on a Napa bicycle tour, you encounter subtleties that are missed when in an engine vehicle. Feathered creatures singing, the outside air, the sky above, there are numerous reasons why you cherish bicycling in this area. The Bike Tours are comfortable occasions that normal 3-6 miles between 2 winery visits. The pace is obliged visitors, not cyclists. They also tend to center around little creation Wineries, where wine is made for energy over benefit. This gives visitors the chance to find out about wine from specialists in the business. The Napa Valley is a standout amongst the most prestigious bicycling goals on the planet. It is included routinely in bicycling productions around the globe.

Calistoga Bikeshop

The Wine Tours


The Calistoga Bikeshop has a full bicycle retail service, rental and visit supplier in Calistoga. This bike shop opens in the ordinary day from 10 AM -6 PM. having a made-to-order Napa bicycle wear and an entire index of items. The Calistoga Bikeshop can deal from a full administration warm-up to providing you a set of your own particular bicycle voyage through Napa. Investigate the calm and peaceful another side of Napa Valley with its beguiling littler wineries through bicycle. The tours also select Calistoga Cool Wine Tour is an independently directed wine visit that is customized actually to you. They have a whole armada of one of a kind rental bicycles in all styles and size that you can save for your tour to Napa.

In this way, If you are searching for a one of a kind way to get dynamic while in the Napa Valley, while as yet attempting some awesome wines, well, I suggest considering a bicycle wine tour. Regardless of whether independently directed or with a gathering, biking through this wine country and investigating the district and its numerous trails makes for an incredible half or entire day experience.


  1. How many hours did the bicycle wine tours offer? It depends on the wine tour you choose. Some offer 2-3 hours visiting wineries and some are not.
  2. Do they include lunch? Yes. It was included in their services you pay.
  3. Do I need to set an appointment to go there? Yes of course!

Final Comment

Napa Valley bicycle wine tours are an affair worth having when you visit the zone. You’ll appreciate getting out in the natural air and daylight, meeting other Napa Valley voyagers, and getting a one of a kind interpretation of vineyard visits. Napa Valley by bike additionally offers a neighborhood’s views of the region, as cycling is a prevalent leisure activity. Thus, If you’re searching for an alternate method to encounter Napa Valley, it may be the case that you have to swap your four-wheeled transportation for two wheels. What’s more, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or experienced cyclist, Napa Valley bicycle visits offer open-air fans, who likewise happen to be wine sweethearts, the chance to drench themselves in this area in a radically new manner.





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