Napa Valley Quilt Wines

Napa Valley Quilt Wines

Drawing from an interwoven of six prime Napa Valley AVAs to make full-bodied, rich, and wanton wines, Quilt epitomizes the great structure of wines from the district, while the mixing of the natural product from an assortment of vineyards enables the wines to keep up greater unpredictability and a superior style consistency from vintage to vintage.

Joe Wagner, proprietor, and administrator of Copper Cane Wines and Provisions possesses the Quilt brand of wines. Wagner’s logic in collapsing the Quilt name into his arrangement of one of a kind wine brands (Belle Glos, Elouan, Beran, Böen, Carne Humana, and Steorra) was to speak to “Napa Valley as a benchmark area for magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay”. What’s more, he did.


Cabernet Sauvignon

A consistent mix of crème de cassis, hazelnut, cocoa, blackberry jam, scorched meat, and blackberry pie alongside indications of dull licorice, stewed rhubarb, strawberry, zest, and vanillin. Rich and fulfilling kinds of dim chocolate, yogurt, molasses, darker sugar and rhubarb notes displayed in idealizing adjust with higher-conditioned natural product accentuation.


Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Full-bodied and supple, with dull berry organic product, strawberry and plum, vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut cream. Notes of exquisite red and dark organic product, a trace of stogie box, chocolate, caramel, and anise were interlaced with exuberant acridity and rich, velvet tannins controlled forward. Adjusted with a lot of structure and a waiting, supply complete, the Quilt Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 is uncommon.



Smells of ready pears, simmered almonds, buttered toast, nectar, lychee, jasmine blooms, crisply washed stream rock, lemon pizzazz. Kinds of heated apple with a vanilla sprinkle, pineapple-mango cream, buttered toast, salty popcorn and lemon curd with notes of nectarine and cantaloupe. Balanced and complex, this medium-bodied wine from the Carneros locale has a place on your table at whatever point you serve a rich pasta dish, velvety cheeses, or your most loved meal chicken.

Question and Answer

  1. Is this Brand of wine is expensive?, Not that much. It’s still enough to buy and taste.
  2. Is this wine available in local stores?. Not all stores have this kind of wine you can order online.


The name, Quilt, is similarly as alluring as the wines. From the sky, Napa Valley vineyards in six regarded areas (Oakville, St. Helena, Calistoga, Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, and Coombsville) seem, by all accounts, to be interwoven of terroir, one that reminds anybody sufficiently fortunate to see it from above, of a striking bedcover. Those six vineyards regions deliver grapes found in the staggering wines, extraordinary Napa Valley cases of the exemplary structure and multifaceted nature revered by so many. The Napa family blend, Quilt brings together a portion of the best AVA’s in the district including Oakville, St. Helena, Atlas Peak, Coombsville, Calistoga and Howell Mountain. This mix weds the rich tastiness of Cabernet Sauvignon with a contort. On the nose, cocoa, creme de cassis and anise. In the mouth, cocoa, complex natural products with a superbly long and vital wrap-up.



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