napa technology wine station price

The Napa Technology Wine Station Price

As we all know, the Napa Technology WineStation uses part and temperature controls to help dispense with misfortune, increment income and upgrade the client encounter by conveying crisp wines each time. So, if you want to learn more about this Napa Technology WineStation, you should stick to this article to find more best WineStation and its price for you to include in your wine list!


Nowadays, dispensers are becoming trending news certain wine lovers, enthusiast and even wine expert as well. Indeed, Napa Technology WineStation becomes the leading wine dispenser throughout the world.

How does it work?

This can be incorporated with cabinetry, or remain solitary – with four jug gushes and a simple to utilize CleanPour apportioning top that is uncommonly simple to set on a takeoff. Though the wine containers are not “bolted” into the agency, you can undoubtedly change out jugs without avoiding a hit. The part includes a thermo-electric freezing framework with variable temperature control — interpretation: quiet task. How about their metal plate? It slides into the middle enabling you to make the unit double zone, so you can part your reds and whites. Utilizing your decision of Nitrogen gas, and Argon, this wine by the glass framework will keep your wine safeguarded impeccably for more than two months.

Best Ultra Premium Dispenser

Napa Technology WineStation Pristine PLUS ($5,000)


I believe, in this list, this is one the most costly WineStation include in this list. It is certain to keep your wine sampling in the same class as it did the first occasion when you opened it—even up to two months sometime later! The Napa Technology WineStation product is a gas relocation wine protecting framework that holds up to 4 bottles at once in a thermoelectric cooling framework. It also gives you eatery quality wine in your own particular home utilizing argon gas. To set up this framework, open it up utilizing the key, put your jugs inside with the removable heads set on each jug, and after that, you’re set.

Simply connect the framework to an outlet! This temperature-controlled wine allocator and preserver enable you to pick whether you need a taste, half glass, or full glass, with adaptable LED controls for each container on the front of the framework—you’ll never need to stress over bits until the end of time. There are even parental control locks to give you significantly more genuine feelings of serenity and guarantee your children are squandering vintage wine on their appallingly foul palates.

WineStation 3.0

Price: $349* multi-month


The WineStation 3.0 is a carefully outlined, computerized apportioning framework that precisely administers fine wines “by the ounce” while offering multi-day protection and temperature control. It can be used in either behind the bar to make compelling, productive activities or client confronting to give an extraordinary and improved wine drinking knowledge for both on and off-preface clients.


  • Argon gas conservation framework incorporates multi-day wine protection inside the unit and multi-day safeguarding when put away outside the unit.
  • Adaptable LCD screens feature wine data and estimating
  • Expandable to 100’s of jugs
  • Protected Clean-Pour apportioning heads keep wine new and takes into account quick jug changes
  • Thermo-electric cooling and temperature control framework
  • AccuServe Smartcards give simple task and control
  • Every unit contains space for 4 unique jugs
  • Three pour estimate choices: taste, half and a full glass (.25 – 8oz)

The SpiritStation


Napa Technology ventures into the computerized apportioning of spirits and clump mixed drinks with the presentation of the SpiritStation-the most current expansion to the item portfolio. The SpiritStation gives partition control, temperature control and is a delightful grandstand to flaunt top rack Whiskies, Bourbons, Tequilas and the sky is the limit from there.

With computerized and programmable pouring choices, eateries, bars, and clubs can modify their administration in light of the requirements and requests of their business. While administrators are utilizing the innovation as self-benefit or actualizing the programmed charging to a lodging room key, it can likewise be utilized to give predictable and directed pours of wine, spirits and bunch mixed drinks.


  • High-resolution LCD shows
  • 3 Adaptable Pour Sizes Choices like its taste, shot, and double
  • Cutting edge Thermo Electric Cooling System
  • Dispensing Heads (4 Clean-Pour)
  • Double Safety Lock FeaturesDesigned

Dacor Discovery WineStation

Cost: $5,299


Dacor’s Discovery WineStation, presented this spring, is intended to transform the core of the home into the life of the gathering, apportioning a taste, a half glass or a full glass of your most loved red and white wines at the pinch of a finger. The temperature controlled hardened steel WineStation shows and apportions fine wines, keeping the Merlot or Chardonnay tasting similarly as the vintner proposed for up to 60 days, even subsequent to opening. Incorporated with cabinetry or unattached on the counter, the four jug WineStation has an LCD screen and contact control boards that show wine assortments, vintages, temperature settings and pouring volume.


  • 4-Bottle Capacity
  • Thermo-Electric Cooling System
  • LCD Controls
  • Apportioning System
  • Parental Control Locking Door


  1. Are the item establishments non‐destructive, or will they require expensive pipes, waste and wellbeing office consistency? WineStation is the primary fully‐functional wine administering framework. This “plug‐and‐play” unit can be operational in minutes, with zero build‐out.
  2. Will the item obviously show the wine data on LCD screens (over each jug)? It gives you very obvious, controllable LCD screens where you can oversee everything from wine data, temperature settings, and pour estimate volumes.


The WineStation is a demonstrated asset for enhancing the benefit of any wine program in eatery, friendliness and stimulation situations. Foods and refreshment directors list these among the advantages of Napa Technology’s WineStation: Two months (60-day) safeguarding, staff and self administration applications, computerized controlled pouring choices, programmable LCD show, full suite of administration announcing, party time evaluating usefulness, volume and day and age controls, zero form out plan, NSF and UL ensured, and the WineStation is made in the US.



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