The Napa Technology Wine Station Manual

The Napa Technology Wine Station Manual

The WineStation is the world’s most progressive, mechanized, estimated administering and conservation arrangement. Napa Technology has consolidated best in class innovation, business insight, exquisite style, and convenience into a broadness of business arrangements. The licensed Clean-Pour sterile apportioning innovation with its one of a kind seal and cleanse conveyance will give a winery crisp taste each time for a time of 60 days. This component enables you to safeguard and deal with the item viable and mainly.


The AccuServe Software Management Suite furnishes you and your business with the instruments and revealing essential to oversee and develop your business gainfully. Be guaranteed that the pledge to supporting your business with savvy arrangements goes well past the deal. They make progress toward prevalent consumer loyalty and auspicious, successful help.

Important Warning and Safety Instruction

  • Read all directions are previously utilizing this item.
  • NEVER unplug your WineStation by just pulling the power string. Continuously grasp the fitting solidly and haul it straight out from the outlet.
  • Unplug your WineStation or kill control at the electrical switch or wire box before cleaning, parts substitution or repairs.
  • Overhauling must be performed by a qualified administration proficient.
  • Try not to store or utilize fuel or other combustible vapors and fluids in the region of this or some other machine.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from contact with the moving parts. Try not to put fingers or hands into the jug sound get together to determine potential issues to have the WineStation.
  • Just to be introduced in areas where its establishment and support is confined to the prepared workforce.
  • The WineStation must be put in a vertical position.

Unpacking and Installing your WineStation(s)

Note: It is suggested that you source two barrels, and dependably keep a full chamber. On location as a reinforcement. This will enable you to supplant the chambers when required rapidly, without waiting for the gas organization to convey another one.

  • Install the gas regulator provided tightly into the gas cylinder. Hand-tighten securely, then complete connection with a wrench. Do not over tighten, for easy removal and replacement.  
  • Verify that the black O-ring on the threaded gas regulator nipple is in good condition (not cracked, torn or worn out).
  • Plug the other end of the (straight line) gas tubing onto the gas regulator.
  • Plug one end of the gas tubing into the connector at the back of the WineStation. For stations of 8 bottles or more, first, plug the “F”-Shaped connector(s) into the back of the WineStations, and then, plug the straight line tubing into the open end of the “F”-Shaped connector.
  • Check the reading on both regulator gauges. For a full cylinder, the high-pressure gauge should read about 2,000 PSI, and the low-pressure gauge should read 35-45 PSI.
  • Turn gas tank valve open all the way.

Power on the WineStation

  • Turn the power switch on in the front of the unit, located under the spout cover. Switch up for on, or all the way down for off.
  • You will find the power brick extending from the back of the WineStation, and the power cord required for proper operation, stored inside the WineStation cabinetry.

Cleaning and Care

  • Submerge the tips of the spouts in a glass with warm water as required, to clean any outstanding drops that may have amassed at the tip of the spouts. Do this frequently toward the finish of every day.
  • Just utilize a sodden fabric with Soap and Water or a gentle treated steel cleaner on the Stainless Cabinetry. Stay away from cruel cleaners and Windex on every single impeccable component. Glass cleaners can be utilized on the glass of the entryway.

Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions

Terms of Warranty

Napa Technology will work with the Purchaser to distinguish the reason for a specific issue with the WineStation frameworks. On the off chance that it is resolved that a section substitution is required, Napa in Technology will give a new part. The Technology will pay costs for shipment of repaired or substitution items to Purchaser. Buyer will provide all work required to either expel the blemished part from the framework or to supplant the small part with another or renovated part. Buyer will pay costs for the return of small part or parts to be repaired to Napa Technology.

Napa Technology will send a Technician Service on location to supplant the deficient part if the Labor Warranty is as yet legitimate or if a Parts and Labor Extended Warranty has been obtained. On the off chance that it is esteemed that the issue is a client utilization issue or a none administration issue, there will be an administration charge of $149 for the first hour and $129 for each extra hour, including travel time. If it is resolved that product investigation or a product refresh is required, Purchaser will give Napa Technology designing remote access to the WineStations to empower investigating and confirmation of programming refreshes.


Guarantee does not have any significant bearing if the equipment, item or programming or some other gear whereupon the product is approved by Napa Technology or its providers or licensors to be utilized (a) has been harmed through mishandle or carelessness or coincidentally, (b) has been modified aside from by an approved Napa Technology agent, (c) has been subjected to unusual physical or electrical pressure (i.e., lightning strike) or irregular ecological conditions, (d) has been lost or harmed in travel, or (e) has not been introduced, worked, repaired or kept up as per directions given by Napa Technology. The guarantee will apply just to those items that are marked by Napa Technology with a Napa Valley’s Technology trademark. Napa Technology does not warrant any outsider items regardless of whether included with Napa Technology Branded Products.


  1. Who will install this wine machine? You should ask help from the producer.
  2. Can I buy this online? Yes, just check their website for more details.
  3. Who will clean it? There is an instruction manual attached, or you can ask for professional help.


Napa Technology protected Clean and Pour Dispensing Head innovation configuration, kills the requirement for chaotic interior tubing making the WineStation the most sterile mechanized administering framework on the planet. The NSF endorsed Clean and Pour Dispensing head and sans BPA gets tubes to supplant the stopper, and since wine never goes through the structure itself, it does not need requirement for citrus cleansing, and the Clean-Pour Dispensing heads require minimal much warmer water wash to keep up.



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