mulled wine train napa

The Mulled Wine Train Napa

Since the wine train offers a package that gives a whole arrangement to your wine visit. Likewise, it also provides wine sampling, different course gourmet supper, and a pondered wine as well. Wine train similarly incorporates an elite appointment and wine sampling at one of the exceptional accomplice wineries. In this way, the wine train gives you unwinding as you transport you to and from the wineries and through the Valley with consistent exchanges which incorporate your most loved wines!


An excellent train ride loaded up with streaming wine, superb eating, and a perspective of the civilized Napa Valley wine nation. Wine sampling bundles and arrangements keep running for a couple of hundred dollars with the guarantee of visiting noteworthy châteaux, tasting wine from a few distinct vineyards, gourmet foods, and even a solving issues in their “Murder on the Wine Express” a kind of murder-puzzle bundle, in which travelers are urged to dress the part, Westworld-style. The train comprised of authentic top of the line rail mentors worked in 1915 that run throughout the entire year.

Investigate the Napa Valley Wine Train

Highlighted Experiences in Napa Wine Train

A trek through Napa Valley is commonly best combined with a portion of the best wines on the planet. In any case, following a couple of days on a consistent eating regimen of pinot noir and chardonnay (and that’s just the beginning), you may normally want to change to something somewhat sudsier. All things considered, it turns out the prestigious wine district just got somewhat more lager cordial, with the dispatch of a stellar new bear-centered fascination this summer.

  • Bounce Hop Train: Beer before Bordeaux. Jars before plugs. A sudden curve on your wine nation encounter.
  • Visit the Trefethen Vineyard: Take a dusk travel into the core of Napa Valley, and find the honor winning wines of Trefethen Family Vineyards.
  • Santa Clause Train: Napa Valley is for the youthful and the youthful on the most fundamental level. Go along with us for a voyage toward the North Pole. Moreover, children will also be going to love this Santa Wine Train that offers different events during the tour.

About their Wine Tours

Entire Day Winery Tours

The Train will take you on a 36-mile round-trip revelation to St. Helena and going back, ceasing at commended wineries en route. In any case, it’s in excess of a prepare. It’s a richly vintage scenery. A rich, hypnotizing scene. A celestial four-course supper. Elite insider winery visits. A cozy shared affair.

Take with a Private Reserve Dinners

These Private Reserve Dinners, you can meet the commended winemakers, appreciate gourmet California food combined with curated wines, and get an off-camera to take a gander at the craft of making wine. This is only a heavenly taste of what you can envision amid their Meet the Maker Private Reserve Winemaker Dinners.

Locally available Cuisine

New nearby deliver, some of the time even conveyed by ranchers to the secondary passage. Predominant nearby meats. Environmentally sheltered and maintainable fish. Occasional menus arranged in little kitchens that are always moving. The Wine Train isn’t just a visit that offers nourishment. It’s a gourmet eatery that serves fine California cooking. It simply happens to move its way through the terrific Napa Valley while you enjoy it.

Things you can consider at Napa Valley Wine Train

  • A gourmet eatery

Despite the fact that the excitement of the ride is a gigantic piece of the experience, the prepare is principally a moving gourmet eatery with a changing regular menu including crisp nearby fixings arranged in the prepare’s three completely operational kitchens.

  • Youngsters are welcome on the Napa Valley Wine Train

Don’t hesitate to incorporate your entire family on your prepare trip! The Silverado auto is ideal for a child amicable lunch since it is the most easygoing auto on the prepare, so you can unwind with your family without intruding on visitors who look for a more upscale affair. The auto’s outdoors windows give an eye-getting all-encompassing perspective of the passing view as the prepare floats through the valley.

  • The prepare has extraordinary occasions for occasions

Special Occasions is the ideal event that you can consider when you are planning to have a wine tour at Napa Valley. For instance, Father’s Day is remarkable on board the Napa Valley Wine Train. You can book a trip for your father on one of the antique Pullman heavyweight rail autos and make an exceptional family memory that your father won’t before long overlook. The Wine Train’s 3-hour Father’s Day Journey incorporates a numerous course gourmet dinner “with BBQ flare,” an appreciated taste of wine or lager, and a dedicatory half quart glass for fathers. Peruse their unique occasions page for more social occasions consistently.

  • Wineries visit around evening time

Napa Valley Wine Train also explore the wineries at night. Indeed, the explorers can appreciate the Napa Valley’s just “night-time winery visit” on the Evening Winery Tour which incorporates VIP access to one of the popular wineries like Grgich Hills Estate. The bequest will be open solely at that hour for Wine Train visitors, and after the visit, visitors will appreciate a different course gourmet dinner on board the prepare.

Questions and Answers

  1. Would I be able to expedite my pet the wine train visit? No, animals are not permitted in the said wine train visit
  2. Would I be able to pick my own particular sustenance? Since I have a specific sustenance hypersensitivity? Indeed. You don’t have to stress over the foods. Each they serve distinctive crisp products of the soil to arrange on board.


The Napa Valley Wine Train is a magnificent Napa eatery, keeping pace with other surely understood restaurants. Chill out, and appreciate a newly arranged, different course gourmet feast and watch the Napa Valley view relaxed go by from your seat. The gathering of vintage railcars has been completely reestablished to the quality of their noteworthy potential with Honduran mahogany and metal accents. The antique Train has three onboard kitchens, where an energetic culinary group gets ready new, California food, cooked to arrange for every visitor.


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