• Map of Santa Ynez Winery

    Map of Santa Ynez Winery

    While visiting, find the towns of Santa Ynez. You can utilize our printable guide to design your next excursion or simply get a cookout lunch and take off to our wineries. Unwind in the midst of the vines while taking in the antiquated oaks extending over delicately moving slopes.

    With a direct atmosphere, excellent view and quiet nation living, Santa Ynez Valley have turned into a wine sampling goal, not at all like some other.

    We trust you to make the most of your visit and try to include Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country to your perpetual rundown of superb excursions.

    In light of restricted space in some tasting rooms, bunches bigger than 6 individuals should call ahead for a reservation.


    Find for yourself what all the buzz is about. Taste our honor winning wines from the Santa Ynez Valley’s most imaginative wine creators.


    Arthur Earl

    Arthur Earl wines are produced using grapes developed on California’s Central Coast. This territory gives a plenitude of phenomenal producers who exploit each extraordinary atmosphere and soil blend to develop assortments reasonable for every vineyard. Craftsmanship is the winemaker and delivers little amounts of Rhône, Spanish and Northern Italian style wines and additionally Zinfandel. Craftsmanship’s red wines are huge, full-bodied, and natural product forward, while his whites are crisp, with a considerable measure of flavor, and simple to drink.


    Buttonwood Farm Winery

    Buttonwood Farm Winery is a little pearl set in the midst of the magnificence of Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley. Our tasting room spills out into a delightfully looked after garden, rich with indigenous plants, and named with outdoor tables and seats ideal for early afternoon suppers to be imparted to a jug of Buttonwood wine.

    Economically oversaw under the accomplished eye of vineyard administrator Armando Zepeda for as far back as 25 years, the vineyard gives a product of extraordinary quality. Care is made each stride of the path as winemaker Karen Steinwachs and her basement group decipher the nature of the organic product into wonderful hand-created wine; wine intended to be overwhelmed by sustenance; wine with maturing potential.

    Our winery was finished in time for the pulverizing of 1989. We currently deliver 8,500 instances of wine a year and, without a doubt, have an incredible time doing it. How might it be able to not be so given our terrific environment and the suitable winemaking climate of Santa Barbara County?


    Ca’ Del Gravino’s vineyards


    Ca’ Del Gravino’s vineyards were built up in the Santa Maria Valley of California in mid-2000. The land was beforehand a steers cultivate, anyway, it had every one of the qualities of an extraordinary wine bequest; moving slopes, differing small scale atmospheres and complex soil composes.

    The winery was composed with their Italian legacy and the one of a kind qualities of the vineyard at the top of the priority list. With no normal boundaries between the vineyard and the sea, the haze comes in openly to cool the vines during the evening, regularly staying for the duration of the morning and into late morning.

    The remarkable generation office benefits from the rise and uses the normal cooling of the earth, and its hollows.

    By utilizing delicate bushel presses, and also a gravity feed framework, the interesting qualities of the natural product can be caught.

    Both hardened steel and French oak barrels are accustomed to drawing out the trademark Ca’ Del Grevino artfulness and tastefulness, from each differing vineyard square.

    Today, Ca’ Del Grevino has a dream to make wines of the most astounding quality. The vineyard has been cultivated fastidiously, using manageable procedures, hand gathering, and hand arranging. To guarantee quality, the Grevino go is developed and packaged completely on the bequest.

    You will discover rich, organic product forward wines that can be appreciated today, without the need to age, or empty them. The products are lessened to incorporate just the most astounding quality organic product, yielding just 3 tons for each section of land. Contrast this with the extensive, business wineries that product 10, and now and then 15 tons for each section of land.

    Ca’ Del Grevino trusts that winemaking starts in the vineyard, and developing very much adjusted grapes results in an all-around adjusted wine.


    Dreamcôte Wine Co.

    Dreamcôte Wine Co. was conceived in 2012 as an innovative coordinated effort venture – an ideal world of sorts. Sit out of gear hands are the villain’s workshop all things considered.

    There is a mysterious society of flavor crazed, dynamic, decided and steady people that give this venture life. We live essentially, however well. Trailer supper parties with companions, vineyard film evenings, water system lake gliding sessions, extraordinary nourishment, heaps of wine. Couldn’t be more joyful.

    The wines we create are planned for your dinner table, to be expended week after week, coolly, not to sit in your basement, or over your refrigerator for a unique event.

    We don’t accept there is one varietal out there that everybody ought to drink. Life is short. Drink what you like. We trust you’re as eager to attempt new things as we are and we trust you’ll appreciate the wines we endeavor to deliver [the ones we get a kick out of the chance to drink]. Brilliant, organic product forward wines.

    Here you will discover wines new and delicious as the day they were picked. We want to catch organic product, press them into jugs and hold the outcome prisoner for some time … until the point that we tear plugs and drink them.

    We trust that wine ought to be expended daily if not day by day. Wine ought to totally be shared – when conceivable. Wine should remain without anyone else the same amount of as it should match with nourishment.


    Question and Answer

    1. Are these all wineries can be found in Santa Ynez? Yes, all of them can be found on Santa Ynez were in all famous wineries located and finest grapes has been served to many people.
    2. Are they offering wine tasting to those who want to try their wine before buying? Yes, they offer wine tasting, some of them giving it for free but the other’s offering a charge in a minimal amount.


    Final Thoughts:

    Those some wineries offer the best of the best different types of wine that fits everyone wherein everybody will surely enjoy. They offer the best quality of wine coming from the best quality of grapes grown only in Santa Ynez


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