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    Mail Wine Club

    Pick the wines you like – all without any commitments and our 100% unconditional promise. An offer so great it ought to be criminal. Rate the wines you get to enhance your determinations. Similarly, as your tastes in ID programs change after some time, the equivalent can occur with wine. Notwithstanding incredible wines from around the globe, Mail Wine Club individuals will likewise appreciate a choice of collectible wines dependent on your most loved Investigation Discovery shows and identities. Our worldwide wine group works straightforwardly with makers to bring you quality wines at costs far beneath retail. All with Shipping Included.

    Mail Wine Club

    Only $89.95 $49.95 for 6 bottles — shipping included
    Exclusive Benefits for Members

    Wines conveyed like clockwork: get six one of a kind wines (4 reds, 2 whites) sourced from the world’s best wine locales, conveyed ideal to your entryway.

    Change Your Preferences: after the principal shipment, change the measure of wines sent, recurrence and red and white alternatives.

    Master wine training with our tasting notes.

    Fulfillment ensured — drop whenever.

    The early on offer is just $49.95, which incorporates shipping. After the main shipment, each other month, individuals will get six new jugs of wine, including one ID-themed choice, for $89.95, including shipping.

    The program additionally enables individuals to keep on exploring the universe of wines, and to rate the wines with the end goal to enhance the choices as your tastes change after some time. So fans can explore different avenues regarding their most loved wine and show pairings — and those looking for individual genuine wrongdoing sweethearts in their lives can likewise buy blessing sets.


    The Main Wines


    2015 My, My, My Merlot

    Examination Discovery’s Homicide Hunter’s genuine investigator Joe Kenda is the motivation for My, My, My Merlot, joining one of Joe’s most loved truisms while he understood more than 375 violations. Like Kenda bringing his extreme, purposely cool, straightforward manner to each secret, ‘My, My, My Merlot ‘ tackles the case for America’s ‘Most Wanted’ Merlot.


    2016 The Perfect Accomplice Sauvignon Blanc

    Many clues, grape after grape…. every vine disentangling the concealed proof that ‘The Perfect Accomplice’ had been found. Means, intention, and opportunity are what helped The ID Wine Club group in unraveling the riddle behind this extraordinary Sauvignon Blanc, and the enthusiastic mystery encompassing the vines. ID’s look for the ideal white grape prompted this exciting wine which accomplices well with any wrongdoing, murder or examination.


    2015 A Wine to Remember Red Blend

    ID’s pre-scientific spine chiller ‘A Crime to Remember’ is best delighted in operating at a profit and white shadows of a solitary road light or the foggy private cabins of a wine basement while sipping a glass of this slyly made wine. Like the arrangement re-manifestations of period spine-chillers, remaining consistent with designs and styles, this Old-World red mix was found where vineyard privileged insights and exciting interests ran wild and wine-creators had only shoe-cowhide and gut senses to make ‘A Wine to Remember.’

    This wonderful mix is contained 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 25% Zinfandel and 15% Petite Sirah. Kinds of dark and red plums, dark cherry, dried herbs, and espresso bean mix perfectly with upgraded berry aromatics. The Zinfandel, Cabernet and Merlot qualities demonstrate well on the sense of taste giving a firm-strong structure.

    2015 Wives with Wines Monterey County Chardonnay

    Desire, misleading and selling out frame the ideal formula for driving a cherishing spouse over the edge on Investigation Discovery’s WIVES WITH KNIVES. This reverence hails from Monterey County, Calif. ‘Spouses with Wines’ is a scrumptious Chardonnay with its lemony-pear, toasty oak seasons and is the essential love elixir for the sentiment that could have turned out badly.


    2016 Motives & Merlot Pays d’Oc Merlot

    A lot was on the line, the pieces of information all drove the criminologists to one conclusion…and splitting the case. Examination Discovery’s thought process was all around arranged and basic, to catch the world’s most subtle Merlot. Sniffing out the fragrances of dark cherry, plum, and complex fruity flavors, the grapes were at long last found and encased solely into this awesome container you currently hold in your hand…Motives and Merlot. Stout, ready, separated dark red organic product kinds of blackberry, dark plum, red plum, Bing cherry. Ready, mouth-watering tannins return on in the mid sense of taste to give structure and adjusted causticity conveys center and freshness to the extravagant organic product.


    2017 Sinister Intent Western Cape Chenin Blanc

    With each motion, each look, we presume something foreboding and hazardous is hatching. The scene is set with the anticipation of a genuine wrongdoing spine chiller – and a container of Chenin Blanc. What privileged insights does this container of Sinister Intent hold? Uncork the genuinely remarkable ready, meaty tropical natural product kinds of pineapple and papaya with a sweet trace of nectar.

    2016 Ebro Spanish Tempranillo

    Despite the fact that the Rio Oja is one of Spain’s best-known waterways, it’s most vital is really the great Ebro, which cut out vineyards that have been delivering grapes for two centuries. This light Tempranillo is an exemplary case of what Spain brings to the table, portrayed by kinds of delicious cherry and plum, alongside accents of citrus and licorice. It’s a joy without anyone else, however, will sparkle much more brilliant with Spanish passage like paprika-spiced smoked pork.

    Question and Answer

    1. Are they selling different kinds of wine? Yes, they have a lot of variety of wine to choose from.
    2. Are they offering wine tasting? Yes, it is.



    “Investigation Discovery is the #1 arranged in America for ladies and has an inconceivably devoted fanbase. The new ID Wine Club gives a criminally fun approach to appreciate—and toast—the system past the screen,” said Leigh Anne Brodsky, Executive Vice President, Discovery Global Enterprises. “We realize that individuals will love the chance to examine new wines while they observe genuine wrongdoing examinations unfurl on screen.”



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