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    Mahoney Wine

    Mahoney Vineyards is one of two brands related to Carneros (the other being Fleur de California). This wine association and the two brands are guaranteed by Francis and Kathy Mahoney; Mahoney Vineyard’s first vintage dates from 2004. In any case, Francis has been unequivocally associated with Carneros and Pinot Noir since the mid-1970s. He and his partner Balfour Gibson built up Carneros Creek Winery in 1972 (the essential new winery worked in Carneros since disavowal).

    With a last name of Mahoney, the family is obviously from Ireland. Francis’ people moved to California from County Cork, Ireland in the 1920s. Francis still has family in Ireland – both of his people’s families continue to have and work develops in County Cork. Francis begins to recognize European wines in the wake of contributing vitality working his family develops (in the 1960s) and wandering out to a segment of Europe’s most striking wine regions (where he advanced toward getting to be intrigued with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay).

    In the wake of examining enology at the University of California, Davis, at last, he and Kathy moved from San Francisco to Carneros. Francis was in his late 20’s at the time, had a strong vitality for wine and was sure that the Carneros creating region could make world-class Burgundian styled wines. Francis was one of the first to plant Pinot noir grapes in Carneros. He works with Pinot Noir research and UC Davis chose the best Pinot Noir clones to plant in the zone. His examination has shown essential in helping advance the general idea of Pinot Noir in the Napa Valley and additionally all through cooler air locale in California and Oregon.


    Francis has always been an experimenter – while Pinot noir is the varietal he has spent his life focusing on he’s always explored Italian, French and Spanish varietals. Currently Mahoney Vineyards owns three vineyards in Carneros – on the Napa side, the Mahoney Ranch (home vineyard) is planted to numerous clones of Pinot Noir; the nearby Gavin Vineyard produces Chardonnay and Las Brisas Vineyard located on the Sonoma side of Carneros is planted to additional clones of Pinot Noir and a what is an extremely rare varietal for Carneros, Vermentino (a white grape prominently grown in Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and Liguria Italy).

    Francis has long touted the varietal expression in wines – making balanced wines that pair well with foods, rather than wines heavily oaked. He prefers wines that are terroir driven – varietals best suited to certain soils and micro-climates.

    While Mahoney makes a number of wines under their own label – the amount of fruit sourced from his Carneros vineyards are just a fraction of what he grows. Most of the fruit is sold to a number of premium mostly Napa producers. Even in Carneros with its proximity to the San Pablo Bay, there are a variety of micro-climates on their own vineyard. Parts of the vineyard are windier, parts are more sheltered and parts are warmer (where the Syrah grows).

    Francis has founded several wineries and wine brands over the years. You come here for their Pinot noir’s of course as that is what they are most known for; when we visited 4 of the 5 wines on their tasting menu were Pinots. Our favorite is the Las Brisas with various fruit flavors, mostly cherry, a little spiciness, and a beautiful long finish.

    In the past, they have made an excellent very dark in color “cold weather” Syrah from their Mahoney Vineyard in the Carneros region. It is ready to drink now, shows a little pepper typical of this type of wine and has lots of berry flavors on the palate.


    Their Montepulciano demonstrates berries and dark pepper zest with nice acidity. One won’t discover a wine produced using this varietal at another Napa related winery.

    Tastings are presently by arrangement (either with one of the Mahoney’s or one of their longtime workers) as they have been affirmed for a tasting license at their property on Dealy Lane in Carneros. Plans call for building a tasting room nearby – we will refresh this once we have more data.

    Their workplaces and Mahoney vineyard are situated down the road from what used to be Mahoney Winery on Dealy Lane (now Kieu Hoang). Be that as it may, their wines are delivered in neighboring Sonoma County at a generation office simply outside the city of Sonoma.

    Question and Answer

    1. Are the wines are worth a try?. Yes, its worth a try.
    2. Are the wines too expensive?. Not really expensive.


    Almost forty years back, Francis Mahoney and his significant other Kathy set out to understand a fantasy – to develop Pinot Noir that would confront the renowned French Burgundies – and to accomplish this in Northern California’s dirt and atmosphere. Francis was dazzled with the unfamiliar “Los Carneros” locale in the southern part of Napa and Sonoma valleys, and it was here that the Mahoneys kicked things off for the main new winery in the area since before Prohibition.


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