Laithwaite Wine Club

Laithwaite Wine Club


If you’re looking for the best wine in town. Laithwaite Wine Club is the answer to your need. It has all the wine you need, from regular wine up to the premium kind of wines around the world. Since 1969, they only bring the best wines for their customers and they make sure that the authenticity of their wines can’t be compare to any wines out there.


Laithwaite Wine Club has a lot to offer to their members plus they only want that their customers will be satisfied with their wines. In this club you will have the chance of getting wines which are best for gifts or presents to anyone you dearly love. They also have cheap or low price wines if you’re on a budget. They also have the most popular wines that will surely fit to anyone’s taste.


It all started since 1969, they have wines came from California,Italy and France. The owner was just a student and bought a van and delivered their wines somewhere in UK. They have the best wine in town and they only make sure they have the best authentic wines too.


They have only about 150 customers way back then and they only have five kinds of wine. And in 1970 they are the first merchant, who bought wine somewhere in Southern France and even in Australia. And today, a lot of people enjoyed the wines from Laithwaite Wine Club. They have the best handcrafted kind of wines plus winemakers are all passionate to provide the world class wine to their customers. And up until now they are still continue researching the best wine around the world.




Upon signing up in the club you will get the chance of taking advantage the following benefits:

  • After signing up, you will going to pay only an annual fee plus you get a free case of wines
  • They have unlimited shipping time
  • They have online website where you can view your account and make some changes about your order or any transactions with them
  • They have a contact service where you can call their contact number available in the site
  • They give chance for you to save a lot of your money before ordering your wine
  • They have latest offers and new arrivals from time to time
  • They have wines available for gifts best for friends, family and colleagues. They have a wide selection of variety of wines
  • You can avail their accessories in the club where you get free shipping if you order
  • They always have limited time offer where you can get different accessories for a specific value for just need to see the end date of the offer.
  • They have special wine that guarantees the best quality and taste every month.
  • All wines are delivered at the comfort of your home
  • They also have different events where you can enjoy specially if you’re a member.


Laithwaite Wine Club is one of the best wine club if you’re looking for some authentic and original wines. A lot of reviews from the customers have proven and tested that they only have the best.

  • The quality of wines are impressive and can’t be compare to any other wines
  • The price is very reasonable. With the kind of wine they have you got the value of your money
  • You can always get discount when you purchase wines to their club especially in bulk number
  • You can say that they have excellent way of picking the right wine for their club
  • Customer service is great. Any concerns is properly address



Laithwaite wine club is the best club where you can get your wine quarterly at a very affordable price. No other clubs can beat their existing price.They have the best introductory price of $69.99 which will satisfy your cravings of wine.



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