Kunde Wine CLub

The Kunde Wine CLub

Five ages of the Kunde Family have developed our 1,850 area of a land home in the center of Sonoma Valley for more than a century—a truly stunning legacy in the propelled time of California winemaking. Today, Kunde Family Winery is still family claimed and worked with a hands-on gathering of fourth and fifth-time relatives in control. Around the day’s end, every decision they make, each wine they make, and each experience they give regards the legacy of the creator Louis Kunde, who emigrated from Germany and acquired the principal Wildwood Vineyards cultivate when the new century moved over in 1904. Cresting the second century was a critical leap forward for the family. Propelling, they remain concentrated on advancement and best in class workplaces, while moreover keeping up a significant, individual sense of obligation with respect to supportable winegrowing and safeguarding the land for a very long time to come.


The winery of Kunde Family is well-known for their legitimacy. Their wines are created by Winemaker Zachary Long from seventeen unique varietals developed on 700 sections of land of the 1,850 section of land Kunde Estate. Their product is 100% land developed, which enables them to control their vines and wines from bud break to bottle for a more reliable item for quite a long time. They deliver in excess of 75,000 cases every year under their brand which is the Kunde Brand utilizing around 60% of the natural product from their vineyards. They offer the staying 40% to a select gathering of premium wineries in Napa and Sonoma areas. Despite the Kunde Brand, they likewise deliver wine for extensive retail accomplice Costco, under the Kirkland Brand, and additionally Trader Joes.

About the Kunde Wine Club

Joining this club, you have an elite access to their fifth age of land Estate. This gives everything of having an arrangement of the key to their winery—from viewing of Sonoma Valley while tasting wine at their mountaintop tasting deck, reserve and destination level tastings matched with a choice of craftsman cheeses in their Kinneybrook Room. Also, as part of Wine Club, you are likewise an honored member of the Kunde family. You can expect extraordinary rebates on wine and stock, flattering tastings, and attracts to members just occasions consistently. Take in more of their membership advantages and club choices.

Two club options of Kunde Club

Your participation qualifies you for unique treatment for you and to your companions, and special rebates on wine and stock. You can pick between two various custom clubs:

The Seasonal Six

  • Make a customized six bottle delivery four times each year from their most current occasional releases.
  • You will get six bottles of their family wines in every three months
  • Receive an email notice before every delivery, you can choose which time you may blend and pair your choices
  • In the event that you pick not to alter your delivery, you will get a preselected collection in light of your wine variety
  • Dispatched to your entryway or get it in their winery

Case Collection

Make a customized case twice for each year.

  • Get one instance of Kune wines every in the month of April and October
  • They will send you email notice in March and September, and select time you want to blend and pair a case well-matched to your favorite
  • In the event that you don’t tweak your box, you will get a pre-selected box picked by their winemaker
  • Delivered to your entryway or get it in their winery

Kunde’s wine club member’s benefits

Here are only a couple of the advantages you will appreciate as an affiliate of the Kunde Family Wine Club.

  • Members get 20% rebate in wine and stock buys as well as the reserve wines Accommodated tasting for up to 4 members in the Kinneybrook Room
  • Admission to their new or constrained release wines together with their limited selection release to elite members
  • Extraordinary valuing on mountaintop tastings and estate climbs
  • Selective Wine Club part occasions and bulletins
  • Tasting at our principle flavor bar for up to four individuals


  1. How many bottles can I receive once I join the club? You will receive 6 bottles per shipment
  2. Every when is the shipment? The shipment is every 3 months
  3. Is this available also in any supermarket? I’m afraid not, but you can visit their website for more information about their wines.


The mission of Kunde Winery is to create exquisite wines with a real feeling of the place—perfectly adjusted and expressive of their emotional vineyard scene. The outcome is perfect scenery for making an adjusted natural product, and full-seasoned, complex wines. The winemakers and stewards of the land managers to the procedure from vine to bottle by advancing sound vineyards, strolling each column, and testing each barrel.


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