• Kalyra Winery Santa Ynez

    Kalyra Winery Santa Ynez


    In 1989 Mike chose to make his very own mark “KALYRA”. The name is an interpretation from the Australian Aboriginal meaning..” a wild and charming spot”. The logic behind these wines is that great wine ought to be an immediate impression of the organic product utilized and that it should feature the unmistakable varietal attributes of the locales it originated from. This tasting room opened, mirroring indistinguishable characteristics from its root meaning.

    So famous was this new goal that it pulled in the consideration of motion picture makers chipping away at comic drama show film about the Santa Barbara wine nation. The film, ‘Sideways,’ was an ideal fit for the astounding Kalyra vibe, and it’s enormously effective discharge in 2004 push Kalyra into the national spotlight.



    To recognize the genuine wants of the wine fan way of life—fun, training, amusement—and bundle it with reasonableness and a promise to leave the world a superior place through our pleasure in wine. If you don’t mind take note of that our gathering date-book at Kalyra Winery tops off rapidly on Saturdays, so make certain to reserve your spot something like multi-week ahead of time.

    An exceptional arrangement of wines from Santa Barbara County, California, Australia, Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy. All made proudly, creative ability and style. Welcome to the universe of Kalyra Wines.



    To recognize the genuine wants of the wine fan way of life—fun, instruction, diversion—and bundle it with moderateness and a guarantee to leave the world a superior place through our delight in wine.

    Kalyra 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

    This varietal bringing about an item that is fresh, light and tasty with great flower, unobtrusive gooseberry, and grapefruit suggestions. It has a slight hardness and a heavenly wrap-up.


    Kalyra 2014 Merlot

    Exemplary Santa Ynez Merlot: Rich, dull berry foods grown from the ground tannins. It was matured for 20 months in impartial French oak barrels. Wine will keep in the jug for at any rate an additional five years.

    Chardonnay 2017 Sta. Rita Hills (Babcock)

    This mix is showy on the nose, demonstrating lime bloom, honeysuckle, wet concrete and peach smells. A sizzle of causticity and terse hold to the sense of taste, supporting its solid stone natural product flavors.


    Chardonnay 2016 Grapehunters (Babcock)

    It originates from various great vineyards; Rancho Sisquoc, Huber, Rita’s Crown, and Babcock Estate, so the well-sharpened sharp, spotless matured organic product ought not to astound you.

    Pinot Gris 2016 (Carr)

    Fragrances of lemon get-up-and-go and citrus are pursued onto the sense of taste w/kinds of apple, insights of citrus. As the wine opens up in your glass more nutty and caramelized flavors show up w/clues of sweetened lemons.



    Question and Answer

    1. What is the location of the winery Kalyra? Located at the Santa Ynares.
    2. Are they offer wine tasting? Yes, they offered wine tasting for free but you must have to call in order for you to accommodate to them for today.


    Final Thoughts:

    There are a few distinct sorts of organizations working under the umbrella of wineries. Some do everything from developing the grapes to tossing the celebrations.

    The rundown underneath highlights wineries that have their very own tasting room. We have visited every one hyperlinked by and by and we have imparted to you our observation, headings, and suggestions. Our page additionally gives a connection to their site on the off chance that you need to take in more about them.

    At the simple base of the rundown, we additionally feature some fantastic wineries that have decided not to taste but rather you can discover at numerous neighborhood tasting rooms that are a piece of wine retail foundations.

    One mile off Highway 254, underneath American and Australian banners flying high overhead, is the American variant of an Aboriginal Outback shoreline shack also called Kalyra Winery. “A wild and lovely place” is the interpretation, and it is fitting of this special and exuberant winery and tasting room.

    Overwhelming the tin-secured structure is a splendid yellow surfboard set over the tasting bar, with Aboriginal Australian covers and dabs adjacent. Endowments and nourishment treats are accessible, and a sense quite a while ago secured deck disregards the vineyards for tasting and general cutting lose. Enormous California pepper trees give shade on the green grass.

    The proprietor is a long-lasting Santa Ynez winemaker who dropped by a method for Adelaide, Australia, where despite everything he visits and makes wine. A portion of these wines is accessible to taste alongside Kalyra’s broad California contributions. Grapes originate from everywhere throughout the state, with an accentuation on Santa Barbara County.

    Wines created incorporate Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Nebbiolo, Merlot Rose, Sangiovese Rose, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Bordeaux mixes. A liberal choice of sweet wines incorporates Orange Muscat, Port, and late-reap Rieslings.


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