International Wine Club

International Wine Club

You will going to taste the around the world wine that best suits to your personality.Whether you’re a first timer or a  wine connoisseur still you will be able to linger the finest quality wine ever in just the comfort of your house.

International wine club is always seeking for the best wineries in the world.They only want the rarest,unique and limited wine you can have at the convenience of your doorsteps.

CLUB VISUALIZATION: Only to offer the best and finest wine internationally at the convenience of your doorsteps in house.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: $35.95 per month with the inclusion of 2 bottles of wine.A mixture of red,white,all white or all reds.Delivery varry in monthly,quarterly or bi-monthly.Plus a shipping fee of $13 for all the clubs offer.


Premier Series: Price starts at $35.95/month.

Inclusion: 2 bottles of wine per month

WINE: Red,White or mix of either of the two


Masters Series: Price starts at $252.95/month.

Inclusion: 2 bottles of wine per month

WINE: More expensive or luxurious wines


Collectors Series :Price starts at $72.95/month.

Inclusion: 2 bottles of wine per month

WINE: Classic or vintage wines,any unique wine too


Bold Reds:Price starts at $46.95/month.

Inclusion: 2 bottles of wine per month

WINE:Red wines and other bold limited wines

Wine Of The Month Club Reviews and Ratings and 10 being the highest.

Wine Selection: (10/10)

They only deals with exceptional wines internationally.The wines originated mostly from Australia to China,they can select any white or red or a mix of two.

Wine Quality: (10/10)

This wine club only accommodate those boutique and rare wines.You can also get classic or vintage too.It undergone 100% selection process just to make sure you get the best wine ever.

Membership Fee or Pricing: (9/10)

Upon signing up at the Wine of the Month Club there will be no contract involved but they offer contracts with prices.You can have a 1 year contract or a month contract.This process is also beneficial to the customer.

Benefits: (7/10)

You can actually customized your order where you can include some flowers, chocolates, cigars or cheese together with your wine during the shipments.You can always avail discount if your order again with the same wine from the previous transaction.

States: (9/10)

It can only deliver to those estates who accept alcohol or legally allowed.



  • No contract provided
  • Shipping has a flat rate of $13
  • Classic,unique and limited international wines
  • You can end your subscription after a year or after a month
  • Prices are reasonable


  • To pricey membership fee
  • It has a shipping rate plus the membership fee
  • You only allowed 2 bottles every month.




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