How to Dress for Napa Wine Tasting

How to Dress for Napa Wine Tasting


While there is no particular clothing regulation when visiting Napa Valley; toning it down would be ideal with regards to choosing your clothing. Simplicity and easygoing tastefulness are the places it’s at whether you’re wine sampling and strolling the vineyards or eating at one of the numerous Michelin featured eateries. Contingent upon where you are going, this will be a deciding element for your clothing. Wineries offer a variety of various conditions. On the off chance that the wine sampling that you are going to has an open-air vineyard visit, you might want to dress on the easygoing side (think pants and an adorable best) and foot sole areas would not be your companion through the delicate ground vineyards. On the off chance that you are heading off to a more pleasant tasting inside, you should need to spruce up (think sundress or skirt)and shake a wedge or foot rear area. On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain about what you need to wear, it never damages to facilitate with others in your gathering. That way regardless of how you dress, you won’t be strange!

Napa Valley Weather

The Mediterranean atmosphere of the Napa Valley not just takes into account consummate developing conditions for grapes, however it likewise gives close ideal climate all year. The southern piece of the dene is substantially colder than the northern part and there are wide swings of temperature from day to night.

Season Avg. High Avg. Low
Spring     70°F     45°F
Summer     81°F     53°F
Fall     76°F     46°F
Winter     59°F     40°F

Choose your footwear wisely

Your most solid option is to wear an agreeable match of shoes or sneaker as these are your most agreeable choices. It is in all likelihood that you will stand up amid your tasting and you may even take a trek through an outside vineyard. In the event that you know, you will be inside, wedges and foot rear areas are absolutely worthy simply ensure they are agreeable. You need to have the capacity to make the most of your wine and not need to stress over the developing rankle on your toe. We have greater fish to sear like making it to your fourth winery of the day!

Skip the white

In any case, you are in all likelihood going to drink red wine sooner or later and spills happen. Stick to darker hues that won’t appear in the event that you miss your mouth or chance upon somebody. I likewise propose not wearing shoes that you would mind getting wine spilled on.

Bring layers

A significant number of the wineries have outside spaces and porches to appreciate a glass of wine and appreciate the landscape. A few wineries may deliberately have the air inside set at a lower temperature as a precautionary measure to shield wine from dissipating. So as opposed to being gotten off guard, make beyond any doubt to pack a light sweater.

Minimalist for the day

You won’t have any desire to pull around much for the duration of the day. This is for the most part since you will stand or strolling and comfort is critical. Whatever clothing you choose to wear, don’t feel like you have to go hard and fast on adornments. I adhered to my one articulation, plug bracelet and was happy I did. Bring a little grip, similar to my delightful Elaine Turner Bella cork clutch or bag to hold your necessities. The main things that I conveyed to put in my handbag were my Visa, ID, chapstick, shades, and telephone.


There’s nothing amiss with shaking your own style, yet appearing in a sundress, heels, and a cap when your companions are all in pants and sweaters may influence you to get a handle on a tad bit of place—and the other way around. If at any point you have any uncertainty, counseling with your gathering is dependably a smart thought to ensure you’re in agreement.

Question and Answer

1. Is there really a dress code for Napa valley tours?. There is no dress code; however, a smart casual dress is recommended.

2. What sort of clothes should I bring for touring the wineries?. They recommend wearing sensible shoes and layers. Winery cellars can be cool, and smaller wineries often have their tasting rooms in the cellar. Their mornings and evenings can be foggy and cool. In the summer months, they can have a 40° difference during the course of a day. Layers are the best solution.


A pleasant combination of pants, easygoing slip-on and a traditional make an easygoing and set up together the style that would fit in any wine sampling room. Pack a supper coat for the cooler nighttimes and you’ll be ready to any Napa Valley eatery, featured or not! On the off chance that you overlook anything that you should have, there are a lot of shopping goals to get a couple of things. There is the Napa Valley high-end vent, downtown Napa attire boutiques, St. Helena primary road apparel boutiques, and V trade in Yountville.



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