Gustavo Wine Napa Valley

Gustavo Wine Napa Valley

As the offspring of a transient vineyard authority turned winery specialist, Gustavo grew up incorporated by the lifestyle, the eagerness, and the commitment of the general population who portrayed this now eminent winemaking area. Gustavo moved to the Napa Valley from Jalisco, Mexico at the energetic age of 3. His family settled in Rutherford and put down significant roots – a move that time everlasting balanced the path for Gustavo. Wine – the earth, the climate, the sustenances are developed starting from the earliest stage who attempted to convey it – built up an association.

Gustavo went to the University of Oregon on a baseball concede, in any case, it was a short endeavor – his heart remained in wine country. He traded to U.C. Davis and was one of the central Latino graduated the class from the enology program with a degree in Fermentation Sciences. He put in a year at Chateau Montelena and after that joined Mike Grgich as he opened Grgich Hills Cellars in 1977 – where Gustavo made wines for quite a while.

In 1996, Gustavo conveyed the essential wine under his own specific stamp and meandered out exclusively in 1999.

Today, Gustavo makes Napa Valley wines in a style animated by old-world winemaking procedures, with a dedication to little vineyards and the most significant quality normal item.


Gustavo’s The 3rd Bottle Red Table Wine, Napa Valley

The third Bottle was intended to be that simple to drink, simple on the wallet wine that, they think, will likewise turn into your regular wine. In this kind of wine, Gustavo made a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Verdot, Malbec, and Cinsault. It was matured in French oak for a year and a half before packaging. It has an energetic, hot nose that shows layers of smoke, vanilla, and fruits. It has a rich, full, smooth mouth with waiting for clues of dim blueberry and tobacco. This is a to a great degree all around adjusted wine with a rich mouth.

GUSTAVO 2014 Barbera, Sierra Foothills

The spring of 2014 saw less precipitation as those long, dry, warm bright days and cool evenings that describe the locales perfect conditions for conventional Italian Barbera. Welcoming flower fragrances of wild roses and lilac are trailed by strongly focused kinds of ready, jammy fruits, strawberries, and lingonberries.  Its supple tannins and gentle sharpness convey these colorful, delicious natural product enhances through the bed and buoy away carefully, similar to a mid-year breeze!

GUSTAVO 2012 Syrah, Coombsville, Napa Valley

This 2012 Syrah is a 100% Syrah blend crafted with a profound and dim red shading with rich flavors reliable with the excellence of the exemplary 2012 vintage.  The smells of this wine are serious, with normal fieriness and peppery attributes, blended with blueberry, blackberry, and huckleberry, with a contact of hearty minerality adding to its settled complexity.  Full-bodied Syrah that offers rich natural product character and sensitive surface with fresh and engaging causticity to adjust the velvety vibe of the striking long wrap up.

GUSTAVO 2013 Merlot, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley

The 2013 Merlot is a 100% Merlot mix made with a dark red shading and a refined pinch of block shading reliable with the age of the wine.  Its initial fragrances with subtleties of dark tobacco and cowhide, enhanced with blackberry and dark cherry are encompassed with thick ready tannin.  This extraordinary vintage is well expressed in this ground-breaking full body Merlot.  A major, yet exquisite wine, pleasantly surrounded with delicate dark foods grown from the ground acidity.  Its waiting harmonious finish includes artfulness and character that predicts a long life and awesome complexity.  A genuine great that has a definite Old-World style.

GUSTAVO 2014 Chardonnay, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley

Hand-reaped from a solitary vineyard on the western side of the Oak Knoll District.  The concentration is concentrated with crisp yellow fruits.  French oak maturing makes a held nose of naturally massaged bread.  It opens lackadaisical to brilliant heavenly apple, pear and white peach flavors completing with a light minerality. There is an excellent adjust of weight and complex wealth, exceptional and rich structure that creates on the sense of taste with a complete of white peaches, mineral, and light acidity.

Gustavo’s The 3rd Bottle White Table Wine, Napa Valley

This mix is principally Sauvignon Blanc with a bit of Semillion and a trace of Muscat to include more multifaceted nature and smell to the wine. This is a somber, spotless, mineral-loaded wine. It has brilliant, clean kinds of white-stone organic product with a pinch of kiwi. It just scents like the outside. It has a velvety complete nuanced with a touch of grapefruit and Meyer lemon. Albeit under the administrative rules for arranging wines this effortlessly meets the criteria for us having considered it a Sauvignon Blanc, we let you see what Gustavo can do with his mixing ability.

Question and Answer

  1. Are those wines are affordable?. The wines are reasonably priced, often less than you would pay from some of Napa’s more well-known wineries.
  2. Are these wine are hard to find?. No, you can order online.


Guests to the tasting room will see select bits of craftsmanship by different specialists. Frequently they highlight an individual craftsman. Genuine wine fans can make an arrangement to taste the wines in their little tasting room connecting the winery in a business stop south of the city of Napa (around 15-minute drive from their essential tasting room). While the attention here is on the Gustavo name – another mark (Avinodos) kept running by Gustavo’s child Lorn and his business accomplice Dan is additionally accessible for tasting.

The wines are sensibly valued, regularly short of what you would pay from a portion of Napa’s all the more notable wineries. Here is where you have quite a while vintner who is great all around qualified, magnificent natural product sources with substantially less overhead of lodging the winery in a business stop. The reserve funds are unmistakably passed on to the customer.


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