Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club

It is the longest-running wine club in the country, with same-ownership wine club at this time. Nowadays, Gold Medal Wine Club has six distinctive wine clubs that you can prefer to satisfy almost everyone’s budget and sense of taste. This club is the most well-known wine club. It is a great kind of wine of the month club that you can personalize to suit your favourite. That is to say, you can modify the quantity of bottle in each club delivery. The usual offer of this is two bottles of wine which are one red or one white from California makers. Whatever is left of the choices from this club are centred on various niches. There are some extremely fun alternatives if you are searching for a specific kind of experience. Let me show you the six different wine clubs of Gold Medal wine club that you can choose from.

The 6 different wine club of Gold Medal Wine Club


The Platinum Wine Club

This Platinum Wine club was presented in 1993 in existing wine club members. This ultra-premium wine of the month club gives highlights in uncommon, collectible wines from California’s best winemakers and incorporates entirely wines with 90+ evaluations. Once in a while, wines not yet released and special features wine are completely available through this monthly wine club. More than 1,000 different wines have been included in this monthly wine club since its beginning.

2 bottles for $79-109
4 bottles for $158-218


The Diamond Wine Club

In 1995 the third pace of expansion for the Wine club occurred. The Diamond Wine Club took Gold Medal Wine Club to the next level. Just only 93+ evaluated, luxury-premium, collectible wines with perfect certifications are featured to Diamond Wine Club members. More than 160 unique wines have been highlighted in this quarterly wine club with Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines high on the list of included wines.

2 bottles for $165-$195
4 bottles for $313-370


International Wine Club

The International Wine Club began by showcasing two red wines and one white wine from the Piedmont district of northwest Italy. Selective articles in the Taste the Adventure bulletin include data about the wine districts, the winery history, and memoir of the winemaker and even a segment of explanation of the wine mark for the members who needed to talk the dialect during dinner. To build the International Wine club emerge in the commercial center, a first of its kind, International Gourmet Adventure Package was advertised. This was the principal box membership of its kind at the time.

3 bottles for $69-$95


The Pinot Noir Wine Club

Since the presentation in 2006, the Pinot Noir Wine Club rapidly turned into a go-to wine club for existing members and new members alike with enthusiasm for Pinot. Initially, two unique bottles of 90+ appraised Pinot Noirs were conveyed each other month. After its enthusiastic gathering, this wine club is presently dispatched on a monthly premise. Today, Pinot Noir wine of the month club members appreciate hard-to-discover, small-making Pinots from the Russian River Valley, the Sta. Rita Hills AVA in California, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and even a French import from time to time – just to give some examples.

2 bottles for $69-$79
4 bottles of 138-$195


The Garagiste Wine Club

In the year 2014, Gold Medal Wine Club launched the Garagiste Wine Club with the members and wine devotee all over the nation. This extraordinary wine club exhibits free winemakers making stellar wines in hands-on, small clumps. In general winery, production can’t surpass 1,500 cases every year to be included in this fascinating choice. The wines in the Garagiste Wine Club are practically difficult to find in the in any marketplace. In the event that you love the idea of finding uncommon and interesting wines previously, they are exposed, the Garagiste wine of the month club is the ideal decision. Garagiste Wines are for the most part from California however infrequently from Oregon and Washington.

2 bottles for $122-$181


  1. How can I join the club? You can simply sign up their form on their website
  2. What can I get if I join the club? You will have discount in their online store
  3. Is it possible if I want to cancel my subscription? In case you want to cancel the subscriptions you need to inform them as well as your bank.
  4. Can I get some instructive materials to my subscriptions? On the package, you will get a newsletter. This opens a brilliant open door with regards to teaching yourself on what the world of wine brings to the table.


An extraordinary membership can get this as the Gold Medal Wine Club did. While they are on the higher end of things, wine is something or other that you don’t need anything, however, the most high quality available in the market. What’s more, you commonly need it all the time, even at a top-notch cost. For those deal seekers, this may not be the break they’re searching for. For those genuine about wine, and known to be demanding, this is someplace you unquestionably can’t turn out badly are. It’s a few out of every odd day you’ll hear us saying that, as we don’t prefer to gloat excessively.


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