• Eponymous Wine Review

    Eponymous Wine Review

    In 1966, A family purchased a farm with vineyards in the Napa Valley, supposing it a withdraw from the city. In 1980, A resigned dad and Robert Pepi chose to begin a winery on the property, giving it the name we each conveyed, Robert Pepi. The first reap was in 1981, and they making wine from that point onward. After the winery sold, they turned into a counseling winemaker, working for the most part in California, yet heading out additionally to Argentina, Colorado, and Texas.

    Counseling has given the achievement, opportunity, and the capacity to work with extraordinary vineyards and specialty wines of which he makes an extremely glad. Now and again while venturing to every part of the byways of California and Argentina, watching out for my customers’ vineyards, I realize that these vineyards didn’t fit on the clients need but it makes very excited to create the best wine which having his own label.

    Sway is a notable advisor winemaker in the Napa zone and has additionally counseled for an Argentinean winery for a long time. Thus consistently Bob encounters two harvests. Not an awful gig at all for a winemaker. Actually, he got up to speed with him one evening just before he was flying down to Argentina.

    In 2000 Eponymous started a chance to create quality wine with the end goal to have the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the entire Napa Valley. There are three people which assist him with striving more with the end goal to come up the wine in Napa An enthusiastic and vineyard director Javier Renteria he likewise overseeing MacAllister vineyard simply off on Mt. Veeder edge. We chose to plant Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon the vineyard contrasting introduction and soils allowed me to deliver an exquisite Bordeaux-style mix on Sonoma County.


    Bob is an outstanding specialist winemaker in the Napa territory and has additionally counseled for an Argentinean winery for a long time. Therefore consistently Bob encounters two harvests. Not a terrible gig at all for a winemaker. Truth be told we made up for lost time with him one evening just before he was flying down to Argentina.

    These wines while exceptionally youthful were at that point demonstrating great parity and well-roundedness. We at that point attempted the current discharge, the 2004 vintage. It is continually fascinating to perceive how every segment taken without anyone else’s input does not have the influence and lavishness found in the last wine. The 2004 adaptation is an exceptionally exquisite cleaned wine. It is smooth on the sense of taste; the Cabernet Franc truly helps supplement alternate varietals – with a lot of natural product promptly appearing. The complete is long with very much organized tannins. Contacts of chocolate and rhubarb round out this intricate sense of taste.

    The aggregate creation of Eponymous is around 1200 cases, anyway, the wines are conveyed in exceptionally select markets in around 25 states. With more than 50 reaps added to his repertoire Bob has a rich point of view on winemaking. We frequently discover a portion of our most instructive wine learning is from going through a few hours with veteran winemakers, for example, Bob.

    Bellow is one of the samples on their wines:


    What’s in a word? Single-word descriptors can mean a considerable amount, especially while depicting wine. Weave Pepi’s 2014 Eponymous Cabernet Sauvignon offers a virtual wine word reference of descriptors, with layers of flavors that draw you into desiring to an ever increasing extent. With an unpredictable aroma bound with dark tea, eucalyptus, broiled espresso beans, sage, and cocoa powder tidied blackberries, 2014 is rich and tasty, and obviously, this wine has it’s very own following.

    Approaching natural product from Mount Veeder and the benchlands beneath Atlas Peak, this superbly organized arrangement of two unmistakably unique destinations overflows multifaceted nature and characterized flavors. Matured in French oak barrels for 20 months, 2014 opens up to a wealth of dim berries bound with occasion flavors, dried mint, pipe tobacco, and clove. On the off chance that you like things somewhat unique and appreciate profound, mind-boggling and individualistic reds that have a lot of character… this one is for you.

    Question and Answer

    1. Are they offering different varieties of Wine? Yes, they have of wine that can offer to anyone.
    2. Are their wines available in the market nationwide? Some part of the country it can be found.

    Final Thoughts:

    Year in year out the sign of the wine that the grapes from this vineyard enable them to make is the perfectly expressive fragrances and rich, adjusted mouthfeel. This is the embodiment of a fine red wine/Bordeaux mix. The 2008 vintage, albeit marginally more difficult than most, did not frustrate. The unpredictability and force of the smells are obvious from the minute the plug is popped. Fragrances indicating of red organic product, raspberries, and fruits, alongside orange strip, and fiery oak notes add to the satisfaction. It has more than adequate body and structure with included kinds of vanilla and chocolate. Enthusiastic, splendid, and adjusted flavors are proving on the sense of taste, with a long fulfilling completion. The grapes originate from a solitary vineyard, MacAllister Vineyard, close to the edge of the Mayacamas Range on the Sonoma side of mt. Veeder. This is a breathtaking slanting site with numerous exposures and all around depleted, low ripeness soils.

    Generation at Eponymous has ascended from its unique arrival of just 674 cases to between 1100 – 1300 cases this year. Since the vineyards are currently in full generation, Pepi anticipates that the figure will ascend to around 2000 cases one year from now. He isn’t unfavorable to development for Eponymous, however, likes to “watch out for what comes next ahead,” before resolving to expanded creation for his pet venture. At this moment, he appreciates popularity for his wines that are just accessible on a restricted premise.



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