• The Demetria Winery Santa Ynez

    The Demetria Winery Santa Ynez

    This ideal setting spellbound John Zahoudanis while hunting down vineyard property in 2005. He had experienced childhood with a homestead close Mount Olympus in Greece, where his family developed olives, citrus, and a little plot of grapes used to make wine for themselves. John and spouse Sandra acquired the home and named it after their little girl Demetria, and the Greek goddess of collect Demeter.


    Today Demetria is still particularly a family task. John and Sandra’s child, Alexis, has lived and chipped away at the estate full-time since 2009. He works intimately with winemaker Harry Waye, who likewise regulates the vineyard – one of the first in Santa Barbara County to be cultivated biodynamically – with forty-six sections of land planted to Rhone varietals, five white and five red. Demetria additionally makes Burgundy wines, sourcing natural Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris grapes from confided in vineyards in cooler California sobriquets.

    In 2011, Harry had compensated the head winemaker position, and additionally the vineyard tasks administrator. Following in the strides of his coach, Michael Roth, Harry is proceeding with the methodology of low liquor, adjusted causticity, and point by point care of the vineyard. Harry has grasped the test of making wines that are intricate, while being sustenance cordial and agreeable, not only for the authority but rather for the regular wine darling that lives in every last one of us.

    Harry persistently creates wines scoring more than 90+ and has been granted the highest score given on a California Rosé by both The Wine Enthusiast and Wine and Spirits Magazine. His enthusiasm, steadiness, and love for the wines appear in his beautifully made, complex wines.

    Library Release 3-Pack

    Taste a restricted time pack of our library wines (past vintages, matured impeccably). Highlights:

    • 2013 Syrah ($60). Wholly bodied with smooth tannins, deep purple exquisite wine with fragrant notes of plum, calfskin, clove, and vanilla.
    • 2012 Cuvee Matia Grenache ($55). Entire group grenache with a nose of espresso, cherry cola, and violets with a mouth of self-contradicting

    blackberry, chocolate, and red plum.

    • 2012 Halcyon Days Pinot Noir ($65). Entire group pinot noir with a rich sense of taste. Dark cherry, strawberry syrup, violets, rhubarb, fennel, and lavender.

    Wines they Produce

    Sparkling Rose


    Produced using our honor winning Year’s Best Rosé (Wine and Spirits Magazine)! Pale pink in shading, this light-bodied shimmering offers delectable, small rises with connotations of strawberry, flower petal, bubblegum, and wild fennel. The parity of leafy foods acridity prompt insights of stonefruit, watermelon, and an enduring completion.


    Pale salmon in shading, this gently finished Rosé is new, light and completely dry. With an expressive nose of watermelon skin, strawberry and herbal notes this wine serves up hidden clues of crabapple, bubble gum, tart cherry, rhubarb,   and cranberry. Invigorating on the complete with splendid, fresh sharpness, giving a length once in a while experienced in a rose. This is our first Rosé that in 2016 won by Wine and Spirits Magazine.

    Red Wines


    The inebriating nose offers dark cherry, herbs de Provence, mocha and toffee. The surface is not healthy for some other wine we make here at Demetria; it’s cleaned, rich and thought yet never overwhelming. The flavors work onto mouth to indicate staggering qualities of blackberry, smoked bacon, raspberry ganache,   and Turkish espresso which lead into an amicable wrap-up. Will profit is first tapping and will age correctly for 13-15 years.


    Exquisite and considerable this wine demonstrates spellbinding smells of violet, kirsch, lavender,  blackberry, alongside herbs de Provence and licorice. The flavors work in the mouth forming into sweet raspberry and blueberries, with notes of mixed chocolate, complex dried natural products, and calfskin. This wine is a consistent mix, demonstrating natural and extreme in the mouth, the wine completes with fine dusty tannins.

    White Wines

    2016 VIOGNIER

    Crushed stone and clues of honeysuckle give all the standard Condrieu fragrances of white peach and citrus unpredictability. The clean yet sophisticated sense of taste shows entirely botanical characters with components of prepared lemon pizzazz, pear, apricot,  brioche, and gardenias.

    2017 BETON BLANC

    Beton Blanc, signifying “Solid White” in French, is aged and matured in our solid eggs. Brilliant in shading with unobtrusive tints of green, this wine is fresh and reviving. Offering convincing notes of honeydew, kiwi and lemon peel complemented by green apple, lemon-lime pop grapefruit,   and a perfect minerality on the sense of taste. The scandalous causticity of the wine is a foreign counterpart for shellfish – matches wonderfully with clams, shrimp, barbecued fish and our most loved blending – bouillabaisse!


    1. Can I book my visit online? Yes, of course just visit their website for more details.
    2. Do they have free wine tasting? Of course yes.
    3. Is the tour affordable? Yes, it is worth it.


    For each adventure, there is an initial step. Every year this starts with the sustenance of the dirt, which goes before the development of extraordinary grapes. Motivated by the all-encompassing stewardship and ecological veneration of the rationality, they started cultivating Bequest property by Biodynamic standards in 2005. Biodynamic cultivating depends on the rationality that is whole property is a living being. They utilize no engineered pesticides or composts (much like natural growing), and, also cultivate by the periods of the planets and the moon and treat vineyards with different arrangements to advance well-being and essentialness in the dirt, plants, and creatures. One key objective of the rationality is to decrease the reliance on imported contributions of various types and increment the living elements of the whole homestead: similarly as negligible dealing with in the basement advances a virtue of articulation in wine, so too does this profoundly conventional type of horticulture.



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