• David Arthur Wine Reviews

    David Arthur Wine Reviews


    The winery and bequest vineyards are situated on the underlying Long Family Ranch divide acquired in the 1960s.

    The sources of David Arthur Vineyards and the Long Family Ranch go back to when the Long family began visiting the Napa Valley in the 1950s. Wear Long, a butcher by profession claimed a little supermarket in Portola Valley, close Stanford University and had for some time been keen on the California wine nation. With a sharp eye for business openings, Don started consistently putting resources into Napa Valley land prompting the procurement of almost 1,000 sections of land on Pritchard Hill.

    In what was either prescience or out and out good fortune, the Long family at last bought almost 1000 sections of land over a range of quite a long while starting in 1956 in what is currently one of Napa’s Valley’s most elite vineyard and winery neighborhoods. Preceding the family building up the property, Don, and Anne utilized climb in from the Silverado Trail (an a lot shorter switch to the property than the current access to the property).

    Below are some of their sample wine:


    ELEVATION 1147

    A strongly profound, ruby red shading offers complex fragrances of gritty sagebrush with garrigue-like botanical notes to dull cocoa nibs and heated cassis-cherry compote. There are inconspicuous notes of dark tea, broiled pecans, and darker Muscovado sugar. The sense of taste is wide and far-reaching with chewy mineral-like tannins waiting on the wrap-up. There are kinds of prepared dim cherry, cassis and blackberry and chocolate toffee and dark tea bergamot notes on the wrap-up. Best from 2018 to 2039.



    Delivered from the most established vines on Pritchard Hill, this wine flawlessly communicates its pedigreed past displaying the profundity and extraction just mountain natural product can ooze. Winning its merited and recognized title of Old Vine, this honorable Bordeaux varietal has profound roots in Napa Valley history. David previously planted these vines upon his landing to Pritchard Hill in the 1970s and has gone through the most recent forty years keeping an eye on their consideration. Stick pruned, dry-cultivated and naturally developed, these low yielding vines flourish in our iron-rich, volcanic soils. Just painstakingly chosen groups are made this astoundingly enticing wine. Dark, profound blood red tints allude to the enticingly round, smooth rich and since quite a while ago, finished voyage one is to take with this wonderfully mind-boggling and lofty wine.

    The shading is a strongly dull ruby red with profound purple tints. The fragrance is zest driven with botanical zest and bark-earth tones of cherry wood and cedar pursued by brambled blackberries, cassis and dark fruits. The sense of taste is extravagant, round and far-reaching with sweet, fine-grained tannins and kinds of chocolate secured fruits,

    nutty surprise and reflected on heating flavors. Best from 2018 to 2032.



    It is with a blend of pride and respect, profound regard, and persevering affection that we report the arrival of our third, and exceptionally uncommon 2015 vintage of Le Boucher, our tribute to David Long’s dad, Donald Long. We observe Don’s inheritance with every single container of Le Boucher. A Right Bank Bordeaux-roused wine that exemplifies both Don’s capacity, quality, and refined, delicate elegance. If you don’t mind go along with us in a toast to this remarkable man as you appreciate Le Boucher with your more distant family and friends and family.



    What might a ‘Meritage’ be in the event that it exhibited the Italian varietal Sangiovese? Meritaggio, obviously! This Super Tuscan impacted wine features its Italian/French legacy, yet it gladly communicates its Napa Valley childhood. David planted one section of land of this varietal subsequent to becoming hopelessly enamored with its brilliance and liveliness. Available and nourishment benevolent, this wine mixes the great Bordeaux assortments of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc with the varietal that made the Chianti area of Italy well known. Request some Pappa al Pomodoro and appreciate the blending!

    A dim ruby red shading offers splendid and lifted fragrances of wild strawberry, prepared figs and red fruits with insights of treats red licorice and narrows tree. Aromatics of oak zest, daintily toasted espresso beans, toffee bar, and anise/fennel seeds convey what needs be consistent. The sense of taste has smooth cleaned tannins with kinds of prepared cherry, plum, and pomegranate. The complete is spotless and exquisite with noted of sugar-coated plum and cherry. Best from 2018 to 2025.



    The 2016 vintage was a productive year with moderate to warm developing conditions. This packaging is 100% Oak Knoll District foods grown from the ground specific site will, in general, develop with lower sugars and higher corrosive which we lean toward given the full malo-lactic aging. We entire group squeezed the products of the soil matured and finished a full malo-lactic aging. This wine was matured sure lie in barrel for 15 months and was packaged ‘unfiltered and unfined’.




    Much like a brilliant, warm summer is envisioned about amid the cool winter months, Annalyce Rose’ is in every case exceptionally foreseen by the whole broadened DAV family. Summer in a jug is the manner by which a few people depict this revitalizing wine; satisfaction and joy are the means by which we portray it! What’s more, that is actually what Laura Long

    conveyed to her grandmas, Anne and Alyce, when their names were joined and given as her center name; Annalyce. Fresh, natural product forward and reviving, this wine oozes all that we cherish about companions, family and open-air living!

    Made in the conventional French ‘saignée’ strategy from naturally developed Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc grapes, this wine is matured is little-treated steel barrels and is packaged in its childhood giving us a strawberry-pink tint, dynamic organic product, fresh causticity, and fine minerality. Chill, taste, appreciate and rehash!

    Question and Answer

    1. Are they offering a wine club? Yes, they have a wine club which wine enthusiast can avail.
    2. Is there a wine tasting available in this winery? Yes, they offer wine tasting for a special price of $75 per person.


    Final Thoughts:

    The winery centers around Napa’s mark grape, Cabernet Sauvignon. You can attempt a few Cabs and a couple of Bordeaux mixes. There is an exceptional taxi called rise 1147 that includes the most elite grapes from the family vineyards. This is a genuinely exceptional ordeal. This is a dim and agonizing wine with high tannins and a long wrap up.

    The Long family is determined to giving the most ideal impression of their winery, so you can just visit them on the off chance that you make an arrangement first. At that point, you can have a 60 to an hour and a half tasting and visit. It merits the drive for the individual consideration, the Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon, and the incredible perspectives.


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