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The Best Club W Wine Reviews 2018


This wine club only creates and serve every month the best quality wine from different wineries around the world for as low as $13 to $35 only.




Sometimes choosing the right kind of wine can be be complicated.There are a lot of things that you need to consider in drinking wine.Some may find it hard but there are a lot of wine clubs out there that will really fit to your personality and what kind of wine you want to drink.Also the concern here is the price range if that wine club you choose will suit to your budget.Listed below are questions that will help you in deciding.

  • White wine or red wine?
  • Is it come from old world like France,Italy,Spain and Germany.Is it from new world like US, AUSTRALIA and South africa?
  • What kind of reds am I going to drink?What kind of white wines am I going to drink?
  • And lastly how am I going to know the taste of those wines?


After getting the answers of those questions you will surely give your decision on what kind of wine club you want to be part of.Plus you are confident about the budget is just enough and that every money you spend is worth every value.In W wine club you will going to fill up and answer some questions in the website that will help the club to decide what kind of wines you’re going to have.After signing up and filling up those questions and of course after paying the membership fee you will going to receive your first delivery of wines from them.And that every month you will have at least three bottles of wine or it’s actually up to you if you will going to add it more.



The w Wine Club will going to send email when shipment is done.It is also noted that they deliver 3 to 7 days.They’d delivery contains alcohol so the moment it reaches at the doorsteps of your house the receiver should be at least 21 years old.


Before totally delivering it to you it passes a great inspection where we need to check the content of the box.The box should have the following list:

  • 2015 Sauvetage Rosé
  • 2014 Pas Ordinaire Saint-Chinian blend
  • 2015 WKND Sparkling Chenin Blanc
  • 2014 Sapore Locale Nero D’Avola
  • An information about all the wines in the box
  • Wine profile and its flavors
  • And the recipe notes where it will give you ideas about what kind of food best pair to the wines inside the box

Honestly speaking this notes and information are very helpful to the consumers in order for them to be oriented in what kind of wines they are actually drinking.And it is also great for the new wine drinkers because that will give them full access and educate them about the wine they ordered.

Joining a wine club can be so easy and sometimes can be so exciting but have you ever asked if this club will allow your membership an\t any moment?Th answer yes! Of course you can always cancel our membership here without any obligations that need to be done like payments and other fees.You can always call their customer service at anytime to assist you with your concerns.It only takes 30 seconds to process it.And they also have options in their site where you just one to skip at least a month of delivery with your wines.

Good thing about this W Wine Club is that if you don’t like exactly your wine,you can ask them for refund and that is one of their policy just to provide the best satisfactory rate to their customers.



W Wine Club can be your next best wine club because of many reasons.First they offer great kind of wines from around the world.They have the best wines that will suit to your personality.Second, you will going to fill up forms asking about you to determine what kind of wines your really want.Third,you can always cancel your membership anytime with no obligation to pay.So its actually a beneficial to the consumers.

You can have a full access to your account in their website and make some changes you order.Its easy and very friendly plus you can call their customer service and that when you’re asking for refund because you don’t like the wines delivered to you,well they will definitely assist you with that.


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