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You Only Have The Best Experience When In Chefs Club

Chefs Club is one of the best restaurant that you need to visit when in New York.Guest and visitors has the chance to experience only the unique and impressive kinds of food they offer their place.You also have the chance of getting to know some of the famous chefs around the world.It is their goal to invite popular chefs from different part of the world and allow them to cook in their restaurants.Chefs has the chance to stay up to 3 months in the place and cook their best and food specialty and offer it to the customers.Surely when visiting this place can be an amazing experience to anyone.While the invited chefs are cooking you can watch them live while doing their task because they have this kitchen open and ,it was really the design for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of cooking.

Like I said they have this amazing design with a brick wall which is very elegant to look at.Every detailed around the place is well planned and scrutinized. Inside the place is a warm studio 24 seats which is very perfect for any private events and parties.Also during the festive chef can be involved  by demonstrating everything he or she cooks.

We will get to know more about Chef Club below.Please take a look and read it carefully.


275 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012











Menu can be very important to any place who offers food.This is the point where customer needs to know the quality of food they serve and if that’s satisfy their palate.In Chefs Club they offers and serve a lot for their customers.They have menus for dinner,dessert,wines and cocktails that will make you enjoy or with your family,friend and maybe colleagues.

DINNER.They have available snacks, food good for one or the small plates,they have family style like you’re with your family or a serving for huge group.They can also offer some side dish you just need to take a look on their menus.

DESSERTS.After taking your main dish you can always get sweets from them.Starting from desserts wine in a glass and desserts wine in a bottle.They have also available cakes and ice cream sundaes.Of course it’s also on their list the hot beverages and some healthy tea you can enjoy after eating heavy meals.

WINES.Wines are also consider best drinks after dinner.Chefs Club also offers the best wines from all over the world.They have red,white and some sparkling wines that can accommodate any palate who tasted.You have the option to order in by glass,half bottle or a full bottle according to your desired and the amount of wine you want to drink too.

COCKTAILS.Can be so satisfying too after dinner.So Chefs Club has available cocktail drinks for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that anyone can enjoy it.


If you’re an event person you can always check some upcoming events in their site.And you just need to sign up and informed that you’re going to attend for them to reserve yours.You can book to their site anytime and get information about the event.You also have the opportunity to book some private events and without worrying the capacity of place because it does offer a lot.

Other features include the reservation before visiting the restaurant.In their actual website,you can easily reserved your chosen date you want to visit the place.It’s just a click away.


  • You will surely love everything about the place,food,service and of course their wines are excellent too.They always invite different chefs around the world but of course they always have their residential chef anytime to accommodate anyone
  • Honestly,menus available will always depend on the chefs available by that time you visit.
  • The experience is magical because you will have the chance to see how chefs cook in the actual kitchen
  • The food and drinks are all fantastic
  • The cozy place, the music, the design and style of the place, the food and drinks are all will surely have a wonderful time here.

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