caymus wine napa valley

The Caymus wine napa valley

Getting a charge out of wine is part taste, and part feeling, however, with Caymus you can experience extraordinary tasting wines and beautiful scenery too. Obviously, you can recall the first occasion when at any point you had it: you can simply enjoy tripping at the Game Creek Club, an incredible ski resort eatery at the specific best of Vail mountain, open to people in general just for supper. You need to ride a gondola and after that a sno-feline to arrive, and the menu is substantial on diversion, similar to elk and Colorado wild ox.

At the point when the Caymus arrived and tasted it, you can overwhelm, not simply by the taste but rather by the surface and body – it was a transformative minute, the first occasion when at any point felt like I was eating wine instead of drinking it. No essence of wine since it has been as significant, it was an update on how incredible wine can be. It didn’t so much overpower my sustenance as the influence it to appear to be unimportant. From the principal taste, that supper was about the wine.


Caymus is a family-owned winery of Wagners, a pleased family convention of cultivating and winemaking all through the province of California. Notwithstanding the Caymus Cab Sauvignon, is one if the famous red wines they produced. On the other hand, the wine tasting room is situated on winery property that serves and offers wine brands such as the Chardonnays Mer Soleil, Red Schooner Malbec, California mix – Conundrum and Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. The Caymus winery proceeds as a working family homestead and production where you may discover any of the their tractor, pruning vines, barrel room, and scooping a tank. They welcome their visitors to visit and attempt wines made with quality, care, and family pride.

Caymus Vineyards Zinfandel NV 2016


In spite of the fact that this is best known for Cabernet Sauvignon, it likewise delivers a little measure of Zinfandel tool, which was a most loved of the originator of Caymus which is Charlie Wagner. It is a varietal that can create stunning wines here in Napa Valley and our full-bodied form is ideal for rich sustenances and healthy cheeses, yet in addition, appreciated with pizza and barbeque. Sold just from the winery and to a couple of select fare markets.

Caymus-Suisun Grand Durif Suisun Valley 2016


With its hot days and cool evenings, the district is recognized for heavenly stone foods grown from the ground – progressively, it is likewise picking up acknowledgment for its wine. Petite Sirah is the same as Durif, the broadly developed grapes in the area – it included grand to the name of our Suisun-developed Durif in light of the fact that it has a stupendous style. With lavish quality tannins, it has a rich, flexible and absolutely agreeable wine.

Mer Soleil Pinot Noir 2016


The Santa Lucia Highlands is outstanding as the ideal house for both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals. It was just normal that they would make a Pinot Noir notwithstanding Chardonnay. Grapes mature gradually, empowering us to make wine of elevated intricacy, with coats of fragrances and flavors. Mer Soleil named after the two powers of nature – the ocean and sun – that shape this solitary quality, and they are just as great in making Pinot as well as Chardonnay.

Emmolo Merlot Napa Valley


Grapes for this wine were sourced from Napa Oak Knoll region, which incorporates two family winery. The territory’s cooler climate, alongside edit diminishing and gravelly light soil, makes perfect conditions for delivering a rich, unmistakable Merlot. This wine is rich and supple on the sense of taste, with sweeping, dim berry enhances, a crisp naturalness and smooth, weathered tannins.

Emmolo Plumerai 2015


This Sauvignon Blanc came about because of a test in the winery, by which they utilized a brush to evacuate the greater part the grapes on each bunch. A tedious and work escalated process, this new system guaranteed that the rest of the grapes got copious and rise to daylight, empowering us to gather prior and accomplish a particular flavor profile in the wine. With curiously exuberant causticity, however, no herbaceous quality, this wine highlights fragrances of honeydew and preparing bread. The splendid causticity on the sense of taste is adjusted by rich plumpness too that every wine lover will surely love and enjoy its taste.


  1. How much does it cost of each wine? Approximately $20-$90 each
  2. Are all this available in any supermarket out there? Yes definitely of course! Additionally, you can also find this in Amazon store.
  3. Are also this included in some wine clubs out there? No.


Caymus offers a casual, imply tasting background on a flawlessly arranged grounds, with benefit sensitive to visitor interests and inclinations. Their famous wines such as the Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are truly tasteful. So, if you are cabs and zin darlings or even not, you are warmed- welcome to visit the nature of the red wines from Caymus Vineyards. The exceptional brand originates from the Wagner family, who have spent a few ages making wine. The select red wines from this vineyards give a paramount wine drinking knowledge for the individuals who attempt them.



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